Moving From Loss to Baby Joy

(slow music) – A couple years ago my
husband and I were very elated to find out that I was expecting. Unfortunately, they realized that there was an infection in my body. So, my OB said, “You know, we need to go
ahead and save Mom now.” And we had to deliver early. So that day in particular was
exactly the five-month mark. You never imagine it, but
here we were, you know, three days later we’re burying our child. And talked to both Doctor
Diaz and Doctor Weiss and they said, “You know, we
can try for another pregnancy.” So about nine months later
I was pregnant again. (slow music) At that point we really
put our trust and faith in the physicians and we
prayed a lot along the way. And whenever we reached the
five-month mark with Cayson, that was a huge milestone. Two weeks later, though,
after that five-month mark he was at risk of being born early. And so it was a real reality
that we could lose him too. So, the physicians both agreed, “Hey, you know, we need to send Emily, “and she needs to have a surgery “first thing in the morning.” And thankfully it got me some more time to where I was able to
maintain the pregnancy. So really at that point the goal was if we could
make it to 24 weeks that was a milestone. And then to make it to 28 week. And I remember when I went
in to my 30-week appointment, (baby’s heartbeat pulsing) it was just unreal that
I had made it that far. And Doctor Weiss told me, he said, “You know, this is amazing that
we’re even seeing 30 weeks, “you know, on the screen.” (bright music) So the day that we went
in and Cayson was born was just huge. That was a big day for us. Because there was so
much struggle and concern the entire pregnancy. You know, at first we didn’t even know if he was gonna survive either. So imagine holding your breath,
you know, for nine months, and just hoping and praying
that your child’s gonna make it. So the day he was born was unreal. To be holding this child, you
really realize in that moment what a miracle this child really is. The day Cayson was born was amazing. He’s our gift, for sure.

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