44 Replies to “Mother cow clearly asks man to rescue her newborn calf”

  1. Should have pet the calf in front of mommy to see her reaction….then winked and pulled out an erection while looking down…. Licking your lips….this is all for study purposes by the way….then you needed to… nevermind

  2. I have more feelings for animals than I have for humans. As the saying goes " the more I learn about my fellow man the more I think about buying a dog" humans are evil , am i wrong or just mentally, swinnnng

  3. More and more I see Every animal is Sacred and deserves respect and not to be eaten

  4. I have always know cows and other animals are no different than people. . Why can't we agree to treat them better!

  5. Cute for sure.
    New born calves almost always seek out shelter from predators. Almost always in longer grass, if there is any available. Calving paddocks should be conventionally fenced, as they have no concept of electrical fences at that age and they just go straight through them anyway, often getting tangled in them and getting zapped for more time than is necessary or good.
    Also calves are pretty dumb, so its not a good idea to have a drowning hazard in a calving paddock.
    Mums are pretty smart, and often tell you they need your help. Either by looking at you and then somewhere else, or their attitude, or by mooing in a certain way.
    Our cows get a fantastic quality of life, shade, shelter, sun, plenty of tucker, keep their calves on them for 7 months, live for 10 years or so and then get turned into hamburgers. If you need to produce beef, then that's the best sort of life for a cow to live.

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