Most pregnancies in CML patients resulted in normal childbirth: Analysis of 305 cases of the Eur…

good morning here is the disclosure of the relations I'll talk about the new aspect of the patients with chronic myeloid leukemia now leave normal lives due to targeted therapy and can even think about having children however this information is very scarce and the data about management of male patients during pregnancy are really needed and in order to define how this population lives how it is controlled and what are the outcomes of pregnancies male patients we started their study within European Leakey minute and sorry I'm trying to go to next slide but that's fantastic with the console birth it's beautiful I can talk without slides I'll just I think this fact that we know long enough right thank you so we have gathered the information about three hundred and five cases in the European leukemia netregistry regarding the pregnancy outcome in female patients with CML the purpose was to describe the pregnancy conception outcomes and the management of the disease in these patients focusing on the characteristics of patients at diagnosis and at pregnancy focusing on management of similar pregnancy pregnancy outcomes at heart distance of children and their follow healin registry was designed as an observational study we invited the eland centers and participants from other countries to register together all retrospective and prospective pieces of brennan's in cement patients we started since February 2014 and it's in that time we gathered the data of three hundred and five cases in two hundred and thirty forty male female patients from 13 countries worldwide the countries were represented not only by European countries but also countries from Asia we gathered also cases from Argentina and USA very briefly the results of the research were as follows most of the pregnancies in cement patients and it's in labor labor was the most treatment outcome so the this women and gave him those two children who then one fill of more than 2/3 of the pregnancies though diagnosed um pregnant during treatment through the 71% of pain of pregnancies you're at conception with the educator admit at conceiving this woman's doctor case immediately after pregnancy confirmation and also there is a category of patients who were diagnosed with similar during pregnancy their proportion is rather high 25% of patients major or deep molecular response which is not the goal for cement patients was only in 44 percents of pregnancy cases with the normal eternal status that means that not all the patients achieved good and stable room issues while they were pregnant therefore a variety of treatment options was used during pregnancy including interferon or inverting upon a lieutenant at late pregnancy stage however the rate of the birth of neurologists was very low 1:07 percent and we didn't observe no any severe all the threatened abnormalities in both children they are follow-up was uneventful and now the immediate term of vision for this children is nearly 5 years so a normal child dose is possible for Samara female patients we found no increased rate of abnormality even when tickers those stopped immediately after presence a normal situation for the abnormalities with imagine upon a little abuse at late pregnancy although this data are still needed there is also for conception pregnancy the study of this population may be variable for the development the CML treatment schemes considering their variety of disease status and therapy options because we do not have their recommendations for severe patients during pregnancy so far thank you for your attention well thank you very much for addressing this important topic in patients that live long now with CML there any questions from the press please your abstract you write that most of the pregnancies that's 77% ended in labor so what happened to the 23% did not end in labor the other outcomes the induced abortion miscarriage and four to percents we have known the data of the outcome so their most frequent alt combos labor and it means that this women wanted to keep their presence I wanted to prolong it in spite of the risks that concern be present while they were targeted therapy however any blast crisis observed accelerated disease in faces being pregnant and not taking tyrosine kinase inhibitors they will no blast crisis during pregnancy they will five death between all this population of more than 200 patients after the child was after some period of treatment and in fact four of this were treated inadequately and they will not comply to terribly so the compliance to therapy of the young women is another problem which we had to deal with in this population

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