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  1. that was really beautiful and inspirational thank you I love your videos so much. I never comment on videos but I just wanted you to know that i believe your talks help alot with my own health journey

  2. Hi Rachel he r u
    U look beautiful ever since I started watching u
    I love u n ur videos
    But plz can u help me
    Like wen shud we start working out bcz u r breastfeeding n adjusting with new born so
    after birth which month u shud start working out
    I live in india so plz help me

  3. You and your content are so authentic, motivating, and uplifting especially for a mom who is now ten months postpartum and has dealt with so much since giving birth September 2015 that you wouldn't believe how I survived….literally…….but I have to acknowledged you (whether you see this soon or never) and your videos for helping to keep me uplifted to push forward….so from the bottom of my heart, I humbly Thank you Thank you 😊

  4. You are a very lovely, sweet person. Truly inspirational. Beautiful family. Motherhood definently suits you.

  5. Hi Rachel, I know this comment won't apply any more since this video was made a while back and Oliver is bigger now, but for exercise what I thought of was just going for a walk with Oliver in a stroller. That will get both of you out in the fresh air and will give you your seven minutes of exercise. Anyway, that is not why I am on this video . I am here looking for information about weight and fitness. I have been watching some of your other videos on food and exercise, because I know you do videos on those, but I was wondering if you might be willing to do a video on weight maintenance. I am curious if you count calories. I know if a person wants to lose they should eat less calories, right, and if they want to gain, they should eat more calories. I guess I was just wondering or am trying to find videos on your channel that might help me in this area. Anyway, thanks for sharing your life and videos with us, and thank you for letting me share as well in this comment. Christine 🙂

  6. You talk pretty fast 😂😂 i love the whole video it's very helpful for me because my body shape looks like yours 🚶🏽i watch your videos when i want to be relaxed 🙅🏽✨✨ you're so amazing

  7. Love this video! I haven't given birth yet but I want to use one of those belly wraps as soon as I deliver…what brand of belly shaper did you use? Thanks 🙂

  8. Rachel, you are a inspiration to me. A simple and classy mommy. I look at you mommy morning routine for inspiration in morning when getting ready for work and on weekends. I felt ever since you move to you new home i love to see your clean and fresh video and your home. It jus givea me that energy that i want that! I wan to be like them. I am a mother myself too and i must say you give me that strength that i too can do it and i must do well too! Thank you for your videos! Pls keep that simple and positive lifestyle and attitude going. You inspire alot of us!

  9. I don't think i want children and one of the reasons is the body change. I've been going through so many emotional struggles because of my body and now that i'm finally getting the body i wanted it scares me the thought of ruining it again over a pregnancy. Each to their own but that for me alone is enough reason lol. (among some other reasons). But I admire women like you that still workout and take care of themselves even though they had a baby.

  10. I think its cool you're taking bee pollen and panacea. I dont remember anything about it but my grandpa used to take pollen. I thought it was good when I was 8 maybe. It was different but cool when it crumbled. I just asked my mom about them both. I remember my grandpa having something like the panacea but don't know if it was the same thing. It looks the same though. It smells really good. I dont know if I ate any or not. I think he might have used it on his skin. Not quite sure. I like the texture of it tough. I think I might look into these. 😊

  11. Had long time away from youtube, but watching this video just remind me how much I love to check into people's personal experiences it's so interesting. I too have issues with coffee, I get tooooo energetic, lol, you should definetly try out black tea made out of orange peels or skin or however you want to  call it. Smells and taste really good. Keep it up, loved the video.

  12. To be a strong and stable individual. That definitely stuck to me and it's something I am so searching for in my life. Thank you for your videos. You have a beautiful family. 😊

  13. I love how she's so optimistic about herself and her body after her baby. I been so sensitive, with low self esteem, when it comes to my body. I still fit into some of my old clothing and back to pre baby weight, but I got that loose skin pouch still. And certain clothing makes it more visible 🙁
    Not to mention I got an umbilical hernia from giving birth to my daughter, who is now almost a year and half old, so it makes me even more self cautious. I don't care about the stretch marks. I just cry when I see my little pouch, and that umbilical hernia. Can't wear bikinis or tight fitting clothing. 😩

  14. I just watched this whole video!! Rachael just inspired me. Thank you!!! U r such a beautiful person inside and out.

  15. Love you and your videos! I was chanting "yes, yes yes" when you spoke about doing what's best for your body, thinking about being healthy as a priority so you can be healthy and give your best to your family. You look great and I love your value system! 

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