Modoo- Fetus monitoring patch

as you get closer to the day moto will be with you every beat of the way moto will accompany you and protect you throughout your pregnancy every morning you wake up wondering if your baby is safe and healthy and moto already has all the answers for you with the perfect ergonomic design in the world's leading Bionic skin touch technology moto attaches to your body seamlessly and you would barely feel anything after a whole day's wear turn on moto open the phone app and glance at a real-time heart rate the world's first passive heart monitor technology will not miss any of your baby's heartbeats moto monitors heartbeats automatically and continuously at home or work you can check on your baby anytime motor will monitor your baby's movement carefully and deliver the message to you simultaneously comprehensive fetal monitor not only eliminates your worries but also brings fun and interactive moments share your babies intimate moments with your family and friends spread happiness among the loved ones moto not only understands your baby's message but also is committed to your help and well-being on the smart map moto records you and your baby's health data and gives exercise recommendations based on your physical conditions during your exercise moto will monitor your heart rate and breath to ensure your current exercise is safe for the baby it is Moto's first priority to ensure the well-being of both you and your baby you

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  1. This is a fantastic product. Let me know if you need #licensing help. My agents at #inventive #ideas would love to work on this as a #medical #device or #consumer #product.

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