44 Replies to “Mom Sells Stillborn's Crib At Yard Sale. 1 Week Later The Buyer Returns It Looking So Different”

  1. Noah Noah in heaven petition Jesus so he could see his mother and father and sister. Noah was not still born is with Jesus right now. I believe this was my whole heart I have read something for s book if you believe someone is in heaven don’t let no one tell you differently.

  2. What An Inspiring story & So Beautiful xxxxx R.i. P Baby Noah May the Angels Love & Care for u Forever XxXxX

  3. What Gerald done was very Heartwarming, kind & so very Special what he made for Baby Noah & he Should be greatly Awarded for his Act of Kindness & Love

  4. I think it is very nice what that man did now you and little angel have a little paradise here on earth only him and you so when you will have more babies it will be great when you sit there and read to them he will keep your family safe

  5. Gerald did not do an act of kindness he did an act of the magic we have all been given but choose to save for moments like this
    Do me a favor and high five 1 person say hi to 2 hug 3 hold the door for 4 smile at 5 and respect all 7 billion (even though you might not meet them all) but not just for today for every day and always remember you are loved.

  6. I absolutely hate this entire site… they use these stupid photos to take up time, as he runs his fat mouth.

  7. That sounds so similar to what happened to me 25 26 years ago my daughter Amber had died for unknown reasons and the next day I had to deliver her and I had a nursery just had my baby shower was all kinds of baby stuff everywhere to find out that she had died. And her name was Amber.

  8. The man who done that for the lady you are an angel sir for making her a bench for her and noah😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇 she can sit in there with one of noahs teddys and be close to noah

  9. That was so kind of that man to recognize the pain the Mom would be going through. He realky hrlped her feel better l. Blessxthem both

  10. A awesome man I lots my son and it something you will never get over but learn to get threw, song by Willy Nelson.💔

  11. Crying like a baby right now. I have a 4 year old and I'm currently pregnant with my second. This is one of my fears. I don't wanna lose my baby. I feel for this mother. I can't imagine losing my kids. Period.

  12. If she wasn't so fat and full of toxins, the baby would have been just fine. Nobody gets fat if they eat actual food intended for humans, unless they eat junk food full of toxins and artificial additives. That's how people get fat and unhealthy. Poor baby didn't stand a chance In someone that fat the internal organs would be suffocating in a layer of fat also. People don't realise what they are doing to themselves and their bodies, but it's their choice. However, the baby had no choice. Crocodile tears to cry for her baby now. The same goes for women who drink and smoke during pregnancy and have stillborn babies. Selfish bitches

  13. 🌈❤️❤️❤️❤️beautiful ending to a sad story. It’s been 3 years since my loss but it never gets old. Sending prayers to Ms Valerie’s family

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