Momma Bonnie C-section rescued cat

hopefully the water help she's not yeah she looks a lot better than she did so this is a picture of mama we're going to put her in a box and I'm going to take her to the vet hi mama hey pretty girl lots of people are praying for you hi sweetheart come on I know your pretty girl I love you rushes baby agents oh look at her go daddy's proud of you I know they grow beets aluminum's No Mas I love you precious little baby tell me all about it yes your sweet baby you like that oh my goodness gracious little pumpkins how much how much are they like 80 grams or yeah they're they're getting up there they're because they're getting about three MLS every two hours they have okay they have one one surviving sibling that's at a bottom feeder and and he's 70 grams right now okay yeah okay very good oh yeah they'll cry though Wow the other one is you know we're praying for him because he's not quite this active right now yeah no monkeys tell me what my food month oh yeah that'd be best for you mm-hmm

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