[Applause] [Applause] hey guys welcome to a brand new vlog and today is moving day for the brand femme and right now I am with my boy cine linguini and he is helping us from Richard based F move because we have a lot to do no joke but you basically got the whole letter you done the bed and that were you done basically the whole rooms empty now not really but Frankie's also pack some stuff and then we got all the cabinets in the kitchen done the backyards clean upstairs in the bedrooms everything's packed all the tildes packed which we have like ten hundred bucks of clothes I don't I don't know why but anyways Richard is here too to help us pack but wait where is he [Applause] Richard q stop that si nope you know the rest of it hey guys let's played a prank on me and I heard like something break and I got like so mad I gotta give it to him because like he never pranks me I'm always a prank so he actually pulled this one off good so I'm proud I thought the perfect prank to get Brandi back his Mother's Day still sort of be even better she's been getting good pranks back-to-back and she's gonna know what's coming for her all right guys so here's the medium box and here's some of Bram T's makeup for now I wanna do I'm gonna put some makeup in this little baggie gonna make it real loose soil sound like it's just loose all in the box but it's really not gonna be watch this thank you hi guys there's the box it's ready then the down the lake what that's the box that fell my makeup yes honestly I really don't care if you're making us broken because that hurt breathy it was on the wait can you you push it in the way you'll move it I don't know with the box he's on the ground or in the box oh [Laughter] you see you inside why insurance trust me the wineglass book and did have makeup in there I put makeup in there I literally had my makeup in there and there was a wineglass why would you do that if you want to do a prank on me put pillows in there put something doesn't make it believable but why would you tell me eyes that is you literally through my makeup yeah but it's makeup that wouldn't break I put like lipsticks and stuff everything is breathable no lipsticks plastic lipsticks throw your shoes throw yourself in the box commas a B word for you what do you do to me how many pranks of you done on me so for prank wars remember you guys it is time to go to the truck because we're going to the next house research do you leave a light on or something the whole time no yeah you did yeah who is you've got to be kidding me yo you won't believe what you did he left the lights on yo on that dumper he will grow yeah we do in a pond yeah I'm joking what's going on to your head I don't know what to say this is already on where I got the truck I didn't change it really good place veteran like I'm used to automatic legs alright damn did you tell her what happened yeah what do you think about that no talking you want a beer this is Penelope's beer all right this is the moment of truth no you break it you buy it what happened connect black cable to bottom nut to charge battery not this bottom not this bottom nut Wow no literally it takes three guys ready moment of truth what's that noise a little more a little more grab the engine [Applause] off they go to drop off the things at the new house okay what's your name juice before coming up [Applause] [Applause] so many many many many many many hours later and we finally have the second and final truck right outside so as you can see we are inside of the new house your first time flying seconds I won't put this mother Thanks I got a blanket for us to eat get power rating okay so it is me Richard and Anthony on one plane and it's Adriana ramp T and Penelope on another we like we are connecting in Detroit and we are landing at the same time I gotta confess something you know how you nest with spring when it's on the plane [Applause] we're gonna play a game called mystery box where you play is that you get the box and you only have four seconds to find something in here three four sir only four seconds if you don't find something it goes to the next person whatever you find you keep ready set ten [Applause] check all the way in the bottom of my nose go ready ready set for Maeby went all the way to the bottom check like all I was like you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Laughter] no it's not everybody already knew except for you they were pretending not to find anything you're joking yeah so that's why you couldn't play because I didn't want you finding it they shot noise oh thank you for telling I got a family [Applause]

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