15 Replies to “Mothers Matter: why so many black women are dying from childbirth”

  1. Racism in the medical field??.Complete bs
    I've been in the field since 1995..The medical field is now made up of more blacks and other minorities than whites..
    This is the craziest thing I've ever heard..
    Why are the black babies dying??
    Because the mother's are not healthy..

  2. so happy they were able to capture those moments so the boys can see there mom. this is heart breaking story

  3. 10:08 Now Dr. Sujatha you know that is not what is being discussed!!! Stop with the benign neglect/playing dumb!!! Sterotypes/bigotry/racism/generalizations have nothing to do with your genetic medical training!!!

  4. And the hospital told me that it wasn’t a malpractice, I almost died and they didn’t think the doctor did anything wrong, my heart goes out to all this family’s that lost someone do to something so simple as having a baby , i had a bad feeling about this doctor and I don’t know why I stay with her , I regret until this day because now I suffer from depression and I can’t have more baby’s.

  5. I know exactly how this people feels because i when trough the same thing and I’m Mexican and 10 days later after i had the baby i started shacking very bad and fever and that’s when I started bleeding and lost 7 pints of blood and i had emergency to take out my uterus because the doctor left me placenta tissue and i almost died and all because of negligence from the dr , she has her clinic at San Antonio tx her name is vanaja Ketherady , if you seeing a doctor that you don’t feel like she is treating you right move to another doctor.

  6. Women need to make a check list of things that need to happen when the moment comes! Get to know who is on call ,and the nurse and doctors at the emergency rooms! For the Expected mother's! Check out how they treat patients! Watch them work! Go up and ask quick questions! Not to annoy them! Or make yourself known – build a bond! To off set the problems! But know who sees you and who couldn't care less! And know THATS WHO WILL ASSIST TO YOUR CARE!

    Do the same if you have to travel outside of your comforts! Once where ever you travel – hit the hospital, check in with your doctor to give the the heads up that they give those doctors and medical assistance your care! Offset the problem that they need to make you their priority, too!

  7. Here's another solution. Skip the hospital altogether. Give birth at home under the care of a midwife and with the support of a doula.

    Make sure you prepare your body by eating whole, organic foods, taking herbs, doing gentle exercise (like yoga and walking) and do research to prevent preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and any other high-risk factors that will lead to a hospital. In short, live as naturally as possible.

    It is evident that they are trying to kill us. Let's not give them any further satisfaction in doing so and avoid them.

  8. That Dr. Sujatha was completely dismissive and applied the exact opposite logic that was needed to get the point. She completely missed it. We're not asking doctors to not pay attention to risk factors for the black community, we're asking them to take our complaints seriously when they are brought up instead of being dismissive like she was in this video. How many stats is it going to take for people to stop making the "well, I don't do it so it doesn't exist" argument? It's tired. And as a practicing doctor I would've thought she would've had the wherewithal to get the point that this is an issue deeply rooted in prejudice, racism, and negative stereotypes.

  9. whoever put this together needs schooling. You LITERALLY keep posting the same words on the screen why is it only black women, black women have a higher death rate.. we got it from the bloody video title gees!!!! new editor please. and this is not so much false but just negligence. The indian doctor is right! you see an obese person your going to take more precautions .. anyway its sad

  10. I thought it was all women because of cost alone of the medical system.

    Even in Canada Medical system is horrible, seems you need stand guard to be sure family members not being neglected and still die.

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