[Applause] what's up everybody welcome back to the channel it's Pranay as you can see I'm starting off my morning I've already applied my makeup and I am just going to brush my teeth with these I've already put my makeup on and I forgot I need to brush my teeth before I put my lip gloss on so needless to say I washed all my lip gloss off and I'm just gonna go ahead and reapply it because that's a hot mess next up baby is awake and I'm gonna just take him out of his swaddling when he wakes up he greets me with smiles every morning so he's come out of his swaddle and he sleeps in this every single night because like I said it helps stop his moral reflex so yeah if you haven't seen that video go check out my how to get your baby to sleep through the night video and we usually start the morning off with a morning feed Enzo likes to eat basically 24/7 that's why he's so fat but we're gonna start the morning off with the morning feed so I'm gonna go ahead and get him latched and he's gonna eat and eat and eat until he's satisfied I shall let him eat as long as he wants to and his feedings are probably about 10-15 minutes each whenever he decides to eat he also has started grasping things so he likes to play with my shirt and my hair and earrings and whatever else I may have so next up we're gonna change in those diaper because he likes to pee and poop during the night of course what baby doesn't so yeah I'm gonna go ahead and change his diaper but the reason why I didn't change it before I feed him is sometimes he likes to poop while he's eating and so I try to wait until he's got it all out and then I change him so before we get our diet our day started we're gonna get a nice diaper change in so we don't have a wet book okay now in those diapers change why he while he is playing I'm gonna go ahead and make myself some breakfast I usually like to start the day off with oatmeal it keeps my milk supply up and all of that good stuff so I usually just cook up our oatmeal for myself and for my hubby and I do like three tablespoons of sugar or agave and I top it with different fruits each time and I eat that every morning so yeah oatmeal definitely helps with your milk supply so if you're struggling with a low supply maybe try adding some oatmeal and bananas into your diet okay so once I've eaten my breakfast I like to stretch every morning it just really helps to set the tone for my day and my week I notice a lot that my body is cramped up when I'm holding him all the time and so I like to get a little bit of stretching in and just especially my upper back you guys I just try to do as much as I can when it comes to stretching so I'm gonna sit here and stretch and I like to lay him on my mat with me because he likes to look out the window sometimes I open the window and let him get some fresh air all that good stuff so yeah we have our little bonding time on the mat this is hubby's mat actually but I still it every morning and now it's time to get ready for the day so I'm gonna change in those clothes he's already been wiped out and when I changed his clothes and do his hair I use hot type jail for his hair it's actually an organic infant baby gel and it's for kids too so I'll make sure I'll link that below but we're gonna get him dressed in his little jumpsuit onesie jumper I don't know what you call these things and get ready to go all right so I'm gonna head out to my car and upon leaving the house I realized that it was a lot chillier than I thought so I ended up changing my clothes as well as Enzo's clothes so he has on sweatpants he does not have on the outfit that you just saw but it's okay I'm gonna lay him on the seat while I grab his travel system his stroller and all that and get it ready to go as you guys have seen before we use the Cybex Bali Oz M as a Mary system and it's amazing we love it we take it everywhere with us and so I'm gonna pull his car seat out it goes right on there and we're gonna a gig go in we always make sure to put the brake on these car seats it's funny the other day it went rolling down the hill and it scraped up the car seat and the shoulder a lot so now we definitely make sure we put the brake on every time because if baby would have been in that it would have been really bad thankfully we live in walking distance of a lot of restaurants so me and Enzo are about to hit to get some lunch and that is my morning routine and I hope that you guys enjoy it make sure you subscribe like comment and check out some of my other videos I'll see you guys in the next one you


  1. Hey there! How do you deal with leakage while not wearing a bra?!! I’m a nursing mom and hate wearing bras while at home but I’d be changing my shirt 20 times a day if I dont lol

  2. Long time subscriber but I've never commented. I just love watching you with Enzo. He's such a cute baby. Great morning routine

  3. I really enjoy your channel! Beautiful family, I’ve been a new subscriber for a few months now. I believe this is my first time commenting. But I won’t be a stranger!

  4. Awww….how wonderful to wake up to your adorably chunky, handsome baby. His smiling is just pure joy! That's a great stroller. I'm always surprised when I see moms with all the new stuff they have now that didn't exist when my sons were babies. Nice video😁

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