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  1. Hey guys. I just want to say that this happened many, many years ago while I was at a very dark place in my life. I have come a very long way and I’ve overcome a lot of struggles I was facing during this time. Please, I beg you to learn from my mistake.

    If you’re going through hard times right now and feel like aborting your baby is the best or possibly the ONLY choice you have, please rethink your decision. Every life is valuable! No matter how awful your situation is, it won’t last forever. I declare that in the name of Jesus!

    If you need someone to talk to please feel free to message me on Instagram @teeshaa__. I will always respond to you guys ❤️

    Ps. If you’re going to be negative or put someone else down in the comments with your opinion, please don’t bother to comment at all. That goes for both PRO LIFE and PRO CHOICE commenters. Let’s show each other our stance while still being respectful. Thanks guys 💕

  2. I got pregnant at 16. My aunt found out by her son that was the father of the baby. All I remember is my mom walking down the ally pissed. She walk in and said ur having a abortion. I had no choice. That hurt me and I tried to hurt myself. She put me in a stress center. I drawn a picture of what I saw during the procedure. It wa awful my mom never once consoled me.

  3. So sad that it looks like this in a lot of countries, that you can have an abortion without giving a reason. I'm glad I'm living in Poland.

  4. I'm actually experiencing now what u experienced and it sucks coz I have broken family and a toxic one. much worse because I live in a country where abortion is illegal. 🙂 also 16yrs. old and idk what to do.

  5. I could potentially be pregnant but I’m too young to have a child and it would ruin my relationship with my partner and I love him so much and can’t lose him.
    I really don’t know what to do or where to go but I can’t have this child because it’s going to ruin my life.
    Where do I go, I don’t know what to do, I really need help.
    Can anyone give me advice? Please, I’m in a bad place right now.

  6. I got pregnant at 22, 5 months into a new relationship and a week after I had quit my job.

    Motherhood seemed impossible.
    For the first two months of pregnancy I thought my life was over but I was willing to risk everything for this new life I was responsible for creating.

    Our first baby girl is 3 now, her little sister is 15 months and their brother is due in August!
    Creating a family is the best thing we have ever done!

  7. Pass the word around the whole world please Also men are to bame for the sperm give the women that's why abortions bette not give them sperm to women but they like to feel feel good not give them sperm to women no no no!!!! Abortion no no!!!!!

  8. Also men are to blame for the sperm give the women that's why abortions bette not give them sperm to women but they like to feel feel good taste in each other inside in them abortion no no no!!!!!! abortion )pass the word around the whole world please!!!!

  9. It’s so sad how the guy convinced you to get an abortion. They claim it’s the woman’s choice but frequently it’s the men who want women to get abortions so that he won’t have to be responsible. Abortion is not empowering. It only happens when women are scared and desperate. I wish we could help women instead of blindly offering abortions.

  10. I'm very sorry you had to go through that. I think no woman should have to. It's a good thing you are strong.

  11. I'm pro-choice, but I love how kind the pro-life person seemed to be with you. I dislike how she de-routed you from your appointment, yet so incredibly thankful she didn't scream in your face and that she took you to the doctor.

  12. Your story made me cry, while I cannot relate in a personal level I can see how sincerely hurt you were by making that decision and it’s heartbreaking. I’m hoping you find healing and are able to completely forgive yourself because God already has. God bless you sister💕

  13. I'm really glad that you're a different person now and a believer. I'm so sorry that you had to go through that 🙁 Everything happens for a reason.

    Although I've never had an abortion or even had sex, I still hated God back when I was younger and I was a horrible hateful person not only to other people, but myself as well.

    Thankfully by God's grace, I repented and I am now a believer. I do believe that everything that has happened, no matter how horrible — is all for a reason.

    My priest once said that God never hated you no matter what you did. He is never disappointed — instead, He has hope. ❤

    ❤ God bless you.

    "Do not ever succumb to the insane thought that God has abandoned you. God knows exactly how much one can endure and, according to that, measures the sufferings and pains of everyone."

  14. People are so quick to judge but no matter what all the options are going to be hard.
    Its just a matter of which hardship you prefer to live with.
    Keeping the child when your not mentally and financially stable will be hard because the child will not get the love and support they need.
    Abortion is hard because you will have to live with the psychological effects of knowing you chose to remove the fetus. Adoption is hard because its a struggle to give up ur child.

    The best thing is to practice abstinence, if not ensure that your birth control method is very effective.

  15. I was 18 years old when it happened to me to but I didn’t know how long far along I was I have been to two different places one place said that I was 25 they can not do it then the 2 places told me that I’m pass 25 weeks so I cry ed every night and during the day and they put me on birth control pills I would even taken them as much here aften So every time February would come I still cry and my boyfriend told me the same thing then once I did it he told me at last minute he want to keep it so February 19 /14 🥺😢😭 I was 5 months going on 6 months 🙏🏼👼

  16. I feel the only right situation to have an abortion is if you were extremely young and were not in the right state to have a child or if the pregnancy is dangerous for the mother and may kill her

    It is not okay to get pregnant and simply say I don’t want a child right now at least consider putting the baby up for adoption even though the foster system may not be the best at least they are living

  17. 16 I'm sorry I would tell you you're keeping that fucking kid I don't care what you say learn how to not spread your legs and not have a baby at age 16 a lot of Mexican girls do it why shouldn't she fuck that I'm 28 and I had my first one without a mommy or a daddy to go with me for help

  18. Pro-life help USA
    Pregnant & in need of help? Know someone who is?
    Help get the pregnancy or post-abortive support you need by calling our hotline now at 1-800-366-7773 or contact us online. All calls are completely confidential.

  19. Fetal development
    At the moment of creation, when the sperm and egg meet, the embryo has 46 unique chromosomes that will distinguish all the intricate details about that person. At day 22, the fetus’ heart will begin to beat. By week 6 the fetus’ brain is developing into complex parts. At week 7the fetus has begun to form every essential organ, while details such as hair follicles, eyelids, and taste buds have also begun to form.

    The American Pregnancy Association states that at week 8 “everything that is present in an adult human is now present in the small embryo.” How astounding is that? At just 8 weeks every single organ and detail present in an adult human being is present in this tiny fetus..

  20. SMH, Did you at least confess ?? God could forgive you. Go to church every saturday or sunday, so god could forgive you or ur going to hell. AT least take my advice!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I’m pregnant currently and due in July, I found out late term and abortion wasn’t an option in my state at the point I was at. I’m 23 but it wasn’t planned, it’s very scary but I always support pro-choice.
    I believe every story is different and while I’m grateful for my son, I think had I been still within the time frame to abort I might have. I’m in a rough spot in my life and unprepared but everything happens for a reason and I’m now excited to be a mother.
    I appreciate stories like this though, it’s hard and raw and I think it should be a more open topic. I saw you’re a mother now and I’m happy for you, thank you for sharing and I’m wishing you the best!

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