My Abortion…What You Should Know Before Getting One

Oh bill myself I'm spitting on myself hopefully my bit let myself I'm feeling myself myself I'm still a myself i'ma let myself I'm feeling myself I want some hood cause looking back at it and a good girl it might break hi you guys welcome back to my channel in today's video I wanted to do a story time I saw a comment about it and I thought that it would be a good idea to do a story time on my abortion as well as just telling you guys like my experience with it just a little bit of a disclaimer if you are against abortions you're probably not gonna like this video I'm just being honest everything I'm talking about is just my experience and I feel as though I can help females who may have never had one or you're thinking about getting one and I just want to share with you guys my experience and maybe that can help you in which you may be going through what you may think about doing I got my abortion back in 2016 prior to me getting pregnant I really didn't do too much thinking about abortions and just about pregnancy altogether and what I would do if I were to get pregnant I have a period track on my phone to this day and my period tracker I was about 10 days late on my period before I took a pregnancy test although my cycle isn't the exact same day every month my period tracker Cardinal was pretty much on point was when I was supposed to come on up here so when I was 10 days late that was the first indication that I was pregnant and I have an extremely heavy period I'm pretty sure if you follow me on social media you know that because I talk about it a lot but my period is pretty heavy shall my showing up like my pretty he will make her entrance every month so the first indication that I was pregnant was when I was 10 days late after the fact I had got like a cold least it felt like a cold and I got better from the cold and then like two days later I felt the symptoms all over again and I thought that was strange that I was sick and then I got sick again and I didn't have an / – eat like I did not want to eat but I was still eating cuz y'all know I'm going to regardless period at the end of the day I am going to eat but I did not have an appetite so wanna eat so with those three things together I was like okay you probably pregnant and I was scared to take a pregnancy test because I didn't want to find out that I was pregnant at the time the person that I with we were not in a good place we were like broken up we had been together at that point for about a year and a half and you know what everything was going on he and I were not really on the best of terms we were actually broken up while everything was going on we had been going through things for about a month or two continuously before that happened I was really close with his sister at the time so me and sister were spending a lot of time they got there and she knew about my symptoms his uh she's younger she's like a year younger than me she knew about my symptoms and she was like I'll get the Tuscany's probably like 13 days down that my period is like so it's about my Bria is like two weeks late and I was really really really nervous so she got the pregnancy test and I took it and when I took the pregnancy test I didn't even look at the results I think at that moment you know I kind of knew that I was pregnant like I didn't even look at the results I just I took it at her house which was their house they lived together cuz they were brother and sister and I was already there with her so I thought took the test I was like you know hey meet me in the car when you talk so I just put the test back in the box and I just gave it to him I didn't even look at the results I just kind of knew you know that I was pregnant so I gave him the results and when I came to him I just started crying like I was in shock that I was pregnant he was very supportive he even though we were at a terrible place he was like you know I'm here for you and we're gonna be good like even aside from you know what our relationship is right now how things are going we're going to be okay so you know after that we I went and got some readers and just to kind of like think about the situation and now after the fact even though I didn't really do too much thinking and talking about abortion prior to me getting pregnant I kind of already knew off top what I was going to do so did he we didn't talk about abortion prior to this but we both knew that we wanted to be married when we had children at the time I was 19 and he was 20 he had just turned 20 but we kind of already knew what we were going to do so that night I still wanted I had to tell my mom because I wasn't about to go to just any clinic I wasn't about to just go do something without telling my mom because I knew that she was going to steer me in the right direction so mother's intuition is something crazy because I didn't even have to really tell my mom when I saw that she was like I knew it like she knew and she cried of course and you know after the fact she basically just said if you decide to keep this child I'm letting you know that it's gonna be hard and but you can do it she basically just let me know like you know whatever decision you want to make I'm here for you if you decide to keep it I'm letting you know now it's going to be hard whatever decision you make is going to be hard she let me know that whether you decide to get an abortion adoption if you decide to keep it it is going to be hard but I knew you know what I wanted to do I knew that I wanted to get an abortion just because for when I was young I was only 19 years old I'm still young but I was I was young I was 19 my relationship was not at a good place and I did not want to raise my child in a household where the relationship is toxic or that me and the father aren't together so and then I wasn't married like those three factors together made my decision about me getting an abortion and I really didn't have to do too much thinking after that so I called like the next day and you know I scheduled my abortion and I think I had to wait an extra month so my goodness like the end of maybe get in the June I had to wait a whole nother month I don't I think you had to be a certain you had to be far long enough together I think because I think there are abortions that you can get really early on but they just told me I don't know if that was the next available appointment or I had to be you know a certain amount along in my pregnancy to get the abortion but I made the appointment the first week of June and my appointment wasn't until the first week of July so I was about two months pregnant when I got my abortion so it's weird because after even though I was already feeling the symptoms after I found out that I was pregnant I feel like the symptoms came on even harder the next week after that I was pretty okay but then a week after that I couldn't get out of bed so on top of me not having an appetite I had zero energy in the sense of everything was bothering me so it was my pregnancy was really depressing you guys I know a lot of people in their first trimester that really sick but then other people in their first trimester they're okay for me I know now that when I do have children I'm pretty sure that my first trimester is going to be hell my mom said that she was the exact same way it was my grandmother that when we're pregnant we pregnant like you can tell you know that we're pregnant so after that we kind of it was we didn't really have to have a conversation we just kind of mentally decided to move back in a relationship um he was working every day and I couldn't work because I didn't have any energy I was just in bed all day the only thing I had a taste for was things fruity I constantly had like a nasty taste in my mouth and I constantly felt like I needed to vomit but I never threw up like I never threw up but I felt nauseous 24/7 and the only thing that kind of took the nauseousness away was things that would like fruity and juicy so I drunk a lot of ginger ale a lot of ginger ale and um I sent my mom to Rita's to get me the big quarts of the Italian ice because the fruit just looked like the nasty takes out of my mouth but I did not feel well I feel like I had a stomach robbers that's honestly what it felt like I didn't want to eat anything I didn't have an appetite for anything I was nauseous all the time when I did eat all I ate was chicken boxes which is strange because that's not something that I get on the regular uh I'm going to get a chicken box I'm gonna get like chicken tenders there's only like two places in Baltimore that I will get chicken boxes from in its Urban's if you're from Baltimore Universal I'll get our miss chicken box and I'll get America's best wings that's it but as far as me wanna like stoke owes and uh you know new chicken boxes but I was eating chicken boxes and Pepsi another indication because I like coke not Pepsi but when I was pregnant I wanted pepsi not coke it was weird but um the whole month was very depressing I watched everything on Netflix and on-demand within like a week so at the week oh my god I was so bored my boyfriend would come see me some days after work it's been tiled with me but I was just very I was ready to press you guys I didn't have the energy to go anywhere I was sick so I did in while I was pregnant I wasn't sick I didn't have an appetite for anything it just was a lot so it's time for my abortion it comes today my boy portion and of course he took me someone has to be there to pick you up because you can't drive after you get an abortion I'm pretty sure because of the anastasiya they put me on but they made it very clear that someone had to take me home so he took me there we were in the waiting room for about 30 minutes before it was time for me to go in the back for those of you who are worried about costs and stuff like that for me my insurance cover did all I had to pay was less than $20 I think I paid like a $19 copay and that's with my insurance in the waiting room I didn't feel anything away I'm pretty sure some of you made me think I'm like you don't want to go through with it because you feel like people are going to look at you or that people are gonna judge you and in the waiting room the place that I went everybody was there for the same thing so there was no you know energy in the burn they made you feel like people will look at you well people wouldn't know what you were there for in the first place but everybody was there for the same reason so I had to go in the back two times and this is what upset me I thought that he was allowed to come back there with me but he wasn't and that really freaked me out I didn't like that I don't know if it's the same everywhere but he wasn't allowed to come in the back with me and that made me really really really nervous and I didn't like that so I had to go back there twice the first time I went back there I think they drew blood got my weight and it was just like normal stuff and I came back into the weight of her the second time that I went back there to get my abortion I'm gonna be real with y'all I didn't even know that I was about to get my abortion like I know it sounds crazy I knew what I was there for but I didn't know that I was an abortion until I was done he was like okay it's done like I didn't even like it was such a quick process I was just like damn like that's that's it I was expecting like I don't know what I was expected but I don't know he just it was just very quick so when I went back there the second time I laid on the table when they put the IV in my arm and I didn't know at the time but I know now that the IV did they put in me was the anesthesia and I'm not throwing any shade at my doctor I'm not saying that he wasn't doing his job all I'm saying is when I was back there about to get the actual procedure done I didn't know for one that what he put in my arm was anesthesia and then I was about to go to sleep and I get it like it just happened so quick put it on my arm and I did it was crazy I didn't know what I had gotten I didn't know so I leaned on the bed and you know he was down there I remember hearing I do not want to scare anybody I'm just giving you guys my experience I laid on the bed and I remember hearing like clean clean like the sound of the tools touching it kind of like clean clean and next thing you know he was he's like okay close your legs and I set up and I'm the RO a cha I do not know if I fell asleep I don't think I fell asleep it happened I'll be real with y'all it felt like the whole procedure was under 60 seconds like I felt like he put it in my arm I laid down he opened my legs touched me and then I was getting up I don't know if I fell asleep for a minute or two minutes and he did it while I was sleeping I don't remember falling asleep like I just remember laying down and then getting back up like it happened so quick it could have been five minutes that he was down there I don't know if I was woke the whole time and I was just so hot the anastasiya I didn't remember when I got up what had just happened but I just it was very very quick so I got up and he sent me and said though I think it was like hard like a half way room where the women like we relaxed it was very mellow in there the environment was really nice all the lights were like down low we all set in these really big comfortable chairs and it was just different women and we had to sit in there for a while until we felt well enough to walk I remember feeling like tired and sluggish and they told me that I was going to have cramps and I didn't feel the cramps so I set it down for like 30 minutes and then I got up and what I like is we didn't have to go back through the first door that we came through they sent us out in a different area which I felt was nice because some women may feel ashamed after you know you get an abortion and you don't want people to see you like everybody's experience is different so I really like that you know they sent this out a different door that we came in it was very it was very discreet and they were very just nice with how they handled us in the room it was down low it was very soft and relaxing in there they were very very nice so what's crazy is the second you get an abortion your pregnancy symptoms stop I know there's some people that may sound like well duh bitch what you thought was gonna happen but I don't know I had never been pregnant before so I didn't know what to expect after the fact I just know that soon as the baby was out of me it's like the child was never there because my body felt normal again I can't with my period the exact same day when you get an abortion that like starts your new period you're gonna bleed and that's like your new start date for your periods so my appetite came back soon as we left who went to McDonald's and it was just fine after that the whole day after that I slept I slept arrested today I ate I was on my period and I slept and then after that it was like I was never pregnant so after the fact initially the next couple of weeks were actually very very easy for me because I didn't like feeling confined to my bed and not being able to eat so after I got the abortion and my appetite came back and I had energy I went back to work I could eat again so I felt good initially after abortion I didn't regret anything I still don't regret it but initially I didn't feel bad about getting an abortion and because my wife though normal again you know it was very depressing being and therefore you know damn near two months so initially I felt good being able to go back to work and I just I just moved on with my life and me twice that I got into poor but it hit me way later the first time that it hit me was December of that year so I got the abortion in July and in December it just hit me out of nowhere we were riding we have moved in together by then and we were riding so go get dinner and out of nowhere I just I just bust out crying um it hit me because I just imagined myself and I looked at and I was like wow if you would have cut that baby your stomach would be like I'll sit here right now and it wasn't that I wanted to keep the child or that I regretted getting abortion because even in that moment I didn't regret it it was just sad because I realized like wow you would have been a mom like you would be a mom right now your son would be out the air you would be about to give birth in a couple of months so that moment in itself was just varied it was difficult for me honestly and I cried you know you from a bag it was like it's okay we'll have kids when it's time for us to have kids or whatever the case may be and you know I got over it that was just the first moment where I was just like wow like I really did have an abortion the second time that a hate me wasn't February when we broke up because we actually broke up around the time that the baby would have been due for those of you know the relationship that I was and was extremely abusive that was one of the reasons that you know the relationship was over it was just I thought about that because I'm like wow right now I would be about to have our baby and our relationship is again and that's when I realized that I made the right decision because I would hate to be tied to someone for the rest of my life that is not good for me and that's not healthy and that is not doing me right just because we have a child together that's really sad because when we broke up we broke up like we didn't have to talk we had to talk for bills but if we decided we was to go talk to bills I literally could have moved on with my life and never talked to this man damn my life again but I realized like wow if you were having a child right now you would have to talk to him forever like he would not be doing anywhere and that thought of law made me realize that I made the right decision nevertheless I don't regret getting my abortion however I don't want to have another abortion just my experience as a whole um I still want to wait till I get married to have children for a lot of reasons when you're young not even just when you're young when you're in love you may think that you're gonna be with someone forever but that's not always the case and I'm well aware people always say well if you get married you can always have a divorce this is true however the amount of security that comes with marriage is not the same as the security that you have calling somebody a boyfriend your girlfriend usually when someone marries you they plan on spending the rest of their lives their life with you even though divorce does happen and separation does happen and breakups do happen it's more likely for two people who said hey let's be boyfriend a girlfriend okay so one day decide I want to be boyfriend/girlfriend or more okay divorce and marriage is a lot that goes and to get and marry and there's a lot that goes into getting a divorce so the chances are less likely of the relationship ending once you're married to someone rather than just calling somebody your boyfriend a girlfriend that's the two minute conversation you want me my girlfriend you know won't be your girlfriend all right baby we together just that simple well you get married it's a process you think about that you go to marriage counseling before you get married like it's a process so you kinda a lot more sure about this person than you are just deciding hey yeah I want to be your girlfriend I'm going to be your boyfriend just the same when you get a divorce it's not as simple as saying I don't want to be anymore let's delete each other all social media and gossip four ways but you get a divorce you have to go to court you live together so it's just a lot that goes into it when you get married so the chances of you getting a divorce are or relationship and then when you're married is less likely than it is when you're just boyfriend and girlfriend so for all he will say well if you get married you can get a divorce duh I know that it's just not as high as a possibility of two people just saying they want to be boyfriend and girlfriend so with that being said I still do want to get married when I have children as far as birth control I am NOT on birth control that's just me being honest with you guys I'm not on birth control not because I don't want to be on birth control I'm not on birth control because it's not good for me and I'm not going to say it's not good because to some people they can be on birth control and it doesn't affect them I've tried three different types of birth control but I've been on birth control four times and my in the past years it does not work with my body and it's not good for my body and the reason why I say my again is because some people can be on it for years and they'll be fine but some people are really hormonal and it just doesn't affect me the same of course I'm pretty sure it's preventing pregnancy if I was to get on it but the amount of side effects that I get with the different birth controls that I've been on are extreme compared to the average female I'm pretty sure it is because I really do have a heavy cycle I'm almost 100% sure that that's the reason that birth control affects me the way that it does but that's why I'm not on birth control I don't want to mess up my body to the point where though when I am ready to have children because I cannot wait to be a mom but when I am ready to have children that the birth control has just caused so many complications that I can't like I know the chances are very unlikely but I would hate like the thought of it just breaks my heart to not be able to have children because I was on birth control for years and years at a time so that's why I'm not on birth control today but I do not want to have another abortion I can't sit here in front of this camera and lie to you guys to say that I will never have another abortion because I don't know I don't know I can't tell you out there like oh if I was to get pregnant today or tomorrow what I would do I don't know you don't know what you're gonna do until you are in that situation I just know that I don't want to have another abortion but I do know that I don't want to have children until I get married and I think well bitch what precautions are you taking so make sure that you don't get pregnant prayer that's just the honest to goodness truth I'm not just shooting and you know trying to go get pregnant but at the same time I'm not on birth control for legitimate reason it's not because I'm just being irresponsible and I might go I want to be over control it just doesn't work well with my body but I do want to have children I just know that marriage is something that needs to come first before I do that and I just got my whole ovaries in God's hands at this point because I explain to y'all watch this birth control is it for me like this shit just doesn't work for me and it does not work with my body so I'm just trusting I just don't get pregnant that's just the honest to goodness truth like I said I'm not just shooting in these soldiers and I'm not just trying to you don't get pregnant but I'm just praying you know ain't no slip-ups I will say this though the last time that I got pregnant I was not being careful in the slightest bit if you get what I'm saying like I'm not about to give too much details on what I mean if you know you know but I'll just say that for the six months before I actually got pregnant I was not trying to not get pregnant okay I was being very irresponsible for somebody who knew they did not want kids at that moment I just was not trying to you know for those of you who are thinking about it the advice I can give you is for one don't do what someone else wants you to do and don't make a decision based off of feeling like you'll get judged and that goes either way if you want to keep your child keep it if you know that you can take care of it if you don't there's adoption there's abortion there's plenty of people who can't have children and would love to adopt I know a lot of people are against just giving their baby away but if you feel like you don't want to have an abortion but you're not ready to be a mom there are people out here who really really wants to have children who can't have children so adoption is another option don't do what I do based off of what I did I made the decision for me because that's what I wanted to do and I just wanted to do this video to share my experience with it and hopefully it can help someone who may not know what they want to do maybe making the decision based off the door based off of the wrong things because I know your mom can be in your ear your significant other like I'm just I'm appreciative that my mom was supportive no matter what decision I made and she wasn't on my air like oh you better keep it or oh you're not ready to get an abortion I'm glad that my mom was supportive and I'm glad that my significant other was supportive at the time it is your body at the end of the day yes males do contribute to it however you have to hold the baby for nine months and an event that he does not want to be there the child is going to be with you I'm just saying so don't let someone make a decision for your body regardless of how he contributed that's just how I feel if you feel like you know it's something that you guys should decide together that's your prerogative but me personally my advice is it's your body yes he contributed but it is your body you will have to go to the abortion if that's what you want to do you will have to go through nine months of holding a baby and labor if you want to keep it so if you want to listen to his suggestion or what he wants you to do cool but the decision needs to be up to you for garlis of your age you have to put your big-girl panties on if you young you have to put your big-girl panties on and make the decision that is best for you not for anybody else and not what you think anybody else will want you to do make sure that you make that decision for yourself and do research on it good research because a lot of people who are anti-abortion it's a lot of videos that will make abortion seem terrible when you get an abortion on a baby like seven months and you want stuff like that so if you're gonna do research on you know getting an abortion make sure you do good research maybe talk to people who've gotten them I talked to my mom talk to your doctor about it don't go online and go on a hunt fest and look at a whole bunch of videos because that stuff will mess with your head a lot of it is from people who are anti-abortion so it's made to look not appealing it's made to look not make you want to get it okay so I wanted to share my experience it was not painful I got cramps after the fact but cramps were no worse than the cramps I got during my prayer as a matter of fact they weren't even as bad as the cramps I got you know when I when I am on my period so if people are telling you what's gonna hurt it didn't hurt for me there are different types of abortions so talk to your doctor talk to people who have gotten them and just do your research and make the best decision for you I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video my prayer goes out to anyone who may be in a situation they don't know exactly what you want to do yet my heart and my love goes out to you make the decision that's best for you if you are against it that's fine if you're for it that's fine as well do what's best for you because it's your life and a child that you're bringing into this world that's a really really big deal raising children I don't have children but raising a human being is a is a big deal how they turn out is gonna be based off of how you've raised them so just think about that I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video thank you so much for watching let me know down below what you think give this video a thumbs up and I will see you guys in my next one

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  1. Miss talking to you on the ig…. this look is soo pretty on you but you can rock any look. Next storytime or informative video should be when you were on all the birth controls and what they did…

  2. Sending you love and a big momma hug for the feelings you have behind this relationship. It wasn't good. It caused pain, was abusive and caused you to experience something you never want to do again.

    My prayer for you is that you use that strength you have in you to avoid all fools out there who may go to the curb with you.

    Please look into natural methods of birth control so you know when you are ovulating. Birth control was too much for my body as well.

    There is a mucus that our body releases while ovulating. Also know we are more amorous when we are ovulating which increases the chance of becoming pregnant.

    Abortion does have fallout. We can't pretend the tears won't fall or that our body will not suffer in some way.

    Just to say lastly, people are not posting anti abortion to scare people they do it to show the reality of what happens to the fetus. It is ugly. And sad. And we want to look away.

    For anyone looking to heal a broken heart there are support groups that take you through a beautiful process and at the end you let off a balloon with a ceremony honoring the life that wasn't.
    May you live a life of beauty and truth and may the man of your dreams find you in the right season. And may you make beautiful people together.

  3. We have to ask ourselves why we have to wait to have an abortion, while baby is forming by leaps and bounds in that time period. One reason is fetal tissue used post abortion. We wake out and the remains stay…

    I know to have an appointment with OBGYN you have to be 7-8 weeks so they can determine due date and heartbeat.

  4. I personally don’t support it but and not against it and don’t judge. At the end of the day it’s your choice. Just bc I don’t want an abortion and it wouldn’t be my first option for myself doesn’t mean I should try to take away your rights.

  5. I understand thing's happen but you still took a life and God is going to hold you responsible for that. I'm not saying you should feel bad about your abortion but you did kill apart of you rather you realize it or not and you definitely need to ask God for his forgiveness. I got pregnant when I was twenty years old, at that time I was living in a homeless shelter and my life was a mess! However, even though I contemplated an at some point, had even decided to have an abortion. I am sooo thankful to God that I didn't have the heart to do it. In today's world it's never going to be a "right" time to have a baby. I can honestly say, it definitely wasn't the right time for me. I had every excuse why I should get an abortion but I happen to have read one of those pamphlets about abortion and I immediately changed my mind. Today, I am so proud to say, my daughter, Alyssa, is 14 years old and she's a smitten image of me! I thank God I didn't allow my circumstances and fear to deter me from keeping my baby. She is the BEST gift in life I have ever conceived and received. My heart hurts for you because you will never know what your child was and the purpose that God had for your babies life. The devil deceived you into thinking there will ever be a right time to bring another human being into this world! There's no such thing! That first baby was really YOU! You killed you and deep down inside you will always feel like apart of you died…well, b/c it did! You say that you don't regret it but I don't believe you. A person with NO REGRETS don't break down in tears. Sounds like a guilty conscience to me. I pray that you find true peace- mind, body and soul and most of all, I pray that you sincerely seek forgiveness because you made a HUGE mistake.

  6. So why don’t you stop having sex until you’re married if you’re so strong on being married to have kids. You’re praying to not get pregnant again but still sinning by having sex before marriage ? Proverbs 28:9 “He that turneth away his ear from hearing the law, even his prayer shall be abomination.” & I’m not trying to come off as judgy AT ALL all I’m just being real

  7. Those who want abortions watch abortion clinic employees babies born daily it's on YouTube you'll see what happens when you think it's just an abortion!!!

  8. Planned Parenthood is owned by Satanist who don't disguard the fetus but use it in rituals there's 1000 of videos what abortion doctors really do when aborting babies SMH only thing I hope those who had it repent to Jesus because it's an abomination and alit of women not with the child father but still kept the responsibility of what they created and don't get rid of it just because they can what if there was no such thing as abortion women would protect their selves right!!! That same precaution should be taken as if there's no such thing as abortion women so careless just because we can kill the baby if we want if you dont look at him like a husband or that way why have unprotected sex with them see that's what upset me SMH please repent!

  9. People are going to make the right decisions for THEM. What you believe doesn’t matter because you don’t know a person’s circumstances. If a woman doesn’t want a child, it’s no one decision by hers.

  10. For the information that your are putting out there to educate young person I still don’t hear you saying you are using a condom to protect your self from another pregnancy or HIV/AIDS or any STD at all its not only pregnancies you should protect yourself from #thisistherealworldits#2019hungrowup

  11. I just had my daughter in feb' I couldn't imagine my life without her ' I dont judge but if you know what happens when u DONT USE A CONDOM, AND U ARENT ON BC' yet you still follow through with having sex RAW, your a DUMBASS' 1000' PERIOD

  12. Lady if a guy say "l love you with all my [email protected] and i want to raw dog you until you get pregnant" ask if he is going to keep the baby. Alot of young men rather be a baby's daddy then a husband.

  13. I appreciate your honesty! That doctor is supposed to inform the patient of what they are doing in a procedure. The heavy cycle can be fixed with a change in diet, if you’re interested! Much love to you 🧡

  14. Haha when I was pregnant all three times, all I drank was Dr. Pepper and I always craved chicken and tootsie rolls 😂

  15. Had my babygirl @ 18, and her dad was 19 . No she wasn't planned but I totally wasn't fixing 2 take her life for me & her father's doing. This isn't 2 bash you . I had 2 grow tf up and now I'm 20 , her dads 21, and she 2 .. she gave me the strength to do a lot !! I even accomplished graduating high school and now imma phlebotomist/ medical assistant. & yesss I was soo sick, had low energy, no appetite, nausea, vomiting, EVERYTHING !!

  16. Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed you in the womb,I knew you. And before thou calmest forth out the womb I sanctified thee and ordained thee a prophet u to the nations

  17. Nahhhh Spencer’s (Carry Out) got that good chicken box😩💯 idky but everytime I want a chicken box I’ll go to Spencer’s Carry-Out 🤣💯

  18. I really don’t want to raise my child in a household where the parents aren’t together. It’s one thing if it happens down the line, but I really don’t want to go into it like that. You’re absolutely right about marriage being more secure than just calling someone your bf/gf. It’s easy for someone to leave when they’re just your boyfriend or girlfriend, but with marriage it’s a big decision like you said, so people are more so inclined to stay together. But when you’re just boyfriend and girlfriend people can just be like “deauces”✌️ so easily. So yeah, marriage is definitely more secure far as couples lasting. Great points you made in this video! Thank you

  19. I made a mistake to bump on this video but thats sad u killed the innocent baby. He or she could have been a star or take care of u when u get old… Lip gloss orange wig murderer…

  20. This takes a lot of guys! Very brave of you to share such a personal story. Most woman are ashamed and would be afraid of being judged.

  21. I didn’t agree with or understand abortion until I got pregnant… I couldn’t bring myself to abort my baby because from the moment I saw that positive test, it was just something that clicked in my head that was like “this is your baby. You can’t let someone take the life that you created.” But I definitely understand where you are coming from though. I don’t regret having my daughter because she is literally the best part about me. She has changed my life so much. But I do miss it just being me. I miss being able to get up and go whenever I feel like it. But I wouldn’t change my life for the world 🤷🏾‍♀️

  22. This is my exact experience rn and everything. The symptoms and feelings and everything. I’m hella nervous for my procedure so thanks for making this video.

  23. Thts the truth girl
    Having a baby is hard
    I got pregnant at 22
    Missed my abortion appointment 5 times
    So it was more thn 6 months
    So i kept my son
    He a blessing
    But trust me wven though i work its still hard
    I cant get pregnant again unless i win a lotto
    And girl he 4 years now
    And i dont use birth control either
    It doesnt agree with my body also

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