Moxibustion for Breech in Pregnancy

Hi I’m Emilie Salomons, Doctor of Traditional
Chinese Medicine who focuses in fertility and pregnancy today I’m gonna show you how to do
moxi for breach in pregnancy what I’ve got here is a moxi stick
it’s actually made out of mugwort that’s been charcoaled so it doesn’t have a
strong smell so just here on the outside corner we’re going to heat the pinky toe and what we want you to feel a warmth basically as warm as you can go without
burning but you actually want to feel the
heat, what I’m gonna get you to do is have either a family member, your
partner or a friend do this at home for you, you’re gonna heat the pinky toe, just like I am now for 15 minutes on each pinky toe twice a day, so that can be morning when
you get up and then right before bed, you’re gonna do
this for seven days and then you go to your
OB or your midwife and have them check you and see
where the baby’s position is if the baby is head down then you can
stop if the baby hasn’t turned head down, you
can actually repeat this for another full week, some women will
feel once we start that there’s a lot of movement with the baby, usually what will happen is at night that’s when the baby will turn,
so it doesn’t always happen immediately but what this does is it just stimulates
the body and actually draws the head of the baby downwards so it’s not going to make the baby do
flips over and over again it’s just getting the baby to get into
the proper position which is head down

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  1. Breech pregnancy can be scary stuff. Find out how Traditional Chinese Medicine turns it around.

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  2. I'm a Chinese, I alway do moxibustion at home for casual health care sometimes for cure a disease. I'm pregnant now, if I my baby is breech, I will definitely do the same thing which the video dose. By the way, whether it works or not, it completely depends on the quality of the stick. The raw material (dried wormwood)should be stored over 3 years.

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