Moms Gone Strong – Barbell Hip Thrust

The barbell hip thrust is the king of
all booty exercises. Invented and popularized by our good friend, Brett
Contreras, it’s a great exercise that you can do while trying to conceive. Now
obviously when you’re pregnant you don’t want to be putting a heavy loaded
barbell across your pelvis to your stomach, so this is one to be doing
trying to conceive and then later postpartum after you’ve been cleared by
your doctor, you’ve healed your core and pelvic floor, but not to be done during
pregnancy and not to be done immediately post. So in order to do the barbell hip
thrust, hopefully you’ve already mastered the bodyweight hip thrust, and what
you’re going to do is you’re going to load a barbell and you’re going to roll
it straight over your legs and onto your hips. Now, I am quite tall, so I can be
seated on the ground and have my upper back already on the bench. If you
can’t, you might have to kind of sit up a little bit on your arms, you’re going to
walk your feet close to your body, you’re welcome to wrap like a yoga mat or a pad
or something around the bar if it is feeling like it’s little bit painful to
your pelvis. I put it directly below my hip bones and this is only about 90
pounds so this isn’t too bad for me. So I’m going to put it right under my hip
bones, kind of pull my body up on the bench before I go. I’m going to take a
deep breath in, I’m going to exhale. I’m kind of getting my ribcage down a little
bit and get a nice, braced core. I’m going to exhale on the upward motion and then
inhale on the way back down. Exhale squeezing my butt, maintaining nice
alignment through my head, my upper back and my lower body, down. Now you’ll notice my whole body from here to here is moving kind of like a moving plank, it’s
all moving at the same time. I’m not dropping my hips, I’m not flinging my
head back, everything is nice and in alignment and when I get to the top of
the exercise I’m squeezing my glutes as hard as I can. So this is a barbell hip

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  1. Thank you, great exercise. If you have a thick bar in your gym, it will be the best for the exercise. Greetings from Russia.

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