hey guys welcome back to my channel today I'm here to share with you guys all of my pregnancy essentials I'm into my third trimester now and I feel like I pretty much know all the products that you guys need to get through pregnancy in the most enjoyable calm relaxed way all these products are just gonna really help you just like make your life better during pregnancy sometimes it can be hard it can be painful you can be sick and obviously there's a lot of great times too but these products will just make your life a little bit a little bit better during pregnancy and these are some things that I've really relied on that I'm excited to share with you guys I've been getting so many questions to share all of my essentials things you need for those of you that are newly pregnant or if you've had any before or just whatever anything like that I thought this would be interesting even if you're not pregnant I always like watching random videos like this too so let's go ahead and get started so right when you find out you're pregnant or if you are trying to get pregnant it's really important to start taking prenatal vitamins I wish I had known about these right when I got pregnant it would have saved me it would have helped with my morning sickness these are the garden of life vitamin Code raw prenatal so you can get them on Amazon you can also find them at health food stores they are raw whole food multivitamin nutritional support for mom and baby so it has everything that you guys need you in the baby and it also really helps with morning sickness they're very easy pills to like swallow but they're not very big their normal size pills you take 3 a day they're always like going on sale you can find better prices online and stuff so I really recommend the Garden of Life prenatal vitamins I wish that I wouldn't have even started taking something else like I think I mentioned in my first trimester recap the prenatal vitamins that I was taking at first were making my morning sickness like even worse and I was just feeling terrible in one day I even cried having to take them coz they were that bad that I wish I would have just bought these ones right from the get-go so right away in my first trimester I started getting just really thirsty and it's actually like a common symptom like you just crave water and you want to just completely be hydrated and always drinking water so I really really fell in love with the Eddy cups the vlog family knows all about my Yeti obsession my lemon water obsessions so it really just started because I was just I was just always thirsty and always wanted water and that's just been the case throughout my whole pregnancy I just lemon water it's been my one like main craving that I've had this whole pregnancy it just just so refreshing and like like sour and tart and like I want some right now but I wanted to show you guys this cup so this is the big one I think it's like the 32 ounce one you can buy these online I'll have a link for it in the description box along with everything else or you can buy them just like you know like at sporting goods stores or I don't know where else you could buy them but we have three and I absolutely love them I usually fill this up you know a couple times a day I'll drink regular water out of it but the reason I love the yetis in particular is because obviously they keep your ice like frozen and they keep your water cold for I think it's like something crazy like 24 hours or whatever and there are a lot of cups that do that so to me now that's not like that big of a deal the reason why I love this one is because it's got the big mouth so you can fit ice in there real easy you can pour your lemon juice into there really easy like it's very easy to get your liquids in and out of this thing it's really easy to clean these are the new ones are now just washer safe so that makes my life ten times easier and I also love the lid because you can close it and open it on the new ones and they're just great so if you're around the house or you can take this in the car with you if it's in a cup holder or anything these are like to say we're pregnant or not they're a lifesaver so in the beginning of my pregnancy I was really having fatigue I was really tired all the time and I just wanted to be home a lot and just be comfortable and now that I'm farther on into my second in my third trimester he starts to get bigger and you just want to be comfortable all the time so I have a couple lounge wear clothing items to share with you guys that are just so nice and so relaxing if you're sick or you're in pain or you're uncomfortable whatever these are just gonna make life so much better so first of all you guys got to get the barefoot dreams robe this robe is an essential and I got this robe actually way before I was pregnant like I got this robe I think over a year ago now and I absolutely love it so it's called barefoot dreams you can get it at Nordstrom I have it in the size one yeah size one it comes in like three sizes one two and three it is the best rope ever and I don't know why it is so good but it's big its fluffy it's cozy it's easy to wash it and dry it has pockets so sometimes I'll keep little things in my pockets like a little snack or my little Yeti can go in my pocket or my phone or whatever like the pockets are so nice a lot of times I'll just wake up put this on and wear this like most the day at home because it's just so comfortable or after a long day I want to come home and just put this robe on summer spring winter fall it doesn't matter this is like the most comfortable cozy relaxing robe did I call it a rug I hope I didn't pregnancy brain it's real but it's a robe so anyways I have the gray one I love it and you guys have to get it pregnant or not but it's such an essential and I have a lot of robes I have a big robe collection but this is my go to this is my everyday like just lounging row but it doesn't need to look cute or anything I also highly recommend getting a pair of slippers whatever ones you get are fine but I really love these ugg ones I showed these and my women's gift bag this year for Christmas I bought them for myself and I love them I love that it has a nice bottom so if I have to like open the front door for the UPS man or something or take Colby out real quick like it's no big deal for me to step on the porch and these or like go up and down the step so like the basement or something where it's like slippery or just anything like that like it's nice that this has like the traction underneath and they're just really cozy and they're warm and they're comfortable too and I also I don't know if this is a myth but I have heard that like wearing shoes and wearing like tennis shoes are snug shoes is a really good way to prevent your feet from swelling or getting larger during pregnancy luckily knock on wood I haven't had that issue at all but I've also really made sure to always have shoes on so like that all the time but you know if I'm at home and it's comfortable for me if you like having slippers on I have slippers on they also keep my feet really really warm and that's why I love them but yeah that's just a little tip that I did here is to just always make sure you're wearing like ten shoes or like form-fitting shoes and that's what I've done I haven't had actually any swelling that could be just because I've been pregnant during the fall and winter when it's cold they're like it's like negative three today it's super cold so I don't know how anyone could be swollen right now but that is just a little tip that I've heard okay so let's stick with clothes I want to share with you guys some of my favorite comfortable clothes that have really helped me on through pregnancy I am gonna do a pregnancy lookbook on how to dress Q and how to style the bump and stuff like that for o days when you want to dress up a little bit more I've got a couple really good things I'm gonna say for that video but I did what I mentioned some loungewear items in this video because they are like heaven sent and they're amazing and you need them so first thing you need basically as soon as you've you're pregnant your boobs are gonna get a lot bigger and then bigger and bigger and bigger and it's like they never stop growing so I had to get new bras right away and I actually read when I got pregnant I didn't feel like spending money on it yet so I just went to Target I showed these and I got a couple of these like really just like almost like sleep bras and so these are great they're affordable I'll try and link them for you guys down below I just sized up a couple sizes and they have picked me really nice throughout pregnancy I wear them to bed sometimes or just around the house so this is a great affordable option and really love those and then I needed something that I could actually wear like during the day like a little bit that's something that has a little bit more structure and a little bit more support to it so I would to a pee in the pod and I asked like you know the sales associate there what she recommended so she actually recommended these two bras and she said this one would become my absolute favorite and I had to get it even though I felt like for myself I want this one but I listened to her recommendation and I bought both she was wrong I like this one a lot better but I have this one so I thought I would mention it to you guys I got them in black and nude so this is the black version and it's just she said it's like a nice sleeping bra and it is but for me this one is not worth the price well I will link it so you guys know which one not to get I just think it's not that comfortable it's not worth the price it's not a nursing bra so I can't wear it after either at least not right away so I don't know it's kind of stupid the one that I do like is this one and I love this bra I have two of them I have the nude one on today and then I have the black one here to share with you guys and this is what I wear every day I just rewash them and wear them re-washed even wear them because they are so so nice that the only things that I wear so this is what they look like it's gonna be kind of hard to tell but I again I'll link it so basically this is a nursing bra so it does have the clip where you can clip it down once the baby's here if you're gonna be nursing and it also has really nice adjustable straps it has lots of different options in the back so you can grow into it there's no underwire it's very stretchy but it does have just a little bit of padding which is just kind of nice I just I don't know I just like that so it has a little bit of padding it is removable you can take it out you can add more in do whatever you want and they're just really nice supportive super super comfortable I've also slept in these a million times and normally I don't actually sleep in a bra but throughout pregnancy it's just it's been a little bit more comfortable sometimes so anyway so these are just the ones that I really recommend and you will thank me later next up are some pants and I didn't get into these until recently and I am so mad because I wish I would have had these throughout my entire pregnancy so you know in the first trimester you don't you're not really showing like you just wear your normal clothes I wore my normal leggings and normal pants and everything like that second trimester the beginning of it you're still not really that big like you can wear your normal stuff towards the middle towards the end you start getting a little bit bigger and you feel like you that's what you really start to need like okay I can't wear my regular stuff anymore I need a maternity clothes and especially now third trimester or like freaking huge and you you need something comfortable but maternity clothes it's just it's really hit or miss so I do have some favorites like I said I'll share with you guys in my next video but I also wanted something that I could wear after and just something that I knew the brand-new will have like what I liked from them so actually my sister-in-law recommended these pants from Lululemon she's not pregnant but she just likes that when I was like maybe if I size up I I would like them too so I googled and actually it's a very common pant that pregnancy are like women that are pregnant wear so it's the align pant from Lululemon I have the really pretty purple I have the black I also have the Navy and they are the best they are just a really thin smooth material but they're completely like opaque you cannot see anything through them they smooth out any lumps or bumps that you don't want showing they go over your bump really easy or you can roll them down and wear them under really easy they just feel like the best most comfortable pants ever and I wish I would've known about these sooner so this is kind of what they look like they're just very plain you can get them in different lengths in different colors and then this great thing about these is because they're stretchy you can wear them you know throughout your pregnancy while your belly is different sizes and you can wear them after – and it's just they are awesome so I would recommend sizing up one size from your normal size I didn't know what to do so I sized up two sizes and mine are too big on me I wear them everyday still and I love them but I know I'm not gonna be able to wear them for too long afterwards just because even pregnant third trimester they are pretty loose so like normally I'm a size four Lululemon actually just gotten a size six but I got a size eight and they are just they're basically falling off me but they are so comfortable I don't care and I love them I wear them everyday the black ones I wear all the time and then the purple and the blue are just so cute and different and so comfortable normally like normally when I wear leggings after a long day I'm like oh I need to get these tight leggings off you're like sucking me everywhere and squeezing me and they're just too tight you need to get them off I could sleep in these like they are so comfortable but they're still slimming and chic and pretty and nice so biee a-line pant let's get into some beauty products that have really helped me throughout pregnancy so I've actually had a lot of questions from you guys to give you some recommendations on products I did do my skincare routine it was a previous video from last week so I'll link that up here and also down below this was my winter morning routine if you want to see my complete skincare routine but these are like really good products for like the body and stuff so stretch marks luckily I've been very fortunate that I haven't gotten any stretch marks it's not something that runs in my family and I do know that you like a hereditary thing but not always and it's really good to still prevent them obviously there's nothing wrong if you do get them but it's always just nice to try and prevent them if you can so I did a lot of research and I found that rosehip oil is a great way to prevent stretch marks and also to heal them and just keep your skin really moisturized so this is 100% pure organic cold-pressed rosehip oil the brand is called rada and actually on the back of the bottle here it says it contains essential fatty acids that help rejuvenate the skin to naturally tone reduce wrinkles heal scarring and improve the moisture level so it's just a really really great moisturizing product I put this all over my belly and like my sides and a little bit on my back but hips like kind of in this whole area I put it on and I just like layer it on I spend a long time like in the morning in the night I'll take a couple minutes and really just like work it into my skin I think the baby likes it too like when you're rubbing your belly and you're touching them they love that so I just like really love doing this and it's actually super moisturizing it is so dry here my skin has been really really dry of my belly has not been it helps with the itchiness as well if you're from stretching I think your belly can get gee this helps with that a lot too so I do this all over like the stretching areas and then my legs my arms you know areas that I still want to put moisture on but I don't want to use that cuz that's kind of like I don't know expensive I like to just say that just for this area I'll just use like my normal body lotion so whatever body lotion that you love personally I love of ASO this beautifying but beautifying body moisturizer is my favorite I probably have about one more use on this before it's completely empty but it's just so nice all over hydrating natural moisturizer for your body a big side effect of pregnancy actually has been really dry lips for me just dryness in general but really dry lips dry nose and everything I was trying like every lip balm imaginable I was trying to just drink as much water as possible I was trying like make sure I had peptides and all that stuff like I was just trying everything to make my lips not so dry and nothing was helping and I it's a common like side-effect of pregnancy so this is the one thing that helped and I hope this will help some of you guys that are having the same problem it's the Sarah HAP lips lip and it's just a really really hydrating amazing lip balm that will heal all your problems Michael and I are obsessed with this he only wears it at night because it's like super hydrating and like it's like shiny but I wear all day every day I wear in the morning at night I just love it I can't get enough it's a little pot so I I don't like getting my nails in there so I'll just take like my knuckle put it in and then put it on my lips and rub it on when you wake up in the morning your lips are actually like healed they are so nice this has been the only thing that's helped my chapped lips so the Sarah half lips lip you guys gotta get it is so good she has a lip scrub too that I use here and there but the lip balm really is what's been like the best game-changer and my hands always get dry this time of year anyways but especially now during pregnancy and I really want to just keep my skin hydrated the Codel e hand cream yeah hand in nail cream wow this is like such a good hand cream and actually need to put some on right now first of all I love the packaging I don't know why but I love that it looks like metal kind of I I'm just weird and I really love the package of this but it's super hydrating and nice on your hand so I keep this in the lip balm by my bed stand at night and like when I bothe use it and we love it so if you have dry winter trapped lips or hands get your hands on both of these another thing that has helped me that I'm gonna grab real quick is this so I bought this pretty early on I think look at the end of my first trimester I was just having a lot of allergy issues which I always do my allergies are just they're not actually allergies they're just I just have a really bad nose issue that nothing besides like surgery is gonna fix and I just really haven't wanted to do that so it's just something I live with but I have heard that while you're pregnant like different things can change about your body so like if you have bad allergies they can get really good during pregnancy your nose and your allergies can be amazing and you don't have any issues or they can get like 20 times worse so might have gotten 20 times worse and this humidifier it has really helped it's also common to get like nosebleeds during pregnancy and it's just my nose has just been so dry and yeah I'm bleeding and just not fun so this I had this by my bed every night this just helps put moisture back into the air this is different from a diffuser this is just reporting moisture in the air and the diffuser is just kind of for putting the oil and the scent into the air so do totally different things I've got me some questions about that but this humidifier is by pure enrichment I think I got a at Target and it's so nice you guys will love it I have watched a lot of pregnancy essentials video and I think something that is in every single person's video is a pregnancy pillow and they up are really awesome and it's something that you're definitely gonna want to have throughout pregnancy I got mine on Amazon I've shown it before it's just a really big nice pillow it's like this so your belly kind of goes right there in that hole and you just lay with it like this I personally did not use it to actually sleep within the first and second trimesters but it was really nice to like lounge with at night like if you're watching TV or reading a book or on your phone in bed it kind of keeps you propped up same thing I put it on my couch when I was really having bad sickness throughout the whole day and it'll just kind of kept like he just gives you a lot of support it was really nice I did not really like it at night time I just felt heavy in the bed but now that I'm in the third trimester your stomach and your belly just gets so big and heavy that you need the support while you're sleeping as well so I've actually been using this a lot during the night time as well so basically it's just something that if you get it in the beginning of pregnancy you're gonna use it the entire time for different reasons and it's just it's a huge pillow but it comes with me everywhere if we ever go anywhere like travel somewhere and we drive we burn this because it just helps me a lot at night is when I get really uncomfortable and you just want to anything that's gonna help you fall asleep a little bit easier is really nice so I have this and I also have this boppy thing boppy is the brand a little wedge I think I got this also on Amazon but you can get liked by my baby and stuff too it's just like thin here and it goes up this really helps to support your belly like if you're laying on your side your belly kind of falls onto it and it supports it or you could put it kind of behind your neck if you're leaning back or on your back or sometimes if I'm using this pillow I'll want something to kind of prop my arm up I don't know why just like feels more comfortable so I've used this pillow a lot too and this one I think was like 15 bucks it was really affordable so this one I've actually liked better than that that I have both and use both this one is awesome super easy for travel too and it just you get a lot of back pain and just things get heavy and uncomfortable and the nice pillows like this really help this one's like super firm too with that pain I have started using some heating pads here and there so I was having like just like I said like back pain shoulder pain and just rained random pains and my doctor told me that I was perfectly safe and okay to use a heating pad you can't really take much medicine or anything like that so it's like just to get some relief sometimes for some of the pain helps so I just got this heating pad Michael got it for me I don't know where he got it I think probably target he got it Sunbeam Express hot and I just put it on warm I don't I can't go up too high it just gets way too hot for me and it just makes me like who kind of get like jittery I don't know why it's really weird a side effect but just to have it on the warmth actually just it helps a lot with the pain and I also have this one which is common handy a lot to this came in my fabfitfun box so you could put this in the microwave if you want to have heat maybe like for a shoulder pain or back pain or something but you can also put this in the freezer which is really nice if you get headaches headaches are really common during pregnancy and you can't really take much medicine to help with them at least I haven't taken any medicine so sometimes a cold pack on your forehead or the back of your neck or back your head helps so definitely get one of these last thing is some pregnancy tea and there are a lot of things that can help if you get nauseous or if you have sickness if you're really that sick like I have really sick and thing really help that much but like crackers or ginger ale stuff like that helped me a lot in the beginning when I was really really sick and now I really have been liking tea a lot too obviously caffeine free I do have a cup of coffee in the morning but I try to keep my caffeine and take pretty low so I like caffeine free tea and I have this pregnancy tea where is it from traditional medicinal this is really nice to have kind of at night to relax I have I try to make my nighttime routine as relaxing as possible because that's when I start to get very uncomfortable um so if I'm really relaxed it can kind of help my body like loosen up and just fall asleep a little bit so having some warm tea is really nice with my pack and my little pregnancy pillow but the humidifier going my hand cream my lip balm on all of it together helps me relax that night um I also have it's not in here but there's like a ginger one that's really good for nausea there's any kind of ginger like pregnancy tea is really good and then there's one like fruit I forget what it is I have it downstairs that useful are you're supposed to drink like right before you go into labor like to try and do slaver I don't know if it really works but I have that and I've been getting a lot of questions about this recently so I thought I would include it this is just a little tea organizer it's a clear acrylic so I'll link this in the description box it's super handy and it's pretty to have this sitting out on your kitchen counter and it reminds me to drink the pregnancy teen so those are my major main essentials I hope you guys enjoyed this video of course there's bunch of books you can read apps you can download different things you can do that's all gonna just depend on you though so I hope you guys enjoyed this video give it the thumbs up if you liked it and you are excited for my how-to look cute and dressed cute during pregnancy that'll be my next video and I'll talk to you guys next time bye


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  13. To relive headache better Is to get a warm wet wash cloth n place it on your head n lay facing the ceiling n have someone squeeze between your thumb and pointing finger on both hands it works wonders especially for migraines

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