10 Replies to “MPs set to debate abortion reform”

  1. God has already passed judgement on abortion……it’s called MURDER. REPENT OR PERISH, Luke 13:3 KJB.

  2. Euthanasia and mass abortions is what you will find in a country like Communist China where human life is no longer valued. Conservatives stand up and be counted for once.

  3. Where is the Catholic church on this issue? I hear nothing. There is no leadership from the Church on these issues anymore. Which also explains why they are losing so many followers.

  4. Have any conservative legislators got the balls to stand up against the woman’s choice narrative versus fighting for the lives of those who cannot fight for themselves?

  5. So you can kill babies in Australia,
    but not violent serial Rapists, Murders or Treasonous people who are actively destroying the country

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