Mitt Romney Abortion Views

mit romney is pretending after all the
talk in the primary about how these sol brawl light it directly because it up for life works
and or manipulated said now the sensitive manner of abortion abortion what games so we will be about abortion again all of this back bro will the platform uh… has written at
this convention for the republicans does not allow for exceptions on
abortion with regard to the health of the moderate princess designer you are
not my position has been clear throughout this campaign i’m in favor of uh…
abortion being illegal in the case of rape and incest and the health and life of the mother recognize this is the decision that we made by the
supreme court the democrats try make this a political
issue every four years but this is a matter in the courts it’s
been settle for some time in the courts how could this not be a political issue the president unless a premkumar bureaucracy why it is
hanging on by a thread it one of a liberal justices retire or god forbid
any else happens them the next president decides who’s going to be on the through
the conservative justice five four goodbye roe versus wade it was nice
knowing you gonzo you think it won’t happen i think frazy but what do you think that romney’s
knock it out like someone or select someone who’s pro massively pro-life
laborious rovers are of course it well have all the promising that the
republicans and that’s his position of course the world you think about that
guy would what changes might have to get on the supreme court or they’ll think ono there’s already a
precedent on the books republicans on the supreme court of
shown over over the pantone given m about precedent that’s the same group
that wanted five-to-four and bush beat gore the ones who put all
states rights i care so much about states’ rights of florida’s write-in their recount
their vote abhisit damn about florida state’s rights nobly vote for bush now look some of the players have
changed for the cortisol gotten if anything more conservative a lot of ways at president is perhaps all of the most
important things about electing him is who he said a select for the supreme
court so ferment romney diverter like what little or abortion supreme court pad and what the relevant is ridiculous more than they did just it’s tally is
what does it tell you it tells you he knows his position is
unpopular if you thought the pro-life position was
the majority in the country like damn straight we’ll put a guy in the supreme
court and we’re gonna make sure we overturn roe versus wade now or the
general election i want to tell you all about them on that no no no now that he’s in the general election he knows that in fact three-quarters of
the country want abortion to be legal so he says they don’t get me a watershed
after olympic either i got media let’s pretend the present as having to
abortion and outside of the supreme court of course the present also decides on
the global gag rule at something creative other republicans were they say
if your family planning organization anywhere across the world and you you are involved with abortion
in any way shape or form use all of your funny from the u_s_ now with the republican cards they put
that in place on the first day like george w_ bush that when democrats are in charge they take
that away and actually allow family-planning
across the world at least with funding that week that
give at which winds up helping millions of people across the world so of course the president has a huge
role to play on the abortion issue they just don’t want you know that ’cause they know that you don’t like that that they have the wrong position the
deeply unpopular position in america

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  1. …wtf? where did you pull that from? no, i don't hate men – i have a lot more good men in my life than women. no, i don't have a girlfriend who is a single mother.
    & given all you've said, i'd highly doubt that you would support them if they chose to terminate the pregnancy.
    are you really that delusional that you can dream up crap about someone like that?

  2. I am not more delusional than you. I mean, you assuming my girls are going to get pregnant so they probably will commit abortion?? FUCK!!!!! who is the delusional now!!!!???? And yes, many feminist man haters think the way you do. Its a prejudice that most of the times is truth. For the record, there are a lot of women that are prolife. Stop torturing yourself about me not supporting my girls if they end up commiting abortion, is a scenario that only exists in your rotten head.

  3. "By all the criteria of modern molecular biology, life is present from the moment of conception." Dr. Hymie Gordon. Educate yourself please, leave stupid feminism aside and go reading some facts, you'll do yourself a favor

  4. when did i ever claim that i was a feminist? sure i support women's rights but i don't hate men or support their crazy man-hating ideals.
    my support for abortion is less about me & more about my friends, young girls & perhaps 1 day my daughter/s if they fuck up – i don't want them paying for it for the rest of their lives.
    if someone gave u a choice between saving a petri dish containing a fertilised zygote & a toddler, & was going to kill the other, which would u choose? they r not the same.

  5. well, that is our problem, you don;t want to accept the fact that life starts at conception. Since you dont, I don't have a thing to discuss with you. And if your daughter fuck up, then it was your bad parenthood, not her fault

  6. Abort them all I say, you'll be doing them a favor. In this sick world we live in where the corporations and politicians have basically rigged the system for us to struggle and fail. There is no good future ahead. It is a crime to have children. I couldn't bring a life into this hell hole and feel right about it. I would feel guilty. People should have stopped having children 30 years ago. It's only going to get worse. The end drawith nye.

  7. Don't get an abortion then, problem solved. But if you want to convince some woman to not get an abortion offer to take care of the child when he/she's born until they are old enough to survive on their own.

  8. "the creature inside of you" you just said it yourself it is a creature at this point, not yet a baby not yet a child not yet even human! do you even have a good point to make other than calling people on the internet bitchs and crack whores?

  9. If someone calls his campaign office and one of his workers answers the phone and the voice on the other end asks "How does your candidate fell about abortion?" what do they say, "Hold on i have t have to see?"

  10. I would hate to be backing a candidate that I would have to keep checking to see if we were still on the same page.

  11. well, life starts at conception, creature, baby, call him/her the way you want, fact is, he/she is a human being, so, abortion is a murder

  12. Well do you oppose all abortion after the egg is fertilized? If a woman wants to get an abortion the first week (week 4) she misses her period and finds she's pregnant then you are looking at something that is smaller than a grain of rice and lacks so much complexity that it looks more like a dinosaur than a person. Does this primitive pre-human really get more rights? Is it worth a woman going to dangerous means to abort it and kill them both?

  13. If studies have proven with facts, that life begins at conception, then, a life is being taken. I honestly believe that despite what I say or what you say about this topic, pro-choice women will always have this murder done, and pro-life women will have the baby. Fact is you are a prochoice, and your blindness and feminism is just too big for me to even try to build a conversation with you. Buy some fucken condoms for Christ sake, but buy some boyfriend first

  14. Aw, why do you have to bring it to that level? Because I believe people should make reproductive choices without the government or Christianity's hand in it, I suddenly need condoms and a boyfriend by your standards? You're the reason why no one takes our country seriously anymore. It's like pro-lifers are constantly living in a Disney movie and when someone shows them reality they just shut down and turn into name calling zealots.

  15. You are missing my point, I am very practical and always hit the core. LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION, can you refute this? honestly, I am not shutting down, I just know the kind of mentality and thinking you people have. Its not about government hands on it, or even Christianity, cause I am not a religious person, it is about the fact of conception and murder, is not even about taking away women s rights, otherwise women themselves wouldnt be protesting against it too. ITs about murder

  16. I brought it to that level, because I really believe that many women on the internet have some kind of grudge against men, women that are lonely and not receiving any attention by man, like feminist. Its a prejudice that is always kind of truth. So they feel very angry when a man like myself is raising the voice in protest against a crime that many people have to pay to be done (taxes,) Stop the hating, life is important, and abortion is a murder. PLain and simple, what part yo don understand?

  17. Oh, I understand it more clearly. You assume that if a woman has an opinion that isn't what you perceive as "pro family" then she is clearly a feminist who hates men because she can't get any. You're telling me my opinion is invalid because I don't have a man to "set me straight". Well to clarify, I am a woman, I have a boyfriend who shares my views, I have a loving father and mother who share my views, I have never had an abortion and never plan to have one. Im prochoice, I just blew your mind.

  18. Actually you didnt blow my mind, because :1. I dont care if what you said is true 2.mmmm fuck, there is not 2, sorry. You dont need a man to set you straight LOL! you have some imagination dont you!!! listen, abortion is a murder. Plain and simple, I am against war, I am against women being beaten by men in Iran ans muslims countries, I am against pedophiles, I am against many things that are fucked up these days, and one of them is abortion cause is a fact life starts at conception, ITS A FACT

  19. I'm glad you're pro-life in all aspects but are you ok with suicide? Because that is what you would be condemning young confused girls to if we banned abortion. You want to take a human being who is confused, depressed, stressed out, and say oh by the way, your only option to have a future is if you use a coat hanger. Care about the people already here. Because that fetus will become a person, a person who may need an abortion and prolifers wont care about them then. It needs to be an option.

  20. @gev2323 I appreciate you fighting the good fight against stupidity but when dealing with a hard core sexist, there is just no winning. After all, "I don't care if what you said is true". You can't convince people who don't care about the truth.

  21. well, good story, but your option kind of sucks, because it implicates the killing of a human being. I might understand women depressed and confused, but is not all the time, women are better than that, women are better than taking the easiest choice, I've witnessed that, and you are wrong, abortion is not needed to be an option. A crime will never be an option to solve problems. NEVER, there are many girls that regret having an abortion and live with some kind of remorse and low selfsteam

  22. I've never heard of a woman committing suicide after having a baby, so don't go there, stop victimizing yourself cause is not going to work. I can understand that women think in abortion for an escape to the problem, but many of them decline to do it cause deep inside they know something is wrong about that choice. Why do you believe there are many people protesting against abortion? It's not about taking away women's rights, if we men could give birth, the same thing will go us too, but we cant

  23. Yeah…It's just very frustrating when so many people have this set stereotype in their head. They have no idea what kind of people have abortions. Right now, I'm a grown college educated adult, in debt, and underemployed. I have a long term partner who I use protection with. If there, god forbid, an accident having a child would ruin both my partner's life and my own with just the debt from hospital bills alone. There are so many relationships like mine. Prolife is breeding national poverty.

  24. Wow. You're clearly a troll then. Women have killed their own children after giving birth. Look up "suicide" "murder" and "postpartum depression" on google. If you don't know this stuff your opinion is uneducated and invalid. And when I meant suicide, I'm talking about all the women bleeding out and getting fatal infections after a DIY coat hanger abortion.

  25. I;ve heard about postpartum depression, but not about suicide. Trying to make me look ignorant, whatever, at least I am not in denial about what reality is

  26. "Three quarters of the country want abortion to be legal" Does that count the 40million more citizens we'd have if it weren't for abortion?

  27. Why are we even having this conversation? Abortion should be legal, safe, and a decision a woman makes in consultation with her physician, and it's none of Mitt Romney's or the government's goddamned business, nor is it the business of priggish busybodies and all such wouldbe overseers of the lives of others.

  28. And what about protecting the child AFTER it has been born? You people don't seem to give a shit about babies, only fetuses.

  29. But, you're alive to appreciate life. Its not the same thing as a fetus that is aborted that is not inconvenienced in the slightest while the woman goes through immense risks to her health and well being to go through an abortion.

  30. "The only reason why any of you have an opinion today is because you weren't aborted."

    Or miscarried ( a high proportion of pregnancies end in a miscarriage, sometimes very late term), or died in birth or because the mother died (without medical aid, about 1 in7 to i in 10 women die in childbirth), or died in infancy (it used to be that just living to age 5 was an achievement. Yes, very lucky.

  31. Because it is her body. You don't make that chose for her. If she dies because she was forced to give birth for you, should you be put in prison for that or no? IS your body going through all of the changes? If you think you have the right to use her body to bear your child, do you think rape is okay?

  32. Everyone has rights from the moment of conception? A woman doesn't even know when that is happening. IT takes 11 days for the fertilized egg to attached to the uterus and start growing into a person. So if a woman has sex and does not become pregnant do you think she should go to jail because her body murdered the egg?

  33. That's a very silly question. No, and nor should she for a natural miscarriage. There's a fine line between a woman's body discarding an embryo and a woman who knows she's pregnant choosing to kill her fetus.

  34. "I dont see any of these pro lifers knocking down the doors of orphanages of kids who were NOT aborted." I do quite frequently.

  35. She gives birth for the child. Not me, not her. Almost all the choices we make are for the benefit of our children. We are a team, something you don’t seem to understand. It is beyond words or even imagination how you can equate something as beautiful pregnancy to something as evil as rape. That’s sick even for YT standards.

  36. Romney position in a nutshell:

    I have stated previously that I am Pro-Life and that a woman's right to choose cannot be infringed. It is my deep held belief that life begins at conception without exception, except in the cases of rape, incest, and the life of the mother. A woman should not have to carry the the child of her rapist, and life is sacred in that abortion is unacceptable.

    More or less how Romney operates on almost all issues. (P.S, the above is NOT a quote)

  37. You do what frequently? Knock down the doors of orphanages? Why, because a vulture might find something good to eat in an orphanage, like a fresh abandoned baby? Please be a little more specific.

  38. Just a reminder, ever since Roe Vs. Wade the actual number of abortions, and deaths and injury from faulty abortions have gone down. It seems that if you want abortions to increase, you make it illegal again…just saying.

  39. I don't know what stats ur talking about but I can tell u that most women who have abortions DON'T take surveys especially if they were raped or impregnated by a family member. My mom was far from ready to have me but not healthy enough for an abortion & there were a lot of consequences that followed. Sure I don't mind being alive, but I'm proof that unaborted children can grow up in bad and bloody situations. I couldn't imagine what would have happened to the child she had aborted before me.

  40. Christianity has little to do w/ it. Or perhaps just SHOULD have little to do w/ it. My mother was catholic when she had an abortion before I was born. Plenty of christians get abortions. But I agree that it's no one else's business & I have to say, I wouldn't have minded just finding another body. Only mature, stable, & willing adults should have children & if any1 who doesn't fit that description can keep from overpopulating foster houses by aborting before the baby's even ALIVE, then great.

  41. Don't have sex if you don't want a child? Really? That's ridiculously stupid. Smart people just use contraception, but if that .01% chance that contraception won't work kicks in, then women may decide to get an abortion rather than add to the surplus of family-less children stuck in foster care. I've been in the system. It's not a "haven" for kids without homes as some people make it out to be. It's hell and plenty of kids in there have wondered why the hell their mothers didn't just abort.

  42. What if a woman is raped, not able to support a child financially & doesn't have a decent/stable home? Abortion should be legal, it's totally upto the woman what she wants to do with HER body. "Don't have sex if you don't want a kid" that's dumb. Almost everyone has sex. Bringing kids into the world of this day and age is probably the most cruel thing you could possibly do, and abortion should be kept personal and to your own decisions – not some man who has no idea.

  43. Why the hell is that stupid? You have sex to get children.. or havent you learned that in school? Contraception is not natural

  44. No man or government should have the right to decide what I can and cannot do with my body as a woman. If I choose not to give birth to a rapists child…that should be my choice! Please stop being sexist and trying to control what I can do as a woman!

  45. What about the choice of the baby? Mitt romney is for abortion if it is gonna hurt the mom, or if its incest, or rape, other then that i had a women tell me this what about if the baby had a say so? Who will talk for them? think about that. I am for prolife 2012.

  46. Abortion is a lifeline for the careless. The option of abortion promotes underage sex because young women can just say "Oh no it's fine, we'll just abort it". The issue I have is not with the procedure of terminating a fetus itself because it has no brain activity. However, unless rape is involved or a disability is detected in the unborn, I think that more punitive actions for underage sex should be put into place and following that, the slow but definite removal of abortion should proceed.

  47. "Choice of the baby": At your request, I have given it some thought, and I've come to the conclusion that (1) a fetus is not a human being if it is nonviable outside of a woman's body, and (2) it is incapable of either pain or thought before a certain point in its development. So, the person most qualified to decide whether to carry what is, essentially, an appendage within her own body to term, is the woman. Further, I've concluded that you are a driveling idiot.

  48. Neither r most treatments 4 terminal illnesses. But sex IS. There r MAYBE a few ppl still rockin the no sex before marriage bs. The rest of us don't try to hold back our feelings & instincts & accept sex as part of a healthy relationship. Contraception helps us do that w/o adding more kids to the world that we don't want yet. It was a great advancement in technology…like 200 yrs ago. Time to move w/ the times lol. Can't expect everyone to flow w/ your "abstinence until ur ready 4 kids" crap.

  49. I agree! And for those ppl who say that the courts would allow abortions in the case of rape, almost half of rapes go unreported because of the emotional and psychological trauma involved and less than 25% end in conviction because it's so hard to provide enough evidence and there's rarley any witnesses to such a private act. There are enough women who are simply denied justice. You want to add a denial of abortion to that and stick her w/ her rapists baby too? That's sick.

  50. I was raped as a 4 year old by my cousin (not blood cousin) and HE got offered the help, I got nothing. It's a disgrace. I'm open about it, because it's something I'm not ashamed for – he should be. But I agree! Abortion isn't just about "murdering" a baby, or whatever, there's a huge story behind most cases on why it is happening. My mum had an abortion due to not being mentally stable, financially stable, etc, so I can totally see that view to it.

  51. People on both sides can sound so ridiculous with their argument but it is over the top when i hear "it would be cruel to have a kid in todays cruel world.. So ill just murder it instead." i am pro choice to a degree but don't get too ridiculous about reasons you would abort crazies… Gendercide, dont think your rich enough, as a service to the child… All bs

  52. I agree 100%.

    And I personally hate when men say that abortion should be illegal, and that everything happens for a reason, Justin Bieber for one. If you have no uterus, you have no idea.

    The only time a man should be involved is if the man and woman are together, then I can understand, but otherwise, no.

  53. Finally, someone who agrees! It shouldn't be illegal, its up to the woman what she decides, and how she is coping with her life because if you're not coping, you shouldn't bring a child into it – and anyone who says otherwise, is purely stupid.

  54. Anyone who thinks Romney had a chance of winning the election is fucking high on Crackballs (crack and weed formed into balls)

  55. whatever, so many people dying every day, so many people killing people, this is just out of my hands, be the killer you want to be

  56. population control too many people popping out fuking kids that shouldnt be. millions of babies born everyday faster than people can die. some fukers shouldn't be allowed to have kids. ppl have kids for the wrong reason they have kids to see wat the kids can do for them instead of having them for what they can do for the child. call me wat you want i had an abortion because I DO NOT HAVE THE MEANS TO CARE FOR A CHILD ITS BETTER OFF THAT WAY

  57. of course you had an abortion!!!!! anyway, your life means shit to me, the people like you just have zero conscience, you are not better than those people that bring childs to this world and they later treat them like street dogs, seriously, don´t flatter yourself, because you didn´t something memorable, try to close your legs next time, or better yet, drop dead

  58. I agree if a women is raped she has every right. However using abortions in situations such as forgetting the pill is extraordinarily unacceptable. KILLING a BABY!?! A baby that had every right as you do to live on this earth and people think thats OK? Its no different then murdering your next door neighbor! Taking the lives of people should NOT be excepted in our society. Its cruel and shame on anyone who supports this. Bringing children into our world is extremely far away from being cruel!!

  59. If you willingly engage in activity which directly causes a a baby to be created who needs you to survive, you have an obligation to do everything that you can to make sure that baby survives. It is unbelievably cruel to do otherwise. NewsFlash: BABIES COME FROM SEX!! The whole "consent to sex does not mean consent to pregnancy" argument is mind numbing in its absurdity. And just because a kid is going to have a hard future, that means you should help him not kill him. Killing =/= compassion!!!!

  60. What makes having kids these days more cruel than any other time period? I do agree with the legality in such cases.

  61. So fetal rights do not exist at all? Are they not human beings? Every high school level biology textbook that exists would acknowledge that an unborn baby is a human being just like me and you. I know they are not conscious and do not have past experiences, but do you give up your rights when you are in a coma or if your memory is wiped from alzheimers. Please think about these things.

  62. Well think of it this way, we were both fetus's once right? do you think it would be fair for someone to make the choice for you to live? other then God? excluding reasons of incest, rape, or if the woman was to be injured by the birth.

  63. Just think of how crazy this sound, "That persons pro-life, what a monster, being against a womans right to choose"……PRO LIFEEEEEEE This is the one issue that CANNOT be in politics, if you are for abortion or "pro-choice" as they call it, you are evil and you are suppoting murder, its as simple as that

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