1. I have watched this video all these many months after Jacob's birth and I so appreciate your humbleness, your kind spirit and how you consistently retain your sense of self. I thank you for that!

  2. We have similar birthing stories i also was put to sleep with my daughters emergency c section. So cool i found your channel i love your personality!!!

  3. You may have mentioned this, but my kids are loud: what caused your Bells Palsy? What did the drs say caused it and how long did it take to go away?

  4. I’m only 19 (ftm) and have a scheduled c section this Monday because my baby is Breech. I have been really worried and stressing a lot but I just wanted to let you know that your video is really helpful and makes me feel much better for Monday. ❀️ I hope I can be as calm as you when the time comes.

  5. I’m having my first c-section next month and im very nervous its planned bc of what happened during my last vaginal birth but still don’t know what to expect

  6. I'm in the same β›΅ as you. I have to have another C-Section also 😞 But this time In have GD so I believe that's the case. As well as the fact I couldn't go into labor or dilate past 4CM w/My son 1st go round. His sister is giving me hell πŸ˜‚. 6 or 7 weeks(?) To go!!

  7. My little one was born 10 days before your little one, the 17th! I had the same issue too. Contractions but not dilating and had a c-section. The whole process was beautiful still

  8. Awww you had another baby! I haven’t watched you & Justin in a long time & I wondered if you guys had another baby because last time I watched you guy was when you en want to have another baby & now you have a baby boy! Congrats love!

  9. You're such a strong mom! So proud of you! I don't know if I can go through another c-section but kids are just so darn cute!!! 😭😭😭😭

  10. congratulations!!
    i had exactly the same experience as you, my first a emergency,second elective and i had problems during…i wish my doctor had told me what happened with me…ive only found out being pregnant with my 3rd now after speaking to my consultant…the risks are alot higher,im absolutely petrified.

  11. Please be careful with considering having a 3rd baby through c-section! My mom had me and my 2 sisters through c-sections, and her scar tissue was so bad that the doctors told her she could die if she gave birth to a 4th child. Thank god she never went through that– she's just happy that she was lucky enough to have 3 of us πŸ™‚

  12. I have a 18 month old and a 4 month old 2 boys Jorden And Oliver. My first I had contractions for 3 hours I went to the labor and delivery I was already 8 cm I got the epidural and had him 5 hrs later even though I was 10 cm for a while he was to far up it took me 2 hours to push him out! I would call it an easy labor he was 7.4 My second birth was the birth from hell! OMG I was in labor for 6 days I went to the labor and delivery because I had a massive head ache and the checked out the baby my water was low so I was induced I had 9 yes 9 epidural injections none of them took I was screaming for a c section I thought I was going to die finally I got to 9 cm after 5 days they tryed to do the last epidural at 9 cm it numbed me just long enough to push him out he came out in 15 mins! I'm scared to have another! I love ur vlogs! I've been a subscriber before baby beluga!

  13. I had emergency c section for my first 2 birth because My pelvic was narrow and I stop dilating. So on my 3rd preg I meet with an Chiropractor and it has helped me so much. I was able to give birth vaginal. Met with the same Chiropractor on my 4th preg too and had an vaginal birth also.

    Congrats to you. Bby is adorable!

  14. My 3rd baby came with no epidural and it was crazy how much it hurt. I got to the part where the baby was coming out and ot hurt even more then I figured it would. It really surprised me so I screamed. ha. ha. The reason for no epidural was because the hospital was too busy and ran out of rooms. I almost had the baby in the hallway when they were moving me to a room that just opened up. I remember hearing a baby cry from a room, and I yelled out, "it's my turn, they're done, get me in there". ha. ha.
    I would like to hear more about your temporary paralysis. What was that all about?

  15. I bet having contractions for a week before you delivered also contributed to your milk coming in so quickly. πŸ˜‰

  16. Thanks for sharing your full story, April. I'm so happy you are doing better and hope you continue to feel your best. So happy you kept us in the loop over your vlogs, too! This part of your life is so special and cherished and it is really an honor to be welcomed into your life in these ways. Much love, always.

  17. He is beautiful!! He looks so much like you!! && that top or dress is beautiful those colors look so good on you! You just look great especially for just having a baby like 2 months ago

  18. "Adhesions"? – I was told also it would be also difficult for me to have a 3rd c section if I wanted to get pregnant again. I also have two boys 3 & 5.

  19. Thank you for sharing! I am glad you are recovering and finding ways to take care of yourself! xo
    ZoΓ« had the membranes / sac still covering her head, every time I pushed she got sucked back in. (got stuck pushing on my back due to how she moved into my pelvis. just couldn't get my body moved any other way) I actually found the pushing part enjoyable. The contractions were so intense that by the time I was pushing it felt like a relief. Nothing compares to bringing your little one into the world. No matter the method.
    I also agree re hospital! care is lovely, but in the end, we just want our own bed, family and quiet rest.


  20. Please adopt! You guys would be amazing for kids who don't have the opportunity. I'm adopted and I'm so for it!

  21. i had to have an emergency c section when i gave birth to my daughter. i was induced and got to 9.5 cm but by the time i got that far my heart was failing and i was too weak to push.

  22. Awww congratulations!! I havnt watched yall since Liam was 1 years old. I am happy to see yall are doing well!!

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