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  1. I remember being younger working for Starbucks I ran a night shift. One of the girls on my shift had an abortion, against her families wishes. What bothered me the most is that my boss wouldn't allow me to let her stay home. She came to work and could barely walk. I let her sit at a table and she just cried. She had to show some paperwork to my boss, and it mentioned she had shingles in the past. My boss fired her for not divulging that info at hire. But to be honest I doubt that girl would have known to mention it. I just remember thinking that was disgusting treatment of a human during the hardest time of her life. Nothing I said mattered though, I was not well liked by my boss either.

    I later list my first baby to miscarriage and thought of that girl. It's a horribly lonely experience to birth death.

  2. She said, "they're just a cluster of cells" which is not true once it has a heartbeat it's a baby! Just because Society has made it okay for abortion and wants to hide the fact that it is actually taking a life, doesn't mean that you have the right to kill the baby. You do not have the right to take someone's life just because you want to sleep around! This makes me very upset because these people don't want to take responsibility for their actions!

  3. Never feel shame for having an abortion. Never it's your body your choice. You aren't attached to that idiot anymore. Move on with your life. Have a baby when you are ready. When you are married, in a stable loving relationship, financially ready, and have a home. Abortion isn't shamefull.

  4. She said at the end "And life goes on…" Ahh but for her baby it doesn't. Because she decided to murder the baby.

  5. just don't have sex its not that hard, if you're not ready for the consequences, don't do it!! You killed someone I just don't get how that's right like wth!

  6. It's not easy I just came back from am abortion room myself…. Painfull… And I feel sad ALOT…. And I pray God forgive me…

    No one need to be condemned or insulted, we all have issues

  7. Congratulations you just now killed your own flesh and blood because of your irresponsibility. I pray you never get pregnant again or become a mother because that child would be your next victim. A child is not a burden but a blessing. You can do everything you want even with a child. I work i travel i do everything i want and im a mother. Everyone that says a child is hard to handle well you are wrong. Its the most natural and brave and amazing and the MOST IMPORTANT thing you will ever do in your life. Nothing can even compare it. You irresponsible immature people should just keep your genitals inside your pants ok. SMH.

  8. I am so sorry you went through this experience. The fact that you are so openly sharing what you went through tells me that you are an incredible woman who has gone through some tough times. You are so brave. Putting yourself in this vulnerable position where you end up opening yourself to the world takes a lot of courage. We could always benefit from courageous women like you.
    I am personally prolife. Do I agree with what you chose to do? No. Do I hate you and think you're a terrible person because of what you chose to do? No, and for the most part, none of the prolifers that I know and work with think that either. Being prolife means we care about all lives, and that includes yours. I saw in one of the comments below that someone mentioned Rachel's Vineyard. That is a good place to go to. Its a beautiful place/retreat centre where you can find healing and openly forgive yourself (if you feel you need to) for what happened. Another place you can look into online is the Silent No More Awareness Campaign Canada. You are not alone. On this website, women are able to share stories of their experiences like how you shared yours here. One story I find so moving on that website is from Angelina Steenstra, the founder of Silent No More.
    I know this video was posted a while ago but I thought it was important for me to still share this with you. There are some people in my life who have had abortions and it wasn't until a few years later that they began regret their abortion and wanted to find healing.
    If you feel you are at this point, checking out Silent No More Awareness Campaign and Rachel's Vineyard will go a long way. You have so much value and worth, don't think any less of yourself. 💗

  9. girl first of all you are so beautiful and brave to share this. its always unfair how girls need to deal with this shit every single time and boys just 🤷‍♂️. I hope you are okay and goodluck in the future with the real one 😊❤️

  10. If you weren’t ready to have a kid then you should have used pills AND A CONDOM you knew that the pill isn’t 100% safe and you k ew that you were not ready…abortion IS NOT A FORM OF BIRTH CONTROL

  11. So many hipocrits in this world…you love to be judgemental, but not loving or forgiving. Which one of you is PERFECT? Not a single one of you. You have NO clue what this girls heart is like. You judge her because she didn't do what YOU THINK she should have done. It's no one's business, but her own. It's between God & her, no one else. I am pro life….but I also know it's not my place to force my beliefs on others.
    You young lady are brave and kind…..you chose to share your experience so that others who are afraid might feel less confused and frightened. When you are ready, I hope your future is bright, happy & full of little ones to love.

  12. I could never imagine killing my baby… everyone is a cluster of cells and every life starts with a cluster of cells either way u ended a life…u should have ended ur own if u couldn’t handle it or have safe sex u were 19 old enough to know better…u should have ur cluster of cells ended ….u kept a picture of cluster of cells lol ur retarded and I feel bad for ur poor baby someone would have loved it since u didnt

  13. 19 years old is not that young. Especially not that young to have children or to start a family. This is some reason phenomenon where we treat legal adult (18+ and early 20s) like their these little children that need to be coddled. My grandmother was 16 when she was married and became pregnancy with her 1st child (out of 7 children lol) they then immigrated to the US practically dirt poor with 4 children. My grandparents were happily married for 60 years btw. Life was tough but life is kinda like that. Unplanned things happen and having children makes you hustle and fight like you’ve never caught before. Abortion is flat out selfish. You put your needs above another human beings to the point of murdering your child. Ans in your own words you wanted to do things like “go to Europe with your boyfriend” you literally sacrificed your child for you own convenience and temporary pleasure. It really is the ultimate grotesque and selfish thing a human being can do And I think you know deep Down what you did was wrong and I can tell it brings you sadness and shame.

  14. So you and your boyfriend actually communicate about it. That's more responsible than most couples. I wish he asked about you first. Did the ultrasound look like a little peanut? So *you need a ride, *don't look at the table or ultra-sound, *keep your mind busy.. Maybe take a nature hike sometime after for more healing. You were pro-active about it. I feel glad you didn't wait too long. You can let this go and turn attention. I'm glad you are sharing your story.

  15. So I just found out my 17 year old girlfriend is pregnant. I’m 18 and I need help so bad. We both know it’s the smartest decision to go through the abortion but, we both seem to be getting attached. So basically what I need help with is I need people to tell me what I should do to help her choose to keep it or not.

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