Moms Share Their Birthing Stories

– I think pregnancy is a lot more powerful than we’re lead to believe. – So, when your baby’s born, they turn face down to come out. My baby did not turn face down. So he was, they call them “stargazers”. He was just face up, and not doing the turn to come out. I was put in the operating room, and she’s in there with the forceps, and she’s like, says to me, “I’m trying really hard “not to tear your perineum”. And I was like, “Just (bleep) cut it”. And so she was like, “okay”. Cut, boom, baby out. ‘Cause I didn’t feel anything, and at that point I was like, “I don’t give a shit about my perineum, “I just want my baby out”. – The concept of a home birth was so appealing to me because I loved the way my mid-wives wanted to empower me. And my home birth
experience was incredible. It was far and away one of
the best days of my life. The ring of fire is referred
to lovingly in natural birth, as the moment when the child’s head comes right out of the vagina, and you feel it. My midwife’s like, “Alright, grab the belly-band”. And we’re like, “what’s
the belly-band for?” And she takes the belly-band, and she like wraps it around my belly, and she and my sister
lifted my daughter up, like on the outside. Lifted her, and then just shoved her over, into my birth canal. – Technically, when they
want you to give birth, you know, they want you
to give birth at 38 weeks. Like 38 to 40. Well I was at 41 weeks and 3 days. And they wanted to send
me in for a stress test. So, when I went to go
leave for the hospital, I actually sat in the
car and my water broke. When my contractions first started, that’s like putting on a
super tight waist-trainer, and not being able to take it off. And kind of having to break
through the waist-trainer to relieve the pain. – I had two kids that
were born at 28 weeks, who’s lungs weren’t developed enough, who needed assistance for ventilators. When the first baby came out, there was just like four or five people, just went “pow!” Like just getting him all hooked up, because he had to be on the ventilator. He was, I found this out later, but two pounds, four ounces. He was really sick. Baby B, who we named because
we knew it was two boys. His name was Jacob. He came out, and again, it
was just that swarm of people, getting him ready, saving his life. – My son stayed at a -1, which wasn’t coming past the birth canal. So at nine and a half centimetres, she goes, “Okay, well
he hasn’t moved down, “I think we’re gonna have to
take you back for a c-section”. She said, “Well, you know, “your temperature’s rising, “your heart rate is lowering, “your baby’s heart rate is lowering, “you’re developing an
infection in your uterus, “and we don’t want it
to pass on to the baby”. – But the doctor came in, and said that one of
their lungs had collapsed, so they needed to insert a chest tube, to try to build it back up. And then a few hours later, we find out the second
baby had the same thing. – They put these clamps in your stomach, and when they reach your abdomen, they use these clamps to stretch
open your abdominal walls, and when they put those
clamps in and they stretched, I felt everything. The second I saw my son, you forget that you’re going through these massive amounts of pain, and these massive amounts of anxiety. You see the one love of your life that you’ve been waiting
for your entire life. – I reached down, and I got to
feel my daughter coming out, and pull her out, and look at her, and see her eyes open for the
very first time, to see me. – He got handed to daddy first, and it’s like, oh, he
got to see him first. – I came home March 9th, 2009. And I was fortunate they
never had to go back. (upbeat music)

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  1. Well when I get older I'm not having a birth plan. I CARRIED THIS BABY AND I WANT IT OUT!!! That will be me. I don't care if I have to get a sea section although I would prefer to brith a baby in a hospital.

  2. 2:37 my heart bleeds for this woman that had to go through that sort of pain and worry about her newborn twins

  3. I got my perineum cut out first time too through episiotomy. To avoid that second time around, I rub bio oil all over my down there 😀

  4. I was there for my sister's birth (like, my sister having the baby, not being born) and she took one look at the baby and said in the most serious tone: how tf does it have fingernails.I have NEVER laughed so hard in my life, and I tell that story to EVERYONE

  5. I was also born at 28 weeks my mom said that I stopped breathing 23 time in her arms she said she couldn't hold me for 9 weeks I was on a heart monitor when I came home and my parents couldn't hold me for 9 weeks😢

  6. When my mom gave birth to me, my umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck, strangling me, so I had to be put in a breathing tank for an hour or so

  7. They day I was born was great. First of all everything went as planned. My mom went to the hospital at exactly 9 months pregnant. I was born on my due date (10/4). The only thing that wasn't planned was my doctor was he was at a different hospital. I made my mom so sick. She couldn't even drink water. She was so happy when I was born.

  8. I was losing heart beats when i was born, i was born one month late dont know how it happened but my mom says i was supposed to be born in may but was born in june. My mom had gone to a regular appointment and the doctor just told her she would have to give birth immediately. I was born a c section

  9. They had to induce me since my daughter's heart rate dropped and the midwife feared that it would happen again so they admitted me to the hospital. Low and behold her heart rate dropped again and I went in because I was in so much pain and it was the second time I went in that night for the same pain. I was at a 2cm and the pain was unbearable and the ballon to induce made it worse. Luckily I got an epidural right away after the ballon came out. Everything went easy as pie after that and the pushing was so easy I didn't even feel anything including the pressure. Just got second degree tears on the inside and nothing on the outside. The other thing is my placenta didn't come out so they literally went in there and took it out and it came out in two pieces. Just glad I have my beautiful healthy daughter with me.

  10. This isn’t like a story that I have heard but….when my mom was at the hospital one of the doctors said “Is either you or your baby lives” my mom was shocked of depression and my dad so my mom choose to keep me alive…so I got out my mom and she was at the hospital for days,my aunt took care of me for my dad to work for money to pay to help my mom to live….my mom had a lot of surgery,she was a strong woman and successfully lived 😌

  11. Im an identical twin me and my sister were premature as well I was 1 1/2 lbs and my sister was 2 lbs so we were really tiny my dad always tells us there he could fit both of us in each of his hands

  12. I had my daughter via emergency csection at 31 weeks due to preeclampsia not being caught in time. My placenta completely abrupted. She went into distress and I was passing out, not dilating past a one (2014) the plan for her was originally unmediated water birth at hospital. She had to go back to the hospital 5 days after coming home due to suffering septic shock (came home a month later) My son came at 31 weeks 3 days via csection September last year. We had an eye on my bp and caught the preeclampsia before it became too uncontrollable (stayed 3 days in the hospital on magnesium one off and then back on it for 5 days before baby was born.) His original birth plan if all went well was vbac at 37 weeks, then changed to 34 weeks being the goal to having to have him that day. Both my little ones are doing amazing now <3

  13. My mother gave birth to me by c-section,but it didn't go as planned. My cord leaked and my blood leaked with hers and it took hours for my mother to get blood.Few hours later,boom! Baby!

  14. I was premature 2 months, my mum was paralyzed for 72 hours so my lungs could develop. Now I’m an opera singer. Take that science!!

  15. I had i a feeding tube until I was 2 months and 1 and a half of those 2 moths was in the hospital I was born at 34 weeks and had stopped growing at 25 weeks in the womb

  16. My mom didn’t have any like horrible births but my brother got his head stuck and I was born blue and not breathing

  17. Am I the only one who has the fear of having a child? Like I already don't really like kids, but the pain and stuff that goes with it just seems terrible. To the women who had to go through all that, you're really brave, and definitely awesome.

  18. My mom was late to give birth to me she said that I almost died so she had to undergo surgery and she said I looked blue 😰😰

  19. I was premature I was born at 25 weeks and I had lots of problems growing up. But thanks god I'm blessed to not have many problems as I had growing up. The only thing I remember that my mom told me is that since my lungs were not fully develop I almost died because I couldn't breath well.

  20. I was the only one who gave my mom pain during pregnancy and during birth lol. Being born on Friday the 13th at 12 A.M. Midnight kinda makes sense lol

  21. I want kids.I don't want to give birth.I don't want to adopt.
    The worst thing is I want twins then watching birth videos from buzzfeed CHANGING SOME LIFE PLANS

  22. My mom was in labor for 18 hours and the doctors kept telling her that her best option was cesarean and my mom was too scared to do it, so she handle me for 18 hours because I was too lazy to come out.

  23. I'm being induced in 4 days because I have preeclampsia (I'll be 37 weeks) and I'm kinda scared but ik I'm in good hands with my doctor and I can't wait to meet my daughter.

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