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hi my name is Karen and you're watching catching up with Karen mom talk today I'm going to talk about my channel what it's about and really what the substance of the channel is I started this channel really to offer a platform for me and other people to be able to discuss frequently asked questions about parenthood I want to be able to cover things that I learned after becoming a mom things that I wish I had known another informative topics that for the most part are more related some topics that I want to be covering are breastfeeding exclusively pumping bottle feeding formula and things like postpartum depression and anxiety this channel will be composed of two different episodes episode type 1 is going to be me talking about my own personal experiences and information that I gathered through research and asking my own doctors type 2 a is going to be me interviewing professionals and how their field of work and how it affects other mothers an example would be a therapist and talking with them about postpartum anxiety and depression nutritionist and dietitian the safeties of what we should be eating when we're pregnant what we should be eating when we're breastfeeding and the nutrition for our babies when we're offering them food after they turned you know roughly 6 months and I want to also talk to pediatric dentists because that's one topic that not many people know about so those are gonna be future topics and I hope you do stick around I know this is only my intro video and there's not really much substance to it other than me telling you guys what it's about so I hope you find it interesting enough to keep watching and stay tuned

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  1. Every YouTube channel needs an introduction I don’t even have one. I learned a few things already just by watching this. Good job 👏🏾

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