Mother Hunted Down Potential Father for 20 Years (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Good morning, Your Honor. This is a case of
Jackson V Figgures.
Thank you, Ron.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Miss Jackson, you say
Mr. Figgures was
a smooth-talking Casanova who
swept you off your feet and out of your clothes
and then left you with a baby. Yes, Your Honor. You claim Mr. Figgures
disappeared 20 years ago, and now you want to prove that
he is definitely your son Daneil’s biological father. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Figgures, you admit to
being a former ladies man. But you say, there’s
no way you fathered
Ms. Jackson’s child. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. So Ms. Jackson, I need you to take me back
to how you met. How did this all… Okay. …start? I had a baby at 16. I couldn’t take care of her. So, my family
actually told me, “Go… “You know, better yourself.
Go to Job Corps.
Do what you need to do.” And… I look for… Love in all the wrong places. I met him like on a… Maybe a Friday
or Saturday night. And when I say,
when I saw him, with the long, curly black
hair, he was just so… I was, yeah, I was stunned. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Yes I was, I was very… He was gorgeous. He was… Mr. Figgures? Yes. It sounds like love
at first sight. It was infatuation. I was
never in love with him. You weren’t? No. So, it was just
infatuation, okay. Okay, as good as
you used to say it. Then who
else were you infatuated with? Let’s keep it real now. So, the bottom line.
You all did have
a sexual relationship? Right? We did. So, Mr. Figgures, you
acknowledge that, right? Yes Ma’am. You did. And did you
use protection. Were you guys
using protection at that time? Well, no, ma’am. Not…not using protection? We didn’t, we didn’t. No. All right. And so… I definitely know it
wasn’t just me. So… I def… Oh, you do? You say you definitely
know it wasn’t… I definitely know that. How? Tell me. We used to have these
little things, it was called
“the green grass.” Right. We could go out
and pick a spot. And get to know each other,
you know, personally. So, that’s what
we did one night. And at that time you know,
when you’re young, sometimes
people change their names and have these, you know,
call yourself little
nicknames or whatever, right. So at that time… JACKSON: Majestic. That was me, you see,
she remember. So, I had another friend,
also, his name was… JACKSON: Mustafa. She got a good memory. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) So… This testimony is going
real well, isn’t it, Ron? So… Okay. At least we know they’re
on the same page. Okay. Well hid. So, getting into
the moment, uh… JUDGE LAKE: The moment? Yeah. She calls my name
twice, third time
she calls his name. (EVERYONE EXCLAIMS) And I admit I didn’t
stop cause we were
in the middle of having… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) But… But… He’s lying… But… He is so lying. But…really? And to the day she’ll
say she don’t remember that. Do you remember
that part? JACKSON: No. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) You know why she
don’t remember it? Cause she was in
my world. That’s
what she said. What you trying to say? That’s what she said. Whatever. Whatever. So, you’re saying,
when that happened,
you thought to yourself, “Oh, maybe she’s with
the other guy too.” That’s a possibility,
I mean she called
his name. All right, when you
find out you’re pregnant… Yeah. Do you let
Mr. Figgures know? Th… When I found out, I thought I had a stomach
virus or something. So when I went
to the infirmary. You know, what I’m saying,
they gave me a pregnancy test. I’m stunned. I’m
actually in shock. I didn’t have my family. So, I’m really trying to… But she also had another guy that
she was dealing with
at the same time. Why are you coming
to me suddenly? Dealing with? Where?
Hold on a minute. Dealing…dealing with. Dealing with… He wasn’t even there… Dealing with… Let her testify,
let her testify. Dealing with someone,
meaning he had my back don’t mean
we having sex. Come on. It didn’t come to… But the person that he’s
talking about, he even went
to him and told him, “You know, she’s
carrying my baby.” FIGGURES: See what I’m saying? Mr. Figgures, so
you admitted that… That I went to the guy
and told him that? That’s what she testified. No. Did you admit to that? No, no. I didn’t go to him
and tell him that. “You know she’s
carrying my baby.” No, I went to him… Because when he…
Later on that day… He came to me and… I said to him was,
“Do you know “that this is what
she’s saying?” He said, “Yeah.”
But at the same time, they supposed to be
dealing with each other. Then he comes back and says,
that he’s going to take care
of the child or you know… So, how can you say,
how do I know that it’s not his
or is mine or I don’t know.
It’s like she’s just
putting it on somebody. JACKSON: Your Honor,
this man… Till this day, is still in the picture. In my life. We didn’t have sex.
It’s just… He’s in… We’re all
in Job Corps and he know,
like I’m pregnant. Oh, that is good. And that he’s… Can I say this, ma’am? Mr. Casanova, I wanna give Mr. Figgures
a chance to respond. From my perspective
of things… You have this friend
in your life or
whatever, that’s good. But at the same time when
you tell everybody that you’re
dealing with this person, here it is a week later,
you having sex with me again. But you got a boyfriend. So… You don’t remember that? Look… Dealing with him,
Your Honor, is totally different from
sexing this man. Come on, you was having
sex with him. When I was going through… Your Honor. Your Honor. And having sex with me. Right or wrong? Wrong. Put it like this, if this man
because I can get in
contact with him at any time. If he knew that this
was his child… Why would I be doing
this after 20 years? You know what I’m saying? Then maybe… If you look at my son
and look at this man is no way in God’s
green Earth that anybody could ever
think that this other man is his. Come on. JACKSON: I know. DANEIL: Sound like he
runnin’ to me. The only reason
I’m here is because
I want him to find out. And if I was so much of
a runner, why am I here now? I mean, come on.
I didn’t have to come. (APPLAUSE) You know what
Mr. Figgures, you didn’t. That’s… He should know. I wanna ask Daneil,
how was it growing
up without a dad and having to watch your mother,
help your mother
try to find the man she believes is your father. How has this
affected you, young man? It was… I mean
we had hard times. Rough time,
we’ve been through
thick and thin. And she always
told me don’t run
from your problems, so… I don’t run from my
problem. I’ll stick with
her through thick and thin. (APPLAUSE) So… He needs to know. And that’s the reason
why I’m here. Your Honor, I have,
I have other children. And their dad
come into their life. They come and they
take them places.
They go here, they go there,
you know what
I’m saying? And it’s always been
me and him. He don’t have nobody. I’m all he has and
he is all I have. What if I die tomorrow? You know what
I’m saying?
Where’s he gonna go? My other kids
can go somewhere. Where’s he gonna go? And that’s been eating me
for 20 years that I have this man. I have… I mean,
I got you in the
palm of my hand. Like I got your Social
Security Number. Why is it taking
the State of Georgia 20 years to even get
to swab his mouth? Hey, that wasn’t my fault. I mean I’m not blaming him. DANEIL: He never had
initiative in doing anything. Like I said, if I didn’t know
how to get in touch with
you, how can I? There are so many
social media networks, you can find anybody here. I’m not, I’m not,
I’m not a social… Then that’s you. (BOTH ARGUING TOGETHER) You’re not sounding
like a man, right now. You’re not sounding
like a man right now. You’re not
sounding like a man. Yes, you can find
anything with a name. Okay, well look… Mr. Figgures, are you
suggesting that you did not
know Ms. Jackson’s last name? I did not. And you didn’t even know
your own potential son’s name? I did not. I knew nothing. I knew nothing.
If away… Sometime the truth may
sound like that to you… Okay. …if you’re confused. You not sounding
like a man. You sound like
a person without a name. Listen, Mr. Figgures… You know, you have a,
a young man standing there and you know, he has tears in his eyes and he says
it doesn’t matter to him. JACKSON: It does. And the truth is… It hurt because
my mother. That’s only
reason it’s hurting me. And that means it matters. Because when you’ve spent that much time
loving your mother and the commitment you
all have had to one
another like you say… Through thick and through
thin and up and down. You know, I believe you
sometimes when you say, well, it doesn’t even matter
to me because the truth is, you haven’t
even had it to be taken
away from you. Meaning… All right. You’ve never experienced
having a father. JACKSON: No. So all you know is
growing up without one. You can imagine
what it would be like. You can watch your
brothers, your sisters… DANEIL: My friends. Your friends. Do they fall in line…
All my friends have… My closest friend,
his dad died. But he’s seen his dad. My other friends, they
all know their daddy. They all having these… …things with their father. I just go home. But to be honest… I ain’t got time
to deal with this. Stop talking! JUDGE LAKE: You have a right to have that relationship. I don’t want that right. In due time. I know. In due time. My mind’s already
set. I’m done. I know. Your Honor, can
I give you this? What is that? This is just the
baby book that… Listen, babe… You don’t have
to decide today. But I want you to know
that you do have it. DANEIL: I’m sorry,
Your Honor.
I been like this. I thought… We don’t… We don’t talk about
this at all in my house.
That’s why. I don’t talk about it.
I don’t think about it. And that’s it. The only person I really
see as my father because
he’s been there is my youngest brother’s
father because I have
memories with him. Other than that… I don’t really care. JUDGE LAKE: Listen, baby. You swept it under the rug because that’s all you
could do to survive. To move on. To be strong. To be there for your mother. I understand. I understand. This is not easy. And it is completely
unfair to you. You didn’t do
anything to cause it. You did not deserve it. You deserve much
better than this. It’s a blessing in
disguise I mean, cause it made me and
my Mama even more closer. That’s my best friend. That’s all that matters. Really, that’s all
that matters to me. Me and my Mama
are here. That’s
all that matter. If I got her, I’m straight. But I want him to
know his father. This hurts where… It’s always for
20 years been
us, like, I have dreams of him
coming to my house. Or we… You know
what am saying.
Like we meeting up, or, them having a
connection the way… I never had my father. I never had my father. This hurts. And yeah, he’s gonna
put that mask on. But I want him to
be able to take
that mask off and be able to be on Facebook like,
“What’s up Dad?” Or perhaps post
pictures of
them together like… Oh, my God… I’m not in the
best of health. I understand. I need for this… I need this. You handed me this book. And I want you to
tell me what it is. Oh, man. Come on. Look at that boy. It’s a side-by-side
picture. (SOBBING) Really? Of Daneil on the left and Mr. Figgures
on the right. JACKSON: Wow. Wow. And tell me what
else is in this book. My, uh, his other
siblings. Just him… The first day he was born. JUDGE LAKE: So these are
all monumental moments
in Daneil’s life. Things that his
father has missed. JACKSON: Graduation. All of that stuff
is on Facebook. Him walking
across that stage and getting that diploma. I did it myself. I made… Ma made it. (APPLAUSE) JUDGE LAKE: Yes, you did. JACKSON: He don’t
got no children. He ain’t never
been arrested. And come fall… My baby going
to college. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) JUDGE LAKE: And so… You brought this book here
today for Mr. Figgures because these are the things
and the moments he’s missed. (JACKSON EXHALES) JUDGE LAKE: Ron, can you
hand that to Mr. Figgures? JACKSON: You got to start… Mr. Figgures,
I can see you
now. And I see… I see emotion
in your eyes and I appreciate that. I mean, I have other kids and, and I respect and understand what’s
been going on over here. And, I… He should know. And I… I don’t want
to take that from him. Especially any longer.
It has been awhile. And like I said, I’m not
running from it cause
I didn’t have to be here. Right. Thank you for being here. Well, it has been 20 years… And we have the results
you’ve been waiting for. Ron. Your Honor. Thank you. These results were
prepared by DNA
Diagnostics. And they read as follows. In the case ofJackson, Jacksonv. Figgures.When it comes to
20-year-old Daneil… And that’s it. It has been determined
by this court, Mr. Figgures, you… …are not the father. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Oh, my God. 20 years, huh? For this. I hope you find that. ‘Cause everybody should know
who their people are. My dad wasn’t there
for me either. So I’m sorry
for you, man. I really hope you
do find out who
your father is. JACKSON: It’s fine. I have to ask you. Respectfully, do you know… …who? I mean
for 20 years… I feel like… Yeah. But he’s been
there all along. (LAUGHS) My God. Does he have any clue that he is Daneil’s
biological father? No. This is… This is one of the
biggest shockers ever. I… I… I do not know the results. JACKSON: Oh, my God. I don’t know what they are. But I did not see
this coming, Ron. So this child’s father
has been in his life almost his whole life
and he didn’t know it
was his father? It’s not “almost.”
His whole life. He’s been there. So he good. Daneil… Babe, I wanna, I wanna
know how you feel. Is this, is this
surreal for you? Is it almost unbelievable? I mean… The other guy being here.
So it make more sense. I’d feel more better if
it was him cause like, he’s been there. So… That makes more sense. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Mr. Figgures,
I will give you this… You’re right, after 20 years, you really did not
have to come today. And a lot of men would not. I commend you for doing that.
For just showing up. We have counseling
available for you. We want you to
take advantage of it. This is not easy news… I wish you all the best
of luck. Court is adjourned.

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