by the way you have to learn a whole different language if you are going to be like part of this trying TTC community or the trying to conceive community hey friends welcome back to my channel if you're new here my name is Rachel and I hope you'll click that little red subscribe button down below and join the fan because we would love to have you today I am going to be doing our first update on our trying to conceive journey if you have no idea what I'm talking about and did not know that we were trying for our third then watch the video down below that was just kind of like a general starting point but this is going to be the update of what happened last month which was our first official month of trying to conceive our third baby after we had a miscarriage in February last month I felt like I was kind of going crazy because being on this journey is kind of tough enough mentally and emotionally and physically but in addition to that I then felt this added pressure because I had decided to share this journey with y'all in the past I haven't really shared the trying to conceive process it's been more of the pregnancy and baby process and so this somehow it felt much more vulnerable and so I just was feeling all of these pressures like oh well I hope that it doesn't take me too long because that would be embarrassing even though it's something that all people go through for the most part but then I was also feeling like oh but I can't get pregnant like the first month we're trying because then that's not a very realistic for other people who've been trying for months or years so just all of these other things going on in my head led to me being like kind of obsessive all month long right after I posted that video I had talked about some apps I think I talked about flow and fertility friend and I mentioned that flow costs a lot of money and so I think when I had downloaded the app it just like automatically signed me up for the premium subscription somehow I don't know so that was what was costing money I went in I cancelled that just to get like the basic version that's free but I had several friends tell me that I needed to check out the app called oviya and so I did that like right away and this is the app that I have really kind of connected with the most I also downloaded glow in that same time period and was kind of trying to play around with all three of those last month but oviya was what I found to be the most user-friendly for me just the way my brain works there's like a really nice calendar function and on that day you can keep track of all kinds of things mood physical symptoms nerve achill mucus just like everything whether you've taken ovulation tests or pregnancy tests and so this was just the thing that I liked most it sends me an email every day with my kind of daily update and report based on where I am in my cycle and also symptoms that I have been reporting so I really really like it definitely recommend it I am still open to like playing around with others but I just felt like flow and glow weren't just as intuitive for me personally oh boy the two-week wait that was so crazy I basically just convinced myself like I was pregnant I was having every symptom Under the Sun of being pregnant or so I thought I was like oh and feeling very bloated I feel like my appetite has really increased my skin is kind of freaking out Oh like are my boobs sensitive maybe they're sensitive I mean I was literally like logging all kinds of symptoms I totally could have sworn up and down that I was pregnant last month I did not use any ovulation tests my body gives very clear signs to me about when I am ovulating and so I really can pinpoint it down to about one or two days and so that was what I was going off of just my physical symptoms and signs but I did decide that I was like okay but after this month because I want to be as accurate as possible I am going to end up getting ovulation test kits and start taking them again with my past two pregnancies even though the trying to conceive journey was not necessarily like a walk in the park or quick by any means I didn't do any ovulation test and I also did not do any early testing so with grace I tested the morning I was supposed to get my period got a very strong positive and then with Sayla I actually didn't even test until I was about five days late so at that period of time my cycle was tending to like be a little bit longer than it is right now and so I just had decided like I really wasn't going to test until I was like officially late and so that was what I did got a very strong positive again ever since having my miscarriage I am now much more kind of paranoid and so again I'm really torn I'm really torn because on the one hand I always think to myself like I if I would have waited just a couple of days with my miscarriage I wouldn't have known and I just would have thought oh my period was like late for whatever reasons stress sleep allergies I mean whatever and so it's a really tough thing for me to kind of wrap my mind around just to be clear because I think on my chemical pregnancy video which I'll have linked down below I think a lot of people I think there's some manner of assumption that I was testing really early and that was why I found out and that's not the case my period was actually I was I was about six weeks pregnant when I miscarried so my period was very late my period was late when I even started taking the tests I got to digital positive pregnancy tests so it really was more of a like a very early miscarriage as opposed to a chemical pregnancy that just ends basically right around the time of your miss period or right after so again it's just one of those things where I'm like I don't know that I want to test early on the other hand talking to some of my other friends who have had similar situations have happen they have said that like testing early and or testing frequently and watching those lines grow stronger and darker has been a source of great comfort and so that's what I decided to do so 9 days past ovulation or DPO I started taking tests I was using these clinical guard a pregnancy urine test strips that I got off of Amazon they came in a big pack like this and so I was keeping track I wasn't necessarily testing every single day but between 9 and 14 days past ovulation I think I probably took about five or so pregnancy tests they were all negative but of course because I have like talked to myself into all of these symptoms I kept googling like can you get a BF and a big fat negative on 13 DP oh by the way you have to learn a whole different language if you are going to be like part of this trying TTC community the trying to conceive community DPO days past ovulation bf n is big fat negative BFP is big fat positive so I kept searching and googling all of these things knowing that I really should just wait until my period is actually late unfortunately my period did come right when my app said it would why right when I expected it on I think 14 days past ovulation but the one thing that I did see when I was googling about these particular tests was that there was a lot of bad reviews about that there was a lot of like false positives but then there was also a lot of like false negatives as well so I ended up getting these easy at home tests it comes in a kit again got them off Amazon I'll have everything linked down below but there's like okay so there's 50 ovulation test kits and then there are also 20 pregnancy test kits these are the exact tests that I use when we were trying to conceive Sayla and so I do know they work I know that I can trust them so I just decided to go back to something because you know this is like a maddening enough time like you don't want to have to be thinking that your test is failing you so that was month one it was disappointing obviously when I wasn't pregnant however we had this vacation planned for a work trip that Kyle had earned and so you know I was kind of I guess grateful because I was able to enjoy that trip more fully not being newly pregnant you know I was able to have a drink with him I was able to go hit up the oyster bar and so it you know God's timing is perfect I know that but of course it was disappointing and you know hopefully I'm praying that it'll happen soon I'm gonna hop over and answer some of y'all's questions so right now I'm gonna start on Instagram me me 6:16 asked will you be trying for a boy and did you do the deed on your assumed ovulation day or just going by it so I am gonna say I think I talked about this in our first like announcement video of trying to conceive our third obviously this is what every mom says I just or every woman says I guys we just want a healthy baby first and foremost if I'm being completely honest I'm very happy being a girl mom I'm very comfortable being a girl mom so no we're not like trying for a boy but you know if a boy happens and I will you know be on a whole nother new adventure and then as far as tracking I was just kind of keeping track within my Fertile window and we were trying to do the the baby dance like every day or every other day definitely kind of focusing on those ovulation days Caitlin Carson asked if my lifestyle has changed since trying to conceive yes I would say so more so like I live a pretty healthy lifestyle and not the biggest were out our person ever but you know we eat pretty healthy I am you know fairly fit we I don't smoke and I'm not like a huge drinker of alcohol or anything but I will say during that two-week wait period I am definitely not drinking or you know if I am it's like very very occasional and it'll be like one drink or half a drink and then I'm also being very careful about what medications I take during that two-week wait period which has been really tough because I get allergy induced migraines and the allergies in Austin are just like through the roof right now so that's been a tough one to deal with but that's definitely the biggest thing I think that has changed since we were like officially trying to conceive she also asked if we are trying to shoot for a birth month or season no so the only kid we tried to specifically plan the birth for was Gracie and that was because Kyle was still playing professional baseball at the time and I really really wanted an offseason baby so that he would have more than three days off before he had to leave and go back and thank God that worked out really well for us my girl Jordan Ernie asked what has been the hardest part about trying to conceive this time around and I would just say this time is different than the others because now I have that I have more of that fear of loss than I did before I mean it was always something that was in the back of my mind as a possibility and something that I prayed very hard against but now have gone through it like I said it's it's influencing my decisions about how I'm tracking things and how I'm testing and just stuff like that that was never really on my mind before Liz a Stephanie Brito asked if my doctor gave me a time frame to wait before trying to conceive she miscarried in March and I'm really so so sorry for your loss big big hugs through the internet she did not she said we were free to start trying right away I think because my miscarriage was so early on but I know that I've heard from others that their doctors did advise them to wait I talked about this a little bit in the last video that I did but my body was like in major reset mode that whole month after so I think my body kind of naturally was like we're gonna wait on this and then because it prompted this big move we also were like not in the middle of that trying to also actively conceive okay so I think I've pretty much answered all of your questions for the most part like I said if I didn't answer your question that's most likely because it's already been answered in the video linked down below so go give that a watch and I hope you guys enjoy this series I guess I guess it is I was kind of thinking that I would just do a monthly update kind of like I used to do for pregnancy and then for the babies when they were you know 1 and under and so you know this will just be the new thing until hopefully we have another pregnancy let me know if you enjoy these videos if you are also trying to conceive and you're on this journey with me any tips tricks apps products whatever that you are you know using or loving please let me know in the comments down below I'm always down you know to learn especially because I just I just did things a little bit differently the last two times we had our kids I just was not like so frantically I don't know tracking and testing and all of the things I am kind of curious about that Ava woman's bracelet that I've seen on Instagram thinking that maybe could be like part of my ad got me series because I am very curious about that I know people are always talking about tracking their basal body temperature but I'm not gonna lie like I just don't know that I have the discipline for that um you know I might but I also might not and it just seems kind of tedious so I don't know let me know your thoughts down below if you enjoyed this please give it a big thumbs up subscribe to my channel down below if you aren't already and I will see you all next time thanks so much for watching


  1. I really appreciate you sharing your ttc journey. I am going through a miscarriage right this moment and it's the worst thing I've ever experienced. It's a very early miscarriage but we have been ttc for 17 months. It was the best days of my life, finding it out, and today has been the worst. It's just really nice to see updates and videos from somebody who has also gone through a miscarriage.

  2. I really recommend charting BBT using Kindara and their lovely Wink thermometer. I’ve been charting since getting my IUD out in Feb and TTC for 3months. Cycle #1 was a CP and #2 was a MC. Now in the TWW for cycle #3. So 2/2 pregnancies so far (just haven’t managed to stay pregnant yet 😢). Using BBT def takes your charting up a gear – it’s so useful I love it! And with the wink thermometer it just bluetooths your temp to your chart so you can basically do it asleep! Check out some reviews but I totally love it and the chart is so pretty and simple!

    There’s also a really lovely community on Kindara where you can share your chart and get some advice which is nice. You kind of feel like you’re all in it together!

  3. Love you Rach! I have been following you since way before your kiddos and TTC journey and just were starting out as a beauty channel. My hubs and I recently suffered a miscarriage and are currently TTC again. I cannot tell you how relatable this video was. I have become a little TTC obsessed – it truly is like learning another language.
    Sending all of my love and baby dust your way! Xoxoxo!

  4. I'm so excited & rooting for you on this journey.
    I'm watching this video & saw you responded to my comment from your recent Vlog. It just made me smile, I'm so excited for your videos & for your BFP!! lol
    I have that Ovia app but I just personally found myself symptom popping myself lol, "oh my breasts hurt is that because I could be pregnant, I'm so tired these past few days, am I pregnant??" I was driving myself nuts! My husband said I was in my own head, but I mean come on after trying for 10 years!! How can I not be lol.
    I'm just leaving it in Gods hands, but OF COURSE its hard & I hurt when my period comes. But then I thank him, saying "thank you God for my period, It shows me my body is working properly as it should". We are all different most definitely, but having a support system is so nice.
    I cant imagine what you're feeling, the fear of having another loss, BUT in Jesus name that will NOT happen. You will soon have a healthy baby, baby #3!
    So excited for that announcement. Have a beautiful day! I'll see ya on the next video…..
    Ok I'm lying I'll see ya on IG LOL.

  5. I love your videos when you post I don’t always get to see it right when you post but I do whatch your videos

  6. I love your videos when you post I don’t always get to see it right when you post but I do whatch your videos

  7. After my MC and ttc, got pregnant in 3 months. Now I have a healthy 5 week old boy. I definitely watched my caffeine intake, consumed 1tbs of maca powder a day in my smoothie and made my hubbs take it as well (it balances your hormones and makes you more fertile), and tried my best to stay stress free as possible.
    Good luck… sending you baby dust!!

  8. I use the easy @ home test as well! They work well for me. Wishing you luck on your ttc journey!! 💫

  9. Hello I’m sorry for
    Your lost and I had a miscarriage last month on June 14 I had a question when did u get ur normal period sorry just curious love watching your videos

  10. You said that if you didn’t test early, you wouldn’t know that you we’re pregnant and then you wouldn’t know that you had miscarriage, but also in one of your videos you said that because of your miscarriage you realized that you want third baby, so I think it was meant to be for you to know about that pregnancy…
    I am praying for you and hope you will get pregnant soon. I just had my third baby, and I absolutely love it. I wish same to you.

  11. On month 6 of TTC. Recently found out I'm not ovulating, so I've ordered Myo-Inositol as suggested by my OB. Excited to start them, and see if it's successful! Hugs and good vibes your way!

  12. Just curious but let’s say that for some reason you don’t conceive, would y’all be willing to adopt or try a surrogate?

  13. I love you girly. I’m so excited for this journey for you and I pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby. I have been using the clinical guard as well. I bought a hundred pack given my ttc history and irregular cycles but I’m bummed that now I don’t really trust them either. I’ve been using the AVA bracelet for awhile now. I don’t think it’s very accurate for me because I have PCOS and there is a disclaimer on there that mentions that but it is very insightful in how much rest/sleep I’m getting, how my stress level is and a few other things that just help me to stay in tune more with my body and sleep habits etc… Thank you for sharing your journey❣️😘

  14. Hang in there! TTC is so stressful. No advice, just virtual hugs. Chemical pregnancies are early miscarriages. Calling them chemical pregnancies doesn't make the loss less real. And I totally understand the fear moving forward. We had that with TTC #2 (due in October). I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and sending out lots of baby dust for you. <3

  15. We just started TTC for baby #3 this month. We have a boy, age 4 and a girl, age 3. Both were surprises (as if we don’t know where babies come from 🤷‍♀️). Excited to be prayerfully and purposefully trying for another baby. We waited awhile because the one year age difference was tough for us and we needed some time to breathe. 🙏🏻

  16. Month4 of TTC after being a surrogate 2x. My son is 9 years old and I’ve been wanting to be a mother again for years and years. I was (still am) single but now is the time. I realized I went through two pregnancies on my own and our home is stable, loving and I can manage just fine on my own. Love and partnership can come afterwards. Lots of baby dust your way!

  17. Preseed, preseed preseed! It's a fertility friendly lubricant. I got pregnant on my second cycle when using that product. I would HIGHLY recommend it! It has so many success stories and great reviews. You can get it on Amazon or a major box store like Walmart or Target.

  18. If u have a boy u will grow into being a great boy mom too! Don't be upset it takes time. Try it best to put it to the back of ur mind bc it causes stress which can cause problems ttc.

  19. Prayers your way! I know it’s very individual but I personally have gotten pregnant with my 5 kids, by having sex twice a day. I know it sounds exhausting but it’s worked for us. Every woman is different though, my only advice is to have a lot of sex, daily. Morning and night. Then prop your bottom up after sex to help the sperm reach the egg. I have very long and unpredictable cycles. Ovulation kits always seemed to show a positive and I just didn’t want to leave any stone unturned so to speak. So try to cover every day if you can. I also have had a chemical pregnancy, so I can understand your fears but part of God’s journey is for us to walk forward in faith and not fear. That has consoled me during hard times. This is all a part of our plan! So release your fears! Hoping for a healthy baby for you in your near future!!!

  20. Two book recommendations for you if you want to really dive into health and nutrition for fertility: Real Food for Mother and Baby by Nina Plank and Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, and Babies. They both have a solid section on fertility.

    One note from the EO book: stress increases cortisol in your body which inhibits production of progesterone which we need for conception. So, try to relax or at least manage your stress around this issue. 😊

    Praying for you! 💜

  21. You have to check out the NATURAL CYCLE APP. I had been using it for prevention and I now switched to TTC mode. It makes charting so simple I never even considered doing it until this app came out! Im almost positive we had a chemical pregnancy last month since I am never late but I had waited to test and 4 days after missed period started brown spotting and my temp dropped on my app my period started 2 days later. I used OVIA to conceive our last baby and it worked the second month which was the fastest I ever got pregnant so I highly recommend that! Baby dust and hope to be joining along side a pregnancy journey with you again as Ive done in the past! ❤️

  22. Baby dust (in the words of the TTC community) to you! TTC #2 and am 6 or 7 DPO today in cycle #6 of trying. I also good and lurk TTC boards looking for other people feeling what I’m feeling in certain days, even if the post is from 2012 I still find comfort in reading those. Next cycle (if there is a next cycle) I start my fertility injections for an IUI (I have ovulation issues, very short cycles sometimes and a low egg count, or AMH, for being 35). Best wishes to you! The TWW is the worst! With my daughter I got my BFP 9DPO (did trigger shot back then and tested it out of my system which took 6 days) so I always start testing then with the FRER then switch to my internet cheapies closer to AF. FX for you to get your BFP soon!

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