MP Sharon Hodgson: Stillborn Babies Deserve to Be Registered and Acknowledged | This Morning

you said that standing up there and sharing the Saru was the toughest thing you've ever had to do so why now what made you want to do this now and we set up the baby lofts all party group two three years ago and after the new intake of MPs in the 2015 Parliament two of which were able a lot quicker than ours to be able to stand up and talk about this and you know say that you know the time was now we had to get something done so that to be that took place in 2015 by Antoinette's and back and air will quints hidden my office I just couldn't even be in the chamber so after you know and then the amazin came March the storyline in Coronation Street last year was exactly my story exactly the point around you know having a stillborn baby but just been the wrong side of that twenty four weeks and then finding out you know Tia horror that when you're going through this awful trauma holding this baby in your arms and come to terms with the fact that you know the the baby didn't survive to take the first breath then you but your whole you know in a little baby girl with a little hat on and all of that but then you're not gonna officially they're not they and it was written on my notes as a miscarriage and then I was told I wouldn't have a birth certificate or a death certificate and but the chaplain said I could have a funeral so this dichotomy and these awful emotions I can have a funeral for a baby that is classed as a miscarriage and officially it just seemed so wrong so then when Tim Loughton and was bringing forward his private member's bill with you know stuff on civil partnerships and having women on mothers names on marriage certificates which you can't even believe is still not the case and then there was also two measures with regard to stillborn babies one the pre 24 week registration in the other one full term in quests for coroner's reports by babies who were born stillborn full-term to have that looked into you know do you saw that as your opera and I thought I've got to you know we you save off-the-scale tough it was it was you know the hardest thing ever and I thought you know after all these years surely I can now stand up and talk about it but it's so raw still whenever you've got it I suppose it's reliving it you know cuz I wanted to sort of express the emotions that from the time but people and we don't know what to say if we know somebody who's lost a baby if we've lost a baby ourselves we don't have to talk about it we can't find the words I mean you said that people would almost avoid you at the time because rather than face it and what do you say to somebody it's still one of those to be subjects and I think I sort of try and make myself you know give myself some forgiveness but not having spoken about it sooner because I don't think maybe the time was right when I was first elected 13 years ago and I felt that things had moved on now that we could talk about it you know in in public life and you're right holy people when I first when I first happened you know other moms from the baby and toddler groups and from the antenatal clinics had seen them cross the street ahead of me in the village and run into shops to avoid avoid me and I thought you don't know a pariah I've had this terrible tragedy but it's more painful when people try to avoid you because they don't want to have to talk you think yeah better because you said that the time was right this time and I don't think you can make a speech like that unless the time is in your head in your life is absolutely right and the time was right to do that but do you think we're better as a whole of discussing it I mean we're discussing it here you brave enough to come back on and talk about it would those women still avoid you in the street in 2008 why do you think I would I would hope they wouldn't but um you know some of the the sort of outpouring I've had by emails and on social media and you know I'm encouraging people to sort of you know he was just happy to talk about it because I think we do need to talk about it and there are so many examples of women going through this and there's there's a girl called Kaylee that I know if you're in touch with them right now she is 18 weeks pregnant that's right and she's carrying a baby that that's not not alive and so she is waiting holding onto that baby to go past that 24 week mark so that she can have a death certificate yeah I mean that for your for your mind for your own health and well-being yeah I could prefer a change in the law I can't understand why anybody would put someone through what is already a horrific situation even more pain yeah and poor Kaylee she's got three children already so this would be a fourth child the child won't survive outside of the womb so you know the moment she gives birth it you know that the lady little baby will will die so but she's decided she's going to carry that baby for six more weeks in order for her life for her to exist officially and you know can't I can't even begin to imagine how that feels so where are we now because Holly just said it's for that for a change in the law for the for the invention of a new certificate of some sort that fits that horrible gap how hard can it be well it's passed through second reading on Friday which was great and the government allowed it to go through – committee stage way they're fine-tuning you know if the law and the wording you know it's going to be drafted just so but you know there's very clever people in Parliament you know all the lawyers and roughs you know law drafts the law they can work on all of that and then hopefully it will go off to the House of Lords and then it can become law what about food for yourself I mean will it be retrospective I'm not sure dad yeah I imagine not and I don't know at which stage whether there'll be a cut-off point that they'll decide upon so this is all busy getting discussed now so you know if any of your viewers out they think that this is the right thing to do I would encourage them to write to their MP any other MP and see that they support this change in the law you

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