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hey everyone mr. happy here and welcome to Monday's with mr. happy aka mr. Happy Mondays the weekly Q&A show are you asking me questions and I answer them I'm Manuel I'm looking at my face so I need to trim the beard right around here rather than here and of course right around here but regardless of all of that as of recording this and when you guys see it we will be on the eve of Eden savage and luckily I managed to find the aesthetic for it one of those thrown together really last minute but really looking forward to seeing how it actually pans out and you know what getting to play with the cool group of people is as much as the party Finder can be a great experience I'm really looking forward to tackling it with this new group of players who we ran some stuff together earlier right before this recording went pretty well that's a pretty sweet parses which I already know there's a question into about FF locks updates somewhere in that comment section below them looking forward to answering anyway before we actually start with the Q&A I have of course read some the feedback regarding the credit scroll and some of it I agreed with that just couldn't find options for last week and get it out in the timely enough fashion specifically that the the font is just not as you know readable or legible I suppose as it actually should be and I was blowing because I was looking through the font options for the credit roll that I was using in Sony Vegas and there wasn't like a bold or you know an outline option I was like so there's probably just another option I could also on new chroma key it right now that scene is a chroma keyed so that that's why it's completely see-through I think a light background to it as opposed that in making an actual like credit roll section is another thing that I could do with that I'm gonna look through some options and if I don't find any I'll probably just like stick it in like one of the corners but with an actual black background so it can be red and we'll go with that but anyway with that out of the way let's get to some questions cuz it's actually pretty late and I know it doesn't look it but it's like 7:15 p.m. right now and I'm hungry so let's get to some questions all right question umber one hello mr. happy two questions no problem Oh while I've been on a mission to build up the rates aren't crystal good I work with a lot of players to teach them get their mechanics and give them red food potions but it's off the case the players don't know their rotations to hit DPS requirements what resources do you suggest that point them towards so they can say something other than google it or YouTube it um the discord title the balance is usually a really good excuse me really good resource for that I'm on top of that as long as you know how to navigate it using FF laws it's a pretty good idea there's some new stuff that I'm sure I'll get a question about on here that could be very confusing for someone who's not very familiar with it between percentiles our DPS pdps there's a lot of terms there that could definitely scare a newer player into thinking it's way more complicated than it is so as long as you know how to properly navigate it that I would HIGHLY advise also having them at least look at the 75 percentile on FF logs look at how those players are playing and then look at what is the primary difference between the 75 percentile player and a 90 percentile player and see like what the the change in trends are you know what the actual differences are between them and comparing those those are two things that you can definitely do to get the point across but above all else they have to care and that's the number one thing I noticed in regards to people who want to do content but have no personal desire to improve enough to at least be at the minimum required to do that content even make sure the people that you're spending your time on are people who actually care and if you're and if they're gonna take any offense to suggestions about improving then it's a lost cause right from the get-go as for the second question given advice in general about helping teaching players to engage in extreme savage rating again it kind of just comes down to care um some people think that it's out of their reach and that they they don't think very highly of themselves so for some people it's they're really overthinking it or stopping it and a lot of the times you'll see that with people like hey you know I really want to play tank but I can't help but feel like everyone's gonna tell me I'm bad and it's the worst and I'm the worst thing they've ever you know played with and I'm like you're overthinking it if you get in you may maybe take a few lumps you may run into someone who's not a fan of you once in a while but you just gotta keep going can't let the potential of what could go wrong stop you from potentially enjoying something that could be potentially very right so that's the big big thing for at trying to encourage players but they also again just kind of have to care question number two hey mr. happy how you doing I'm doing ID I'm doing I I'm doing a question for mr. happy Monday as a closet Final Fantasy 8 fan boy you know it's not it's not closet anymore you just told everybody I'm absolutely getting when I heard force your way and turn one I hope you were to I literally said we went in if force your ways and in here I'll consider this rate here a failure and so it was the first thing and they're like I feel like they heard me I'm saying that in saying that do you think that we will get any more throwbacks the final Macy eight of padding hope kind of hoping for an ultimate castle type theme either ultimecia or the final guardian force being the last ultimate boss for Eden have you heard anything about future plans for Eden no we don't know anything about what's gonna happen with Eden going forward um the second boss in particular void Walker is one that raises a lot of flags in terms of Final Fantasy 8 references a lot of the things about that fight between the time mechanics between what looks to be junctioning to the void set like like the void Walker actually was versus somebody being defeated and then all of a sudden collapsing and not being able to recall what's going on very similar trends to ultimecia controlling somebody in Final Fantasy 8 and so I wouldn't be surprised to see that kind of I wouldn't I really am my my ultimate hat Jesus which is basically me taking a prediction that really has no foundations and trying to predict it while in advance is that the final fight in the final Eden tier so II twelve normal e 12 savage whatever is actually going to be Eden junctioning to the true villain and we will get another I feel like we'll get another Eden prime like a dark Eden Prime in a sense going all the way into the final brave tier there's nothing to indicate that but with the beats that Final Fantasy 8 has had Plus everyone of course thinking back to griever and ultimecia and Final Fantasy 8 I feel like there's a lot of room for that to potentially take place for us to kind of succeed but for Eden to be lost to us in a sense hashtag mister Happy Mondays hi haps hello from Hong Kong hello from California not as exciting I think the story and presentation of Shadow bringers are among the best the Final Fantasies have even – all the online stuff and treating it as a single-player game in my view is the best Final Fantasy after six perhaps ten is on par question how would you rank shadow bringers among the Final Fantasies assuming you are new to Final Fantasy 14 let's get straight to and play only as a single-player game so unfortunately you're asking me to give a context that I kind of can't have because I don't know what it's like to play Final Fantasy 14 skip everything and go right to shadow breakers I do feel there's actually a lot lost from that while a realm reborn gets a pretty big flack and I do agree that it does deserve portion of it there is a lot of world building down there that I feel is mostly integral to understanding a lot of the later events this happens a little bit more in heavensward as well especially in regards to Shadow bringers with 3.1 at 3.40 and kind of teaching us kind of the base lines of what's leading to this event in the first place why it becomes a problem in the first place and then the actual expansion expanding on that quite a bit so you know just playing shouting is with no other context for me is a really hard thing to judge I think if you have the context though it definitely stands up there as a personal favorite I still can't really I don't really feel ever comfortable judging the single players versus the multi players because I basically have to segment my experience when it's been a one continuous experience all the way up to this point and is an ongoing experience that could change later you know shadow bringers technically ends in five point three you know that's when they technically end the expansion you basically have like an initial patch and you have like a soft conclusion mid expansion like the Dragon song war Ark technically like heavens were the thordan Ark is resolved but the primary conflict is the Dragon song war the Dragon song war doesn't really end until three point three so things like that are pretty important so right now I feel like while we've dealt with the immediate concern of the light wardens that there's concern for the actual title and zodiac Ark and where that's going to go so it's hard for me to segment those things and really provide it but I will say that at the very least shadow bringers story was my favorite amongst the expansions we've had thus far and comparing it to any other ones I've definitely liked it better than some of my lesser favorite Final Fantasies obviously some of the older ones like 1 2 & 3 which of very basic stories very cookie-cutter stories it obviously has to rank about those but getting into anything more specific it's just rough for me and there it is went to scroll past it and found it right away hashtag mr. Happy Mondays I was curious hello to YouTube by the way I was curious to hear your thoughts on the update on FF vlogs now showing our DPS contribution instead of selfish DPS or P DPS as it's called do you think this will incentivize a more group focus gameplay and in the future could this become a more clear way to compare job balances and unbalances well I'll say to the second half of your question yes it definitely gives people a better idea of the overall job functionality so much so that people are look being a dancer now and being like oh so dancing boy can get pretty intense when it comes to some of these higher tier percentile logs I think it's fantastic in fact before they said they were doing this when I heard they were going to be changing the display to true DPS I was like but they should really do a column for personal a column for our DPS and that's what they ended up doing okay so for people who don't use FF logs it's a website where people upload parses with the program a CT so they can compare their performance versus other player's performances in a variety of encounters it's been around for years and it's an integral part to endgame rating and final fantasy xiv and the community around it it has been misused and it has and it is often frequently misrepresented but that's kind of what the topic of this is so P DPS is short for personal dps which is a new column they added this is basically what your DPS actually is in the encounter after overkill is subtracted so overkill is when you deal damage to an enemy but it's more than their maximum health so it's basically DPS that has serves no purpose so it's subtracted from your total DPS you may see this especially being subtracted from the Flast the last hit in the boss or if there's a ton of ads that you a weed but they had like 1% health left but you hit them with something really hard then obviously you'd see a major subtraction and things like overkill but it's just meant to give you a more accurate personal DPS number our dps is what is being referred to as raid DPS or true DPS depending on who you ask um the are no doubt definitely stands for raid but basically what it does is it takes your personal dps and then adds a upright and approximated amount of how much raid DPS you've contributed to the group so for example I had a parse where my dancer did about 9500 on titania that was what my personal dps was then for our DPS what it does is it adds the amount or the approximate amount of Radiesse that was obtained from my dance partner my standard finished my technical finish the boss that came from those devilment the buff that came from those and it adds that to my personal dps and then presents that now on top of that it then subtracts buffs that I got from other people so if I got like a brotherhood or an eye or a litany and then subtracts the number of the amount of great DPS I got from somebody else to reveal a true DPS number there's rankings for both the personal DPS and for the AR DPS category so you can get an idea of you know where you stand on your personal performance and how much of your performance was actually you know padded or provided by your raid team jobs like samurai and black mage the number for our DPS is almost always lower because they don't provide any dps tools to the rest of the party we're so their personal dps usually way higher and there our DPS usually takes a fairly significant hint but it's it's added a lot more clarity and it makes FF logs a little bit more interesting to actually look through you can see things and understand based on comp how somebody got to a specific number and the even though it's an approximation there are still some flaws with it you know you can still technically pad on FF logs it adds a much more consistent experience so the website that might bring in a lot more players to be interested in it and because it's not as much of a simple just massive padding dick holding contests like a lot of people have used it for in the past and that makes it a much more valuable tool for people for people to look at it understand it and it's why it was a recommendation in my earlier question that I answered I'm a big big fan of this change and I think there's a lot of credit that goes to the FF logs team the guy who runs it and the other the individuals I'm not actually sure how many people work on FF locks for getting a tool like this working even if it's not on 2 percent accurate listen it's a tool I'd much rather have in its current form now than without the updates of FF actually been made to it all right next question hash tag mr. Happy Mondays hey mr. happy hello I'm a fairly casual player if the planks it's heavens worth drop it was always too anxious to even had the trial so if you have a feeling this is gonna tie into the answer that I gave before for the other question recently I got a group of friends together to give titania an innocence a try and we cleared both them fairly easily and now I can clear them consistently I've already find her good on again the savage I'm not quite sure if I'm good enough for that as I will have to plug it I play on ps4 and have to rely on random people uploading parses with me in them so I'm not sure how indicative of my abilities this is at the time of writing this my best parsing eetu was 71% I get between 8.5 to 98 on dummy's depending on my luck with props sounds like the answer to me is it good enough for savages should I stay far away so I'd say being around 75 percentile is actually a fairly steady goal to be aiming for when it comes to raids but I'd say honestly you're still overthinking this you said you well I guess technically yeah I guess kind of the way so here's the thing you're thinking about what your performance is now without thinking about how much you may or may not improve over the course of actually doing an encounter you're looking at your e to at 71% and thinking oh that's not 80 that's not 90 that it might good enough for savages that and of course a 71% can be improved you know it and that's kind of the whole point the fact that you care this much about it shows you kind of already have the right mentality because the number one thing for someone who wants to get into the r18 is there has to be an innate desire to play well enough to beat it now if you're not good enough at the time what do you do you practice and improve and being conscious of that can be an advantage where you may lose yourself as where you say I'm not sure if I'm good enough because you're you're already doubting yourself before you actually even go into the content and that's gonna play in your mind what ends up happening is every poll any a we you get hit by any in time and enrages hit you blame yourself and you know what I'm someone who does that I'm someone who definitely looks at my own faults but I don't then think to myself I'm not good enough to do this I think what do I need to do differently next time don't defeat yourself before you go into the content just go into it improve where you can go thin pugging I've dealt escape and I have pugs other raids in the past as well so it's year old you'll be fine because you care that's the number one thing that takes them to be a Raiders the bottom line is you have to care and that's a good place to start all right next question question at mr. happy hi mr. happy hello this is the first time I've written to you I watch you off on a very picky with what content I want to support you definitely one of the 14 content creators that I like and I feel you put out good stuff thank you I appreciate the kind words my question I'm not sure if you have answered this and I haven't caught it probably it's listen I've answered a lot of questions and it's reasonable that people haven't caught them because how many hundreds of episodes are there I actually don't remember what episode number this is what is the best thing to do with main stat Metiria have so much of it that's pretty much useless throw that the transmutation npc I mean you could also take it to the dome an enclave and bender it for an increased price if you're gonna do anything my left eye is twitching more that's kind of weird but if you have grade six main stat material throw them at the transmutation npc might get some great sevens out of it and yeah great sevens aren't worth a whole lot but it's more purpose than they're serving now that's what I did with all my great sixes and crack clusters and whatnot you know turn them up to sevens and then hope for the best that's really all you can do with them I think you could also use them for the old anima weapons step if you still wanted to build one of those but I think I'd rather have them just be great seven materias personally all right next question hash tag mister Happy Mondays a story question what do you think mid grade summers doing while we were in the first its you she's kind of with us at all times did he follow us did he stay fixing in contact between the world so he can do it so this kind of actually depends on if you've done Omega or not mcgirt's armor plays a I wanna say a semi vital role in the Omega storyline especially when you get around 208 in which case he pretty much expends all of his ether to protect us and then goes into a slumber so we don't actually know where you know if he's if he's still with us in some essence they know he did bind himself to us so um it's reasonable to say that the mid Gertz armor we kind of have that we can bring out as a minion is kind of just like kind of kind of just acting autonomously and not actually presenting any sort of knowledge or sentience like it's kind of displayed in the past as for if you haven't done Oh Meg one would just assume that he came with us and he has no opinion on the matter he really only rears his head when he really wants to say something so why a lot of people were surprised when we went to do Omega and he was suddenly like oh what's going on guys she's probably with you if you look canonically if you haven't done omega but if you have who's probably with you but in a sleeping state all right next question hey mr. happy hi hi how are you he said a twice I wasn't ready right well exam reviewer I want to ask do you think they could change the way a dancer gains espree points to like it the way they enjoy game some like ganging up from weaponskills she's safer sanskrit change to an ability so it flows better you like dancer is missing a lot but it's still good have a good day so i'll take this one in time do you think dance they could change it they absolutely could will they probably not if they're gonna do that it's probably would probably go down to like 5's creeper weapons skill and while rng is always kind of iffy when it comes to proc I feel that s pre procs well enough that it doesn't really need much of an adjustment you know there are times you get more or less but it never feels completely forgotten and I think that's kind of the important point with it um as for shoot saber dance we change to an ability I asked everyone the same question when they say that are you do you want it to be 300 potency instead of 600 because that's essentially what they would do to saber dance if it was og CD they may be 400 but like it would basically rip anywhere from a third to half of its print potency I think it's more important for saber dance to not interrupt the flow which is why the change that I've presented for saber dance at my dancer video was to have it extend finishing flourishes by five seconds up to a maximum of 20 seconds the biggest problem with saber dance is when you make the decision to go press it you're actively taking a decision away from generating a flourish and there are times where I've gotten four five saber dances and I really want to use them all in this first window because it just makes sense to want to use it in the burst window why wouldn't I it's a guaranteed six hundred potency you know with fall-off damage and an AoE and would definitely be my most consistent choice in a burst window but I sometimes have to move myself away from that decision and focus on using my flourishes because the potential loss of the feathers across the entire fight does it add up very quickly and it's and at points will at you know make those exercises not worth it if you lose too many of them or if you just never take the chance all together then it all of a sudden then you have to start considering delaying flourishes because you're getting too many Sabre dances and then you lose flourishes over the course of a fight and I mean the ability flourish not the individual finishing flourishes so because sometimes it causes hesitation because people are nervous about using Sabre dance looking at the rest of their timers I think it could be a massive improvement if it just extended the duration of the finishing flourishes by five seconds then you can leave it exactly the way it is otherwise functionally and and it would still be as good as it is under the next one hash tag mister Happy Mondays hey there mr. happy hope all as well it is I've got a quick and hopefully simple question are the food and potions that we have access to now going to be the best food and potions when savage comes out I like to stock up but I don't waste my kill if there's gonna be new stuff available thanks for taking the time to answer and hope you have a successful first week 2/7 treating me – thank you I hope you do as well so the potions yes the tinctures that we have available now the ones that on HQ gives 312 main stat for 30 seconds those teachers will still be the best teachers you can have at the time that being said the food we are likely to get some new food recipes but it's gonna be a matter of these stat priorities on those foods no will we get a crit crit that's all what I'm looking for crit is the dominant stat on a food we don't have that right now for max level we have direct hit with create a secondary one but some people may want it the other way around so there will be new food on Tuesday but the question of whether or not it'll actually be an improvement you know even if they make the same stat spread as the current like go to food which i think is espresso and it just has more stats then that's gonna be fine but we have to wait and see what the actual foods are gonna be and if they'll be worth investing in before I can give you a solid solid answer and if you should put them now or wait for the new foods to come out but honestly I probably just wait we're excuse me wait regardless had to burp and adjust after the fact next one hash tag mister Happy Mondays yo hello hello longtime viewer first-time question bonus could be guaranteed point one percent clear if you're ever in that situation in that situation more than I wish I was anyway you think it would be possible for screenings to gift you're getting the ability to choose an eye partner in the beginning of the fight simulated answer if their own partner such a pain choosing someone to give the eye and having someone automatically assign would be one less thing to worry about under so you can make Macker but it's slow and takes up a double weave option at least for me so on one foot yes you could absolutely do this and you know it would do exactly as you propose you know we have dancer as a means of judging that on the other hand it's not a simple whip Dragoon so for dancer we're basically providing a permanent damage increase throughout the entire fight so because of that whoever is you're collectively highest dps across the entire town is your theoretical best choice for that assuming nothing goes terribly wrong with the Juergen I it's a specific window that you're looking at so you're not looking at who's doing the highest dps in the whole group you're looking at who will be the best person for this exact window that I can use this ability now I will not speak for Jergens I do not know how in depth that is this expansion compared to the way it was last expansion but in the last expansion there were people you gave your eye to in the opener and then you would give your eye to a different person on the second bus first window and then a different one on the third and sometimes you could just give it to one person the opener and then the same person over and over again for every subsequent one because you know there was no real timing that you needed to go to or it was just always a good timing for them um then there's the consideration of you know you're you know if the person you're giving to while theoretically should be the best person isn't performing to a level like there there are things that go into it that require a lot of forethought so your suggestion would work great for very very basic situations for player dungeons you know what maybe for those very simple situations where you don't really plan on optimizing it at all it'd be okay to have something like that but it does then encourage people to just play it like that all the time instead of optimizing it so then they have to consider it doesn't ever cool down like we do because we can't switch dance partners like super super often and even if we do it then removes the buff from the old person so there's others well there are different things to consider I think that they are unlikely to ever do this to Tribune I think they'd sooner just completely rework what I does completely before they consider making it a permanent buff that you apply to somebody and then making it so when it's available that person becomes the the person you tether with I don't I just don't have the confidence that they would take that approach all right and then well my cat decided who's sitting right here next to you guys can't see him he's just really off camera right here but he let me out for the camera once or twice he's reminding me that it's almost his dinner time and mine so I should probably just get a few more questions in and then go grab some food I strike mister Happy Mondays hope you're doing well I've had a question on my mind for a few weeks and sadly it's skipped what are your thoughts on instilling a minimum item level for leveling dungeon from Heaven's work onward oh I think I probably skip this because I think I've answered this like quite a few times over the last the wahi you see on my hand your butt he's looking right ello hot you're gonna be in this video coming here there you go you're in this video now you asked for this a little oh you asked for this see ha ha I just have to love him and he flees go play with the banana don't scratch the carpet Aloha yeah that's a scratching post not a banana okay good job Aloha good job we're leaving all that it lets see you not to push yeah I definitely answered this in previous week so I probably just I'm not reading yours in particular cuz I've just you are causing chaos and a make no you stop Aloha I don't know why you're doing this to me out middle um ya know so the quick answer to this because Aloha has now taken the majority of the time from actually answering the question is yes I would love some sort of means of a minimum item all the entry level and dungeons I know a lot of the time it's just there are times where it definitely it feels like overkill but man there are so many people that try to get by with like a exorbitantly bad gear like it's one thing if you like went into Barnum's for the first time and you were still in 270 pieces like at least that's like the previous level you know the previous expansions max level gear and you've only like outpaced it by a few item levels like 6 it is a whole nother thing to be in like 150 gear when you do that but some people definitely try to get away with so yeah I mean I would like some sort of minimum to be put in there or some sort of at least she's sick alert system and let you know hey it's gonna be bad buddy that's gonna be real bad you shouldn't you shouldn't be doing this we're not gonna let you do this well so after that a last question I mean almost every remaining comment that I read was hi there's something I don't have a special theater like a great answer for or comments about the credit roll or comments from last week's Q&A like everyone in there about what do we think of what I think about your ha I've answered that a lot I don't really have any thoughts on it cuz I'm not really a big fan and then there were other there was another one where it was like about the standing poses but it's just not something I really that matters to me so I don't really have an opinion on the matter um so yeah there are a lot of the remaining questions I unfortunately just didn't have like a good means of answering so I guess that was the last question for this episode of Monday's with mr. happy if you have a question be sure to throw it in the comment section of the video below oh my gonna think oh I'm gonna go eat and then I'm gonna take a look to see what I can do for that sponsor well I saw a few other suggestions and ideas in there one just sticking it at the end but I personally want to stick it in a place where the people who are supporting are more immediately I guess prevalent I suppose that's a personal wish for me as for the actual thought background I mean some people suggested make them a box and people suggested putting it at the top with like a background or at the bottom of the background I don't think a look at what my options are a classic Final Fantasy style menu suggestion was in there and then just taking the text and if either putting a classic Final Fantasy font or like a sprite font or even just playing them over that just have some sort of background to make them more visible I'm hoping that as I look through the Vegas Sony Vegas stuff I find something that's it makes more visible if not it's getting a box or I'm just taking away the chroma key or adding a border around it or something like that well we'll see you'll see what I end up trying and you'll be giving me feedback on that too at the end of the day so anyway with that I am gonna go eat and go check what my options are for the credit roll and thanks everyone for asking your questions this week be on the lookout I will be posting straight up just normal boss kill videos this week so if you're someone who doesn't really want to see to eat and savage encounters or mechanics or the whatever it might happen like if there's any like transformations or anything keep that in mind when you click those you know I'm not responsible for that and I'll try to keep that basic stuff out of the thumbnail now let me go spend some time with Aloha on top of that before he annoys the shit out of me and I will see all of you tomorrow for tomorrow next week that one yeah thank you for watching I'll see you all in the next one and until then take

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