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  1. Absolutely LOVE this! We recently did a mock music video and wrapped that pushing a person out of your vagina made you more badass than a gangster! FACT. Love how you are openly talking about this subject x

  2. I don't know what to think bout this… those cup cakes look so good but then there a va jay jay? Is it wrong to want to eat one?? HAHAHAHA

  3. I don't even have children but it's impossible to watch that video without doing your pelvic floor exercises whilst watching! haha! 🙂

  4. There are so many things you can do to help with prolapse in addition to the standard kegels we do standing or sitting. www.FindOutProlapse.com

  5. why is it every time someone mentions pelvic floor in this vlog I clench? I must watch this vlog every time I need to do my pelvic floor. hee, hee! 😉 xxx

  6. I did pelvic floor exercises the whole way through this video 😂 It really should be spoken about more and hopefully this video will give women the confidence to do just that!

  7. i actually didnt know your vagina was affected if youd had a c section (i had an emergancy c section) is it too late to start two years after birth? im doing some as i type 😂 xx

  8. Great video girls!! I have the worst bladder problems after giving birth to Harry.. no matter how many kegals I do! Apparently its hereditary and I've been advised I might not be able to give birth naturally next time as my bladder may try to come out with it!! Eeeeew!!

  9. Literally the top thin I wish I was told is pelvic floor exercises totally matter. I had an assisted birth the first time and then a manual removal of the placenta  the second, pelvic floor is very important here!!

  10. Anyone else try doing their Pelvic Floor exercises whilst watching this?! I have noticed tampons are no longer comfortable after 2 c-section births, anyone else?

  11. Loved this video! So true. Ps. You ladies looked to be enjoying those vagina cupcakes far too much haha! Xx

  12. Such a great video! I was in a bit a of a state after Harry (27 hour labour back to back, attempted manual turn and 3 ventouse attemps followed by emergency c section!) But at no point afterwards did the midwives tell me the aftermath I was about to face – especially after going through all of that!

  13. Totally loved this. Us women definitely need to speak about this more often! P.S – I need a vagina cupcake in my life 🙂

  14. This definitely needs to be talked about more! I got the fright of my life when I saw 'down there' after giving birth!! Thanks for the keegal reminder, I did mine watching this 😂

  15. Loved this!! I had my baby 12 weeks ago with help from good ole forceps – so I have definitely had the feeling of everything falling out – but because of a third degree tear I have only just been able to start with pelvic floor exercises! Deciding on a frequent time and place to do them is such a good idea…like at traffic lights!! I haven't dared look at the undercarriage yet though — not sure when I will brave that!!?!!! :/ 🙂

  16. Thank you so much for this! I'm 20 weeks pregnant and have been worrying about this. All people say is 'do your kegels!' But Ive felt clueless! It's great to have a bit more of an idea!

  17. I didn't know about some of these things so thank you for this! I also had no idea what to expect 'down there' after giving birth. I had some drama with loose stitches as well (OUCH!!!!) but also had no idea what was normal. Great vid ladies 🙂

  18. This so needs to be talked about more, I have a week old baby and went to my 5 day check saying 'I think that everything is falling out' luckily it's all fine just healing. But really wasn't aware at what to expect!! Well done ladies 👍🏻

  19. Yes!! love this!! I went on a trampolining session with Harry and trickled so bad! I wear panty liners every day now but I will try these tips thanku xoxox

  20. Well done ladies for approaching this subject. No one told me how much it would sting having a pee, after childbirth. I did tear a little and haemorrhaged bad. 💖👍🏼

  21. I bled heavily for 16 weeks (then light for a further 3 months) after having my baby, when I went for my PP check up, the nurse asked me why I'd bothered going as it had been too long but it was my GP who had told me to wait until the bleeding had stopped. I have some damage from my catheter from my c-section which I still feel now.

    Loved this video, thanks girls! 😊

  22. It sounds soooo naive but no one told me about pelvic floor exercises until I was 4 days from my due date! Then after birth I really struggled to do them as I was so sore. I relate to Jess with the whole sneezing and laughing accidents! 🙈 xxx

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