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  1. I am doing my procedure next week & I am so nervous about it all. I had used Plan B & it ended up failing me, which led me to this. I’m emotionally & physically in pain & really wanted to avoid this decision. I feel so bad but this isn’t the best time. I’m praying for forgiveness. Thank you for this video I couldn’t find anyone or a video to explain this procedure. ❣️

  2. I am pro choice and I can honestly say your body your choice. It’s never an easy choice but sometimes the right one.

  3. Wow, this is literally the only video I found on YouTube about the abortion pill that is very informative and real. Thank you for making this! My appointment is next week 🥺 and this have given me so much insight. You are strong and beautiful‼️🙌🏽

  4. saddest part about that method. you do it to yourself. not a person with a vacuum machine. so if you have pain or regrets it will be all on you. you cant say someone did it to you. you did.

  5. Your mother and father should of worn a condom so a disgusting person like you wouldn’t exist, I hope you became infertile after having the abortion so you can’t get pregnant again and ruining another life. You can’t just pick and chose a life!

  6. We have a ton of choices and decisions prior to having sex. 15 min of unprotected great sex is not worth the physical risk of an abortion and the lifetime of emotional haunting. My heart breaks that you weren't aware of all the options available and you felt like you had no other choice. I wish I could give you a hug.

  7. Disclaimer: This is not to bash or degrade you… In response to your words at the 20:15 mark, you stated that you felt like it was God telling you it wasn't your time. I must say God is always pro life, being that he is the one that allows the conceiving of a human being to happen. He will never send signs telling you otherwise. Even if circumstances aren't favorable at the time. I pray that you never find yourself in this position again. God loves you despite what you did. You are forgiven. You're in my prayers. Peace and love.

  8. Hey drina, I’m currently going through this. I am going to make this decision next week and I’m not sure how to handle this.. I’m so scared 😕

  9. Please women get long term birth control if you're young and you know you don't want kids any time soon. Get the 5 year birth control. Set it and forget it. Listen to the girl in the video. If you don't want a kid, act like it. And men, you know that your choice ends as soon as the girl is pregnant, legally you have no say in if she keeps it or not, so BE CAREFUL before the pregnancy happens. Protect yourselves. Make sure YOU have backup birth control before you have sex, men!

  10. i love planned parenthood. i have been going since a young age & it was the best opportunity for me because i didn’t have anyone else. thank you for your story & your support of women ❣️

  11. I’m so scared that i’m pregnant. I’m only 17, idk how easy it’ll be to get a judicial bypass or if i’ll even get one. I’m too young to do this

  12. I'm looking at this cause I'm goin in today to pay for this I never lost or aborted a child so don't know what to expect or feel I got 7 kids 6 births cause twins and pregnant again and I'm not doin plus situation is not good so I'm goin in but you are funny I love

  13. Im 17 rn and im not ready for a kid at all! Im planning on going to planned parenthood to do this, but it's hard. My mom was a teen mom so i cant tell her about it and my dad would kill my boyfriend if he found out so i have no support from either of them. My friend and my boyfriend plan to pitch in to pay for the pill if it comes down to it.

    I hate even having to plan this. I lost my virginity WITH A CONDOM to my boyfriend and i still ended up getting pregnant. Imagine telling that to a skeptical parent? It kills me knowing i have to hide this from them. Enough of that, thank you for this video. It helps so much and i feel like i know what to expect now.

  14. I love your answer for not wanting a child yet.
    Some ppl don’t get it’s easier on your life and that future child. Why have a child put it thru a life if you genuinely know you won’t be able to raise it barely making it n foster ppl might abuse your child in any way.
    You only get one life and you know what’s best for it!
    Not everybody has the privilege of having support or money just because an “accident” happens

  15. I was so overwhelmed my your story and it made me sad that you saw abortion like your only option but at the same time I understand how hard this was for you ! I hope you find peace and forgiveness even tho I’m pro life I think that sharing your story it’s important for others girls now what to expect from the procedures before making a decision they should be mentally prepared I look for abortion pill because I saw the movie “Unplanned” and they put a scene of the abortion pills and show the bleeding and cramps and I waned to see how truthful it was. And I see that’s it’s true what they show

  16. Being pro choice, I support you 100% in YOUR decision…
    NEVER let anybody shame or guilt you for choosing what was best for YOU at that moment… You learn your lesson and you are being careful now…
    Keep your head held high and I wish you nothing but the best!…
    No matter what religious anti choices will tell you, you are still a good person!…

  17. Leave these girls alone none of ur business i say the earlier the better if its gonna be done thats just me but its their choice

  18. I, first of all, would like to thank you for telling people to use protection, I think people should be aware of using protection and shouldn't take things as abortion lightly. I only support abortion if it's either rape or mom life is at risk. I don't like the idea of how you had an abortion only because you weren't ready, I'm not sure if you had protected sex or not. It wouldn't matter either way because you should be responsible for what you chose to do. You chose to have sex, therefore you chose to put yourself in a risk of getting pregnant. You also chose to end a baby's life, the baby could've grown up to be someone but all those opportunities are gone now, it's taken away. It's about personal responsibility which obviously no one likes responsibilities, hence, the easy out for not having the baby is just ending its life. Based on science, life begins at conception, therefore it's still a living being no matter what stage of pregnancy you were on. It's sad to see people getting rid of life for their own personal reasons. It seems you've been trying to make yourself better by making this video, or give comfort to others who've done it as well. There is no excuse, especially in your case. Please stop giving people an excuse to get rid of a living being.

  19. I took my second pill today! I already have a son but I promised I would never in my life bring another child into this world and can’t provide for them. They will never endure what my son had to! We’ve slept on the streets and wake up go to school the next day and him in daycare clean up at McDonald’s and take the bus many didn’t know a few did! I have lupus and it was so hard to even breath I have been so sick. I’m literally crying right now and my husband treated me like I was shit! I’m done with that nigga fuck him fuck everyone. My cousins and my son were the only ppl that gaf im so sorry sis

  20. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I just found out I was pregnant. I’m only about 4 weeks and I’ve been so on the fence and very emotional about making this decision because I can’t shake the feeling that I’m doing something wrong, but hearing your story and how you felt about it, is how I feel about having a child. Financially I’m not stable, and my circumstances aren’t the best right now and I would prefer to be more ready for a big decision like this. Thankfully I have a good support system behind me and watching your video I think has really helped me to decide what is best for me. Thank you again so much for sharing your story and being so open about a very sensitive topic. ❤️ much love and support to all the other women here in the comment section.

  21. I just found out im pregnant and I’m not ready. I want to finish school. I am not financially stable and neither is my boyfriend. I’m thinking about getting an abortion.. I feel like it’s the best decision for me. I’m just scared. I’m scared of not being able to have children when I get older.

  22. You've allowed me to be brave and share my story. This is first sharing it with anyone on a social media platform, but I was 20 in the summer of 2013 when I found out about my conception. I was about 2-3 weeks and was scared as hell. The guy I was with at the time was also scared… I decided to call around and found a clinic. The next week, I went for a consultation and the pregnancy was confirmed. They asked if I wanted to keep forward with the decision and I said yes. I actually took my pill at home. I cannot really remember the name of the pill, but I have to take one dose of 3 pills (I believe), waited for about 45 minutes, then took another dose (the last dose) and it immediately hit like a truck. I was in the bathroom for HOURSSSS just bleeding and laid out on the floor. Jesus was in the room that day… I blacked out and all I could remember hearing is a voice saying, "Let it go", then I woke back up. I went through all of the motions alone and it was so hard. My mom and brother came home (mind you, they did not know of anything). I didn't tell anyone until after the fact and my mom, with her mother's instinct, had already had that feeling that I was because my sense of smell was VERY strong. Soon after, I detached from the guy and went off to college in 2015. I asked God to forgive me time and time again and I thank Him every day for allowing the spirit of His son to save me. Thank you so much girl for sharing your story.

  23. I’m going through this as well. I’m 10 days late, took 2 pregnancy tests that both said positive. The bd doesn’t want it cuz he already has a 6 yr old daughter and then apparently he got another girl pregnant at the same time as me. So that’s the situation I’m in. I stayed a whole year celebrate, until that fateful day April 7th, after partying, I went home with him. And now boom here we are. I was raised Catholic and used to be pro-life but now that I’m in a sticky situation where I’m not financially or emotionally ready for a child, I’m so confused as to what to do. I’m 26 years old. One of my good friends is begging me not to have an abortion and my cousin is encouraging me to. Like 75% of me wants to get rid of the pregnancy and the rest of the 25% is basically afraid of God’s wrath at this point. It’s too much stress man. I’m literally praying that maybe this pregnancy can just dissolve on its own. I’m super scared man.

  24. This resonated with me because I just found out today that I am pregnant, and my 21st birthday was 4 days ago. I don’t have a job and both of my parents aren’t in the picture but I’m still so torn. Even though your 2nd day experiences sounded terrifying this video really fucking helped me thank you so much.

  25. Thank you for this, I haven’t gotten mine yet but you sound so similar to me. So now I think I’m ready

  26. Thank you so much for making this video ❤️🙏 I’ve been battling my emotions for weeks & though I have a strong support system behind me I’ve been feeling so alone & torn. I have my consultation this week … pray for me & be blessed love 🙏

  27. This video was so helpful to watch i am currently 22 just started my career still trying to build and i still live with my parents. Like you i have always wanted a child and to be a mother but now is not the right time i have no idea what im going to do but i do have an appointment with planned parenthood today. My mind is all over the place right now but your video is so real and helpful seeing real women going through the same thing especially another young black women around my age

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