100 Replies to “Missouri Tracked Patients’ Periods In GOP Anti-Abortion Effort | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC”

  1. That's one to be proud of. Let's hear from the women of Missouri, en masse, preferably. And let's see women candidates at every electoral level.


  3. WOW! Privileged white old men just cannot allow a woman to make our own decisions. Now they feel that they have the right to invade our privacy to the point of monitoring our cycles. Wow…..so afraid of losing their dominance. Get a life….

  4. Wait, they're accusing him of perjury /and/ felony stupidity? (Because real talk here, committing perjury to make yourself look /worse/ can only be classed as stupidity on a monumental scale.)

    When your bosses not only throw you under the bus but go out of their way to charter extra buses purely for you to go under, you have to wonder if the pay cheque is worth it.

    Just to note: this is not a defence of the guy. He's earned getting the book thrown at him. But "you have done what we wanted, now the hounds can have you" is pretty cold whatever you think of the person getting it. That was not a denial that makes anyone look good.

  5. When he was Gov of Indiana, Mike Pence signed a law mandating funeral services for all fetuses, whether the woman had an abortion or a miscarriage, and no matter how far along the pregnancy was. In other words, if you were pregnant for 6 weeks and had a miscarriage, you would need to prove it was a miscarriage and then hold a funeral service for the fetal tissue.

  6. End Christian Nationalism!
    End Christian Nationalsim!
    End Christian Nationalsim!

    We are a Secular nation with Secular laws!
    Your gods have no say here!

  7. In Europe or Latin America that guy would be tried and convicted for Human rights violations based on international Human rights treaties

  8. WTF that is just disgusting , I am not a real fan of abortion , but it is not my decision to make , it is a woman's choice and I know from experience it is not an easy decision to make EVERY WOMAN should have the right to decide what is best for her and I for one will fight for her right to make that decision ,,,, what kind of a creepy man or government has the right to track a woman's period or ANY medical information , this guy needs to lose his job yesterday and all records and tracking deleted and these women need to have an apology from the state and compensation for that humiliation

  9. Do we need Missouri? I know we tend to say Florida is the State that could secede and not face backlash but at this point if I was president i'd just kinda kick Missouri out of the US I mean we have two extra territories too keep the flag at 50


  11. Old white men, keep your nose out of what women want to do with their own bodies. Bunch of weirdos. Old white Christian men are always the biggest perverts


  13. reminds of an episode of Law & order
    Where the 14 yr old (character) ran away from Ohio to get an abortion in New York
    Or a story two decades where an unlicensed Dr (licensed from another country) was performing procedures in the back of a beauty parlor

  14. I hope every one of those women that were unnecessarily violated win a class action law suit. That is disgusting.

  15. I LIVE in Missouri, & were it not for your coverage of this, I would have missed it all together, so THANK YOU for breaking away from TRUMP to cover this. 🙏❤️ I’m in one of two safe areas for progressives (KC & STL), and evening here it’s not the breaking story. I follow MULTIPLE progressive news outlets online & I hadn’t heard anything about it. 😱😤

  16. Welcome to AMERICA! Where they dont believe in science, because god. Where abortion is being questioned, because god! Where education is wrong, because god! Where war is tolerated, because god!

    I could go on and on, but yall get the picture…

  17. The USofAgression shows it's true colours. The guy clearly is a perverse individual that has nothing else to do.
    Many 🍌 republics have better women's health care

  18. People need to really stop giving Republican voters the benefit of the doubt and assuming they share common values with the rest of the country or even support the UNITED States of America…

  19. this sounds like an old NAZI experiment……America what are you all about nasty uneducated old men decides what is good for women, no man you need to be castrated , oh just hear you are a D.R. oh help you all ,D.r. NO…….keep your fists 👊 out of women’s insides …k.c.

  20. That's just the guy you want regulating womens' health I – a freak who dresses like Don Knotts in one of his movies from the 1950's

  21. Ok,if this is how the bible humpers want it -cool! Starting now all dudes who want a vasectomy or even a script for Viagra MUST go through an in-depth prostate exam.

  22. When China had the one child law, the government at the village level, kept track of women’s menstrual cycles. That was China people, China!!! Now you have dried up old men telling women what to do with their bodies. Companies can now refuse to cover birth control pills for their employees, Hobby Lobby. I bet Viagra and other drugs in this class are still covered. Good one Missouri…keep your sickness of treating women like a Heifer on a farm in the Show Me State. Oh wait…don’t forget to keep your brand of Christianity with you.😳😠😳

  23. Maybe there is a misunderstanding.
    Any gynecho practician will try to estimate how far the pregnancy is on. So, it's normal to ask pregnant women when was the last menstruation. They calculate the conception date and check the info with the women.

    If the data was accessed in non regulated ways, it's another issue.

    But if the state is tracking continuously … it's obviously an abuse.

  24. Okay, this is unclear. Was the data calculated? By whom? Why? How does knowing the last normal menstruation help with preventing abortion access?
    In the deposition he said that the column contained that information, not that he ordered anybody to do that?
    It seems, from reading the official denial ( 5:15 ) that the DHSS was looking for any kind of dirt they could use to shut the Planned Parenthood service:
    However, as you can imagine, that denial is low on information about the last "normal" menstruation date column, so it is not clear what they did or how they identified the one alledged instance of misreporting by Planned Parenthood.
    There is no doubt the GOP tries to make Planned Parenthood's service more and more difficult, which is disgusting, but this section by Rachel leaves a lot unclear.

  25. Well done Rachel for bringing this to public attention. Who does this man think he is to behave in such an egregious fashion? This is an outrage as was the previous violation which enforced an unnecessary, invasive procedure on women seeking abortions. Rachel does not go into detail about the spurious reasons for tracking women's periods or how this information was collected and what was done with that information. Regardless, every woman subjected to either of these two violations and every medical officer forced to be a party to them should join a collective action suit against this man and this medical board. Sue them for human rights violations. Power in numbers.

  26. Jesus actually does think you're cute. Ask him why and you'll know it's not a lie. That's between you two. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLtI6WQMVJU

  27. If you scoffers actually read The Communist Manifesto and look up the words, you'll discover…Karl Marx was creating class warfare between farmers and…upper middle class restaurant owners in France!!! That actually is a huge deal in French ecology however, isn't it? Is it the same huge biological issue in other environments, or just one with ancient buried elephant turds from the Second Punic War well over two thousand years ago to make it easier for Julius Caesar to approach France and lie to women?

  28. Man Kawanna's testimony was heartbreaking. Does the Missouri state health director actually have a medical or healthcare background? Because that is some sadistic stuff he's putting people through.

  29. This guy is a total pervert.
    A real Christian would have compassion and love for their fellow womankind. This guys policies are going to send desperate, frightened women, and girls, back into the days where illegal abortions in a back alleys with coat hangers resulted in death. Shame on these men for giving Christians a bad name. Jesus weeps.

  30. Tracking women's periods …this is so wrong in a democratic republic…in America, the home of the free, the brave. Missouri our young women are fighting this kind of repression in the Middle East…Shame on you!

  31. actually a very short news piece but the long winded, beating around the bush, dramatization dragged this painstakingly long….just get to the facts and stop repeating over and over again, this will makes your reporting more credible

  32. Pretty soon the words "Republican" and "Orwellian" are going to become synonymous. Here is something on tape, and I would suppose in an official written deposition, that everyone can clearly hear or read and the Republican "state government" simply denies Dr, Williams ever said the words he said. I think the Missouri state government should be charged with perjury.

  33. When you reference articles that are available online can you please have a link to the article in the description?

  34. Republicans have always been this way. They want control of women's bodies, why? I have my own idea, but this just evil.

  35. Folks Download the song IMPEACH the president.By the honey drippers. get this song out, get our point out too. Facebook it twitter it, just get it out!

  36. "Missouri Tracked Patients' Periods In GOP Anti-Abortion Effort " most barbaric, GOP in the southern backwoods behave as if they were running their great grandparents plantations so revoltingly backward, makes me wanna throw up …

  37. People often compare this stuff to the handmaids tale, pretty sure even the handmaids tale didn't go so far as to have government officials documenting periods though. I guess the writer thought no-one living in a sane society would believe them credible if they wrote that. Oh America, what have you become!

  38. Because America is mature and informed and doesn't believe weird myths about women's bodies. (Rachel said "spread". Hur hur hur …)

  39. Meanwhile

    Republicans Seek to Swamp Democratic Offices With Anti-Impeachment Calls

    The Republican National Committee’s effort was meant to tie up phone lines of congressional Democrats as part of a broader plan to defend trump.

    The Republican National Committee paid to generate thousands of calls to the congressional offices of nearly three dozen House Democrats in recent weeks, an effort that was aimed at both shaping opinion around the impeachment inquiry and tying up the phone lines of the elected officials, according to two people briefed on the effort.

    *The calls were part of a broader effort by Republicans to influence public opinion around the investigation into President Trump. The Trump campaign and the Republican committee have taken the lead on political messaging defending Trump at a moment of political vulnerability, using television and digital ads, as well as the phone calls.


    Watch "Top U.S. & World Headlines — November 5, 2019" on YouTube

  40. Are Putin's fingerprints on this issue too? It's divisive, as he requires in fissures he wants to widen in the US population.

  41. What a scandal there would be if that man would have, say…kept track of men's prostate examn and their fertility rate… republicans would have locked him up in no time.

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