Missouri’s only abortion clinic could close tomorrow

tomorrow Missouri's only abortion clinic may have to close KCTV 5s Caroline Sweeney is in st. Louis before a judge makes the decision that could put Missouri in the history books making it the only state without a legal abortion facility the people inside this Planned Parenthood clinic are hoping for the best but preparing for what happens if a ruling expected Friday doesn't go their way there are plans in place to help patients get the care they need and that means traveling out of Missouri this Planned Parenthood here in Fairview Illinois is one of two clinics in the state that can take patients from st. Louis who still need an abortion if that clinic loses its license about 12 miles away across the river illinois patients can get care here if the license lapses everybody working at Reproductive Health Services knows the plan has the plan we'll communicate that plan to patients and we'll get that patient to a place where they can get their care on this day Planned Parenthood says they've drawn a 300 mile wide circle around st. Louis for women who could be impacted there are abortion providers in places like Tulsa Fayetteville Des Moines and Omaha and the women will have to abide by the laws in each state it's terrible that they'll have to leave their home state a judge in Jefferson City has until 5 p.m. on Friday to keep the license active mevy Meade says the clinic is prepared to continue fighting in court if the ruling does not go their way Caroline Sweeney KCTV 5 News the State Health Department declined to renew the clinic's license Governor Mike parson says the clinic has failed to meet basic standards of care and put women in life-threatening situations

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  1. 80% of American citizens want protective measures for preborn children

    This includes 64% of Democrat voters who want abortion restrictions

    Yet, every major Democrat candidate for President supports:

    Abortion on demand
    Until the moment of birth
    Paid for with taxpayer dollars

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