Moroccan Postpartum Rituals

let me take you on a journey the journey of the next sets aka then–this on the new mother in miracle we see her grave is open for 40 days because she is vulnerable in so many ways we use post parts and healing medicine so ancient sacred lies and feminine we welcome and honor her always a woman by her side ready to support her and provide letting her sleep rest and recover while she makes sure she has a cover she is supported and we removed the weights from her shoulder never let him/her to feel cold we nourish her we feed her and he beat her wealth healing her body and soul herbs warming spices hot drinks and soups in her Bowl we nurture her her mom is a relaxing steam bath colleagues hope for us to play an apple mint so lovingly washing massaging and steaming her with it her ceremonial trays prepared silver rose water can using a lot of love compassion and time is shared the dates eaten and her head covered from the cold all to protect her when she gets old filling her cup one drop at a time I'm just letting her shine we close her a traditional ritual dating back since war rapping her from head-to-toe him always London for more closing her bones body and pelvis using a courtesy of rapper to create business we celebrate her weight haven't we been doing that already we have but we have been taking it steady henna food thanks real laughter and tears lots of mutilating and Cheers that my sisters is the next that the new mother treated not like any other I am Laila beeper a Moroccan mother on a mission to revive the playing store undiscovered traditional Moroccan host parts and medicine I believe every new mother deserves that actually needs to be treated like a variety with coral in her eyes like a cream filled with pride not left to suffer right alone develop PPD and in the worst case commit suicide modernization colonization slowly wiping out traditions from our nation traditional cobblers and elders have been restoring this wisdom up to this generation so come my sister join me on this journey and let us change the world lets us be heard let us serve lets us form a tribe and change the international post parts environment when your mother at the time if you feel the calling during the journey on our new four-month online certification training the next project school based on traditional moroccan post parts and medicine more information at

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