it's coming on the hangman sitting right outside the door get in this way there's a page let's turn back my if not quite sure see that stays I always thought they would argue but I was so naive sure she does amazes people to speak no sleep with my wife for three years and my wife Rob where were we but you see we all have our price today will soon be gone just like yesterday I should not have slept my wife will not mad to remark my mom my brother my brother's wife slept with another man in memory and she's mad though I am at my age woman the money to work cannot sleep with a Muhammad forget about the tradition those traditions don't exist we are in a modern generation we don't have seen this our generation knew his other place we all paid the price the supplies and so price there's no my place laughs Mariah me another time he doesn't Maura we go leave mom Alicia if my room and open another I see make your bed NASA you lyin Thapa no Kerry sands and points on your tea before you go into what goes they come around Hey [Applause] let me listen monkey business you know best how you move around you're not travel you touch your wife happy come touch my wife OH it is one course it became conduct income oh sorry please drop and so that copy something has been what is it mama Oh beer I thought by now you should have invited me for what lists sis I'll tell about being pregnant but nothing like that what is the problem should when I gift from God at the right time you give us us and you see there's no problem either with your husband or you have to be very careful he wants a manape solid element of common say yes and take of our two in the world for which your husband god forbid mama yeah what Oh Oh are we I'm sorry for last night I'm very sorry you know I'm a very tired I don't want you to occur so I'm very sorry I a birthday gift to say I'm sorry and that khadija like lint lava i president lava then the Gospels are be taken in robust positive Oh Oh I don't want a car I don't mean a Catholic whatever what is you cannot talk to me in this big house where you leave me all alone how will not hold me the cold night I want a child think what it would do feel the joy of mother at the pain of childbirth it is done give picking up and go to TV picking it will give us nothing sorry sorry the very God will give us begin [Applause] no garrison-san boys at your TV before they come tomato makeup did what to they come around tomato weeknight makeup too what you feel are you come to you I'm out now you go make it you gonna make it laughter wire [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] woman portable for love all night is you know who I was when I'd like to make my dinner it is not my fault oh it is my wife's fault because it is my wife that loved my food she put dog inside the food and I eat the food and I sleep off my wife to eat my dinner we complete that I can I please forgive forgive my wife she goes up the washes those Beco forgiver it is not her fault she's a human and the boom of details on Killian Killian glass you could you only take it there's nothing more serious this is strange the test result shows that all your internal organs are good and functioning well then doctor what of course is one I must confess I haven't seen this type of kiss before well nevertheless how will give you some jobs you tip them let's see what happens please you must come back but it has improvements thank you I miss me now you aren't looking bad at all trust your bid now you are like good things people always important let's go okay hmm something smelly something smelly yes that's not what smell yeah it's a member cigarettes bad in here you let's go yeah that's me looking I'll be in a moment you came downstairs and has six distinct smell again this awful smell is coming from you it's not a few weeks ago I don't know what's happening to me dad this is terrible there's no way I'm going out with you like this but is every smoker away from you to amend you they were calling submitting a milonga us interpret the soon after meeting today with the smell change Oh what is happening to me God it's been two weeks since I went to see the doctor after him all the transient we I get nothing did I go wrong tell me to take it easy I am a decomposing walking corpse coming out of my body you asked me take it easy if you go to the upload every machine built inside a float do you just please explain a planet certainly deposit and split splits smooth yes please my wife is soft it is anything come you can put you like that I can I can happen Philip you have to be any sense a man to press up on genesis a man would understand you would understand chief my wife my wife is a lady my wife is a life but it is like she obtained the house because the smell in there this million in the house no back by or perfume is not now if you came to Moscow this place as if the desk approached everywhere God you smell it what you say Phillip movie is no okay that was not these two what we do updates were badly damaged the bones which shattered by sanitation table now this year I watched whoever did this protocol and fast actually we are knit definitely discipline I shall take I trust about your openness I will be expecting to hear God has not forsaken you goodness not for six easily here we heedless will regret in you don't say that don't say that I couldn't not allow you to die you win notification I will not bury my daughter we will if we to get worse memorial traumas caused me Oh Shelly what is it my wife is smelly I'm a businessman in the house and she she couldn't she bought the pond herself ship top no thanks then stop till you can raise yourself and get another wife yes no chief you got that look I added away nobody can see there is not in the capital get another wife go excuse me I need to get somewhere cheap cheap I can I better keep my wife if there is therefore people if excuse me I have somewhere to go go and get yourself another wife we pray in the mighty name of Jesus Christ an awesome name of Jesus Christ now open your mouth and begin to talk to be unethical because of talk to me that many have not made the eggs begin refer to he who nothing is impossible go ahead go ahead and talk to him he is the same yesterday today and forever I love your face the brain named hands on the sick the dissection civilian right now in the mighty name of Jesus Christ I declare hearin in the mighty name of Jesus Christ and also name of Jesus Christ and I command anything that is not of God in this body out in Jesus name terrible amount the mountain Jesus man the name of Jesus wash it out thank you Jesus thank you Jesus the presence of the Most High you see it's real maximize you can see that the devil is absolutely defeated oh thank you Jesus thank you Jesus oh please sorry forget the guy did to you I'm the one that should tell you I'm sorry everything you did you did to make me happy I'm sorry I pushed you this far is okay soaking up solid thank you so much pastor thank goodness heaven is in control give thanks to the Almighty even our star that people get go to yours get thanks to the Almighty don't feel good these are all things well and as you can see the devil is already defeated defeated brother Philip there's one more thing you must do and that is to tell restitution yes because you must have to get rid of all that you got from the devil and that is the only time you can be sure that the devil has lost his leg er ground on you and family and I tell you something as that to solve the problem that we caught the devil you no longer have any right before the Almighty God to accuse you disposed all the property the cars the houses the companies dispose of all of them and even the money in your accounts take all to charity homes and when that is done brother Philip you will experience the blessings of the Almighty God for the scripture says that the blessing of the Almighty God make at which and added no sir I think we have to seem present America is named father we declare we declare Bhalla easy suspects the boys on your dresser she was havin an affair my fiancée I did with Sam I want her to leave my face alone she was all my heart they found out she wanted in love with her to have a secret marriage I was pushed well because of my investigation we discovered these pictures invariably she had them fully don't worry hmm you will soon be discharged my dear thank you doctor say is your wound is healing so fast who BS I got something for you thank you you thought my divorce you were gonna ask for it meanwhile the person behind your attack has been arrested by the police chaplain researcher did it because of your escapades with her boyfriend Jeff she's got photos pictures to prove it Maria and I will expect Alexis

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