Money Yaya Hints Being Pregnant, Is it by NBA Youngboy

it's melly-mel for whoever acting catch me swerving in my rape with my daughter energy Maggie this ain't no will be honey no acting but if you hate this actor I just might let our Jana slapper hold up mama slow up bummer they know who my daddy is they don't walk not run yes Jules is real the LOX is right I get a band and put a rest in my life and I thought I'm just dressed baby let's get it right I see that crushes looking at me like that see what they like hold up hold up hold it let me get back in it you get it from your mama baby don't you forget you know I got your daddy still trying to get he just call me last night if I'm just being specific missing business booming every day of the week now I gotta go and heat up the bond of love booty where everything we got is flying toward until you could be with us the line in the back so we go make sure you sleep yeah these young people on instagram seems to be having a fit after money Yaya has posted a video which she quickly deleted hinting that she may be pregnant by the visual image of her stomach protruding she turns to the side and back and forth and you can see a belly bump everyone is speculating that it may be by mb a young boy after to break up and that led to all-nba baby mamas and girlfriends sitting up on instagram crying in addition we have footage of money Yaya a mother who is a excellent rapper and I like that rap that she did with her daughter it was very cute however she stated the momma stated bag money Yaya was not pregnant and that was like a month ago baby at all so that's what you guys went into did you keep saying the stupid ass yet she got no motherfucking babysit husband [Laughter] motherfuckin watch this video stuff baby goddamn bacterias I'm jumping around yeah monsters inside of me looking ass you ain't got no goddamn babies going on hurry I said baby alive but this belly bump on money money Yaya looks extremely big I don't know if she's faking it or because the pump look like is past three months that pump it looks like maybe six months pregnant by six months pregnant hmm and everyone wants to know what to Mb a young boy has to say about this because he normally would comment on stuff like this especially if it's not true he will make a statement and if she is truly pregnant for real will n be a young boy and knowledge the child now that's the big question nobody if you didn't find fluid what would you do that's not the question love like it if you don't matter it look like I did mom what are you doing you'll see that she had a leer over there they said the body fine go daddy what would I do it hmm we're nineteen years later I don't know I don't know anybody did your breath smells like liquor like wine I had some motherfucking wine shit yup showed is for nice before I hit the jackpot he tailed me that all the time

28 Replies to “Money Yaya Hints Being Pregnant, Is it by NBA Youngboy”

  1. Everyone wants to be a rapper lol Sad Money yaya needs to be somewhere getting an education but with parents like hers smh its unfortunate won't happen Money over rules

  2. Her mama acts just like her over a man Now I see where yaya gets her. dumbass immature ways from over men who don't want them!! Her mama is a Golddigger and yaya is young and dumb smh

  3. Being young and pregnant ain't cool he has babies once over 4 babies its just another baby so why like what's the point you just wanna be young with a baby y'all retarded or something …

  4. She so childish. She has alot of growing up to do, she just acts relevant cause who her dad is and the money they have. Grow Up bby girl your headed in the wrong direction, got your whole life ahead of you. She has a bad example of a mom and dad(so sad)

  5. I swear to God they rap better than the migos, lil pump, lil uzi, lil yachti and all the rest of these shitty, mumble rappers out here. #facts #ontheholybible

  6. I don't think her mom would lie about her being preggo….unless her mom truly dosent know she is pregnant…oh well its not like she dosent have the money and support to take care of her child if she is….so congrats if she is.

  7. Yea that young boy nba in da door fr. Told lil yaya to come here you mines for 9 to 18 on everythang. Facts unlimited bag.

  8. Her mom should stop her from all this internet shit but No she wit it so sad she a little bird her mom is a big bird she told her to have a baby so she can hit jackpot too SMH

  9. Why her mama gotta be all that why she just canโ€™t be supportive and being a friend and a mother at the same time with her grown daughter black folks kills me n that video of them rapping mad old

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