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  1. 小学生の頃にgunz nanmin 2006っていう動画を見てこの曲の存在を知りました

  2. Qué canción más bella!, estoy empezando a escuchar ésta música, he crecido escuchando reguetón… Pero me encanta!

  3. Почему каждый второй русский коммент – цитата из Масяни?

  4. Until yesterday, I just knew Supermassive Black hole, Knights of Cydonia (because of Twilight and Guitar Hero lol) and Dead inside (don't remember from where). Anyway, I was looking for something to make me fall in love with music in general again, cause it's been so hard to really enjoy a song lately, and I asked for recommendations of fb, then a distant friend recommended me to listen to Muse in general, and I wish I could kiss her! Many people recommended me nice stuff, but Muse's songs are indescribable! I love hysteria, uprising, dark side, starlight, feeling good, resistance and maaaany others, but I thiiiiink this is my favorite one. Jesus, the beginning, the bass intro, the guitar, really a piece of art. Genuine, good and old rock and roll! 💙💙💙💙

  5. The intro is a magical lullaby that immediately hooks you, then BAM, guitars in classic muse style to shake it up. I love pretty much all Muse songs, but this one is exceptionally fun. You never know quite where a Muse song will take you till it's done; perfect example.

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