Mothers can soon anonymously surrender newborn in 'Baby Box' at Benton Fire Dept

Bittan is one step closer to installing the very first safe-haven baby box in Arkansas mothers can anonymously surrender their newborn child at the fire department with zero consequences THV Elevens melissa zigu it shows us why the city hopes this will help save lives Marta Lissa Benton City Council voted last week to install the box at the central fire station tonight a fundraiser was held at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church to help cover the cost of the program I don't want any child to ever be abandoned harmonica Kelsey the safe haven baby box program is personal it goes back to my early beginnings of you know me being abandoned two hours after my birth mom gave birth and you know getting to know her it really set me on a course Kelsey founded the program six years ago in the first box was installed in Indiana in 2016 we've only been around for three years and we've had 58 women come through our program and now Arkansas is about to be added to that list well I hope the box is never used but I also hope that there's no abandoned babies I hope women will trust us and call us this box will save a baby's life it's not a matter of if it's win Loyd cambrie with Knights of Columbus says the box will likely be up and running at the central fire station within the next few weeks we'd like to raise around ten thousand dollars and that allows for the purchase the installation and maintenance the safe-haven box has no cameras and once the mother or father places the baby in the box an alarm goes off inside the fire station so far two men come to pick the baby up EMS is called in they checked the baby out and then it goes through the normal processes for adoption cambrie says the average time a baby stays inside the box is less than two and a half minutes Indiana placed they have seven boxes in place today since 2016 zero babies have been found dead abandoned this is an option for any mother that feels that you know that she can't care for her child but we want her to know that there are much better options out there for her under the safe haven law the child cannot be more than 30 days old when dropped off if you are someone you if you are you know is in need of this program we have a link to the hotline for the safe-haven baby box program on our website THV

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