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  1. @bozolaclope
    Don't be so condescending, he probably lives in the states were fuck all people know about them. Screw your head on and think before you post.

  2. Hey, just thought you would like to take part in youtubes first major MUSE opinion poll.

    feel free to take part and spread the word!

    peace out


  3. Listen to basically anything on Showbiz, Origin of Symmetry or Absolution…not many pop songs there. BHAR though? Still a good album 😛

  4. the tab i have is not a full tab it was written by may bass teacher i havent used it in a wile so if i find it i will send it or can it,

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  6. I'm not denying the guys a great singer, but he sounds WAY too much like Thom Yorke, and that only serves to put Muse under Radiohead's shadow, in my opinion.

    Where are the baratones?

  7. People always say, "So and so is the best this and that in the world, blah blah and etc." The enjoyment of music is subjective to a large degree, so obviously you can't all appreciate the same talent. For that reason, it's retarded to argue about which musicians are the best with people you already know don't agree with you. By the way, I love Muse. 🙂

  8. Matt Bellamy the best singer in the world? He is very good, but not the best. Have you ever heard Demetrio Stratos' voice skills?

  9. i have never heard of Mr Belomy, but if he is anywhere near as talented as Matt Bellamy then you are an idiot.

  10. i disagree. he's good enough at guitar cause its obviously working for him. his voice is pretty good too.

  11. This video is from Le Zenith, Paris in September 2001, for people who have asked.
    You can get see this and many other Muse songs from the gig on the Hullabloo DVD. 🙂

  12. Ok…no one has a problem with the fact that this dude sounds EXACTLY like Thom Yorke? I mean EXACTLY.

  13. look thats my taste u dont like it live with it ok and i dont care wot u think so go back to your hell hole sh** face

  14. ur an idiot, how can you even compare those 2 bands, mcr is the worst band ever and suck even more live.

  15. i know he's an athiest buts its not about what he belives, my belive is that if there is a god… it him!

  16. i wish everyone would stop comparing muse to radiohead. the biggest similarity they have is that they're both british bands. apart from that their styles are completely different.

  17. Moreover, the piano melody at the end before he kicks in to the other riff is stolen from Chopin's Etude in C Minor, Op. 10, No. 12 "Revolutionary." Even more hilarious, the chorus melody of Muse's "Stockholm Syndrome" is stolen from a melody found in this composition from Chopin.

  18. LOL. Clowns. Thom Yorke and the rest of Radiohead are in their own field. They eventually became an original sound, something Muse lacks. Don't get me wrong, Muse is talented, especially the singer; the guy can sing!!! But he obviously stoled or as critics say, " was "influence," b y Radiohead. A lot of the techniques he uses with his voiceare found in different vocal melodies of Radiohead.

  19. wait…radiohead doesn't cut it lyrically? have you listened to any of there music? thom yorke is one of the most intelligent lyricists in the past decade

  20. yeah I agree to a degree, they are a great instrumental band, one of the best Ive ever heard, but lyrically they don't cut it… not necessarily vocally, but neither does radiohead that much, you want a real lyrical band go to blue october.. Accept muse for what they are , intense music to blow out your ear drums..

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