#Momsplaining with Kristen Bell: Babies, Babies Everywhere, Part 1

Hi, I’m Kristen Bell. You might remember me from
the movie Pootie Tang. Speaking of pootie
tang, I’m here today in a labor and delivery room. Because what’s more
beautiful than bringing a brand new slimy, squished up
little person into the world? Nothing. That was rhetorical. I’ve done it twice, so I
feel pretty confident I can help another mama do it. Plus, I’m hoping she’ll
share her epidural. Let’s go catch some babies. [MUSIC – “CHARGE”] (SINGING) To all you moms out
there, keep doing it right. [MUSIC PLAYING] This is good. This is me. Passing out prizes. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, everyone. Hi. Look what you did. I know. How long ago did this happen? It’s probably, like, been like
maybe an hour and a half ago. No, 3 and 1/2 hours. I don’t want to start a fight. I really don’t. That’s not why I came in here. Truly. And how do you feel? I’m rockin’. We were rockin’ it. Did they give you an upper? No. I feel like you look great
for a couple hours after. I was like– Well, for all of your hard work,
I brought you a gift basket. Mr. And Mrs. Johnson
actually brought it. But this is from Johnson’s,
and they know babies. They are committed to
providing the gentlest products for your sweet new
little chickens. And now their products are
improved inside and out. They will get you through all
of the dirty business that will come with these newbies. Oh, thank you. I also have one
more thing for you. Hey, guys. Would you guys
look out the window and cover your ears
for one second? Yeah. This is an ice pack for– I think you know what– down there. Do you have names for it? No. No. No. I have so many names. Let me see, I have hoo-ha,
honey pot, baby cave, man eater, baby cannon, hand
warmer, lady junk. Dad, you know what, why don’t
you turn around as well. Yeah. Nether regions, pink taco,
roast beef curtains– if we’re really
getting graphic– whale eye. Pro tip. One of the most important things
to do when you’re having a baby is to suck up to the nurses. They steer this
vagina ship, so you want to show them
some love in advance. Just as a thank you for bringing
so much beautiful new life into the world, I’ve
brought you some treats. Oh, thank you. There’s a bunch of
goodies in here. I also brought some DVDs
of Frozen for everyone. There you are. Thank you so much. I also brought some head
shots of Ted Danson. [CHATTER] What a fox, right? What a fox. OK, tell me what I need to know. Scarlett is giving me a lot
of signals that she’s ready. She’s ready. Yes. Ooh, there’s a lot going
on down here, guys. There’s a lot. Tell me what I do. Are you ready for
her to push, doctor? Yes. Push. Push, Scarlett. Push, Scarlett. It’s coming, Scarlett. You’re doing so good. You’re doing great, Scarlett. How am I doing? You’re doing great. OK, here she comes. Here she comes. Oh! Oh my goodness. [IN SLOW MOTION] Push. [IN SLOW MOTION] Push, Scarlett. [IN SLOW MOTION] Scarlett. [IN SLOW MOTION] Push, Scarlett. Push hard. [SCREAMING] There it is. [SCREAMING] Get her up there. Oh, you did it. Perfect. She’s got a leash. Congratulations. Nice to meet you, little one. I hope you’re the baby that’s
going to save the planet. No pressure. You never know. [BABY’S HEART BEATING] Hi, mama. Hi, I’m Kristen. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. Thank you for having me here. Anytime. No, not any time. How are you doing? I think I’m doing good. Yeah, I mean, they
have good medicine. Oh, you got your epidural? Yeah. Ooh, girl. I’m ready for my
epidural as well. You can just let the doctor
know whenever he’s got time. How are we doing? Hello, doctor. Hi, darling. How are you? Good. How are you? Good. How many vaginas do
you think you’ve seen? In the hospital. Oh, in the hospital. A lot. A lot. Yeah. Yeah, let me check. Oh, it’s way up there. I’ll be back, and
I’ll come check. Well, guys. Lot of hurry up and wait, huh? Mm-hm. I’ve got another patient
in the other room. But, you know, I’m here for you. Do I page you? Since I’m not technically
on staff here, I’m going to leave
this with you. And you can just
be like, Kristen! And then, just call
me if you need me. OK. Let’s head down the hall. There’s a woman
that’s really close. That’s what doctors do Raise the bed up. Listen, pay attention. I want to get this kid out, OK? Are you OK with them coming in? My heart’s racing so fast. We’ll bring her in. You go first. You go first. Camera’s gotta go in first. Here we go, and we’re going. Let’s go. Gimme a push. Go hard. Holy [BLEEP]. Presented by the new Johnson’s,
improved inside and out.

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  1. "How many vagina's have you seen…?"
    "Oh about-"
    "Oh, IN the hospital… A lot."

    Bahahaha. That's for the clarification.

  2. Who will tell Kristen Bell she’s not supposed to screamWhen the other leads giving birth she’s not going to give it back I was laughing so much Ha ha ha KKK hate myself for writing this JK

  3. Ok so, the more I watch anything about labor, I get even more terrified. Plus, delivery or not, I’m a modest creature and I don’t kno how I feel about a thousand people on medical staff in the room with my hooha on display….

  4. About the robot is thatthe way you are supposed to put the socks on i thought the little gel sides went on the bottom so you dont slip

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