27 Replies to “#Momsplaining with Kristen Bell BONUS Clip: Postpartum with Katie Lowes”

  1. Postpartum sucks!! I just to go to my car and cry and scream! And then come inside my house like nothing ever happened!

  2. Even though I'm not a parent and don't want to be . But what Kristen said about how guilt, shame and regret is waisted energy , was such an eye opening moment

  3. I adore Kristen Bell lol, I'm not a mom but I'm going to be a super involved aunt in July lol, I'm sending my sister these videos

  4. I want Kristen Bell to be my best friend. These videos are super helpful as I'm t minus 3 weeks to my first baby.

  5. I'm going to need you to make another episode with Katie that's at the very least 45 minutes long. Katie and Kristen together are gold!!!

  6. Note to self! Dont waist time! Got it! I love this girl shes amazing! Where have you been all my life Kristen!💙💙💙

  7. Oh my goodness, I was in a fog of ppd for at least 6 months after each kid…and then I got breast cancer…which weirdly helped my mentality! 😂

  8. I hope Kristen reads this. 😊

    As a mom of 5 (all 10 and under), with a 3 month old, I want to deeply thank you Kristen and Ellen for putting this together. I've been so overwhelmed between parenting, homeschooling some of my children, and nursing an infant. Your series made me feel normal and reassured me more than anything I've ever read or even from my own experiences of raising a large family. You are so special Kristen for laying your truth out there. You've empowered me to allow myself to try my best and accept that it's impossible to do everything in the most "perfect" way.

    Last night was Super Bowl. I let myself sit back and watch my 8 and 2 year old daughters make and decorate sugar cookies in the shape of footballs and football helmets. I had only a limited roll. They had so much fun making the icing and getting dirty. I didn't stress out over the mess being made and just enjoyed watching them laugh and learn. I will always remember the moment I became happy and comfortable with my mothering skills. The house was a mess but everyone was filled with laughter and love. My 5 year old son kept telling me that it was the best day ever! I'm so thankful for yesterday.

    Being a mother is one of the most underappreciated and mysterious tasks out there. You've brought so much clarity to the reality of being a mother 24/7/365 until death do you part.

    Thank you again for saving me from the stresses and guilt from trying to be "perfect!"

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