hi guys welcome back today I'm going to film a video that I've wanted to film for ages I love watching me so today I'm going to film my best story Harrison is just over two years old now so some of it isn't the most clear in my memory it's all of it the blur but that's why I want to record it now before it gets even blurrier so Harrison is due on the 28th of March 2015 and I went a week and one day overdue and it was Easter Sunday and my waters went in bed I just woke up and just went well Martin's like oh what happened we were just waiting for it that whole time going over do you are just waiting any little sign so yeah as like my waters went in bed and then they just continued to go through the morning this might be a bit too much information but if you're watching a birth Story video then I think you expect that and yeah so they didn't go in a big huge gush they kind of it was just kind of trickling all morning but we did MCT classes and I remember they told us like when your waters go it doesn't mean anything is going to happen immediately so don't like panic and rush to the hospital and because I wasn't in any pain I wasn't having any contractions yet or anything it was just my waters so we were just kind of chillin I did an Easter egg hunt that Martin had set up for me the night before I was doing that like ran the house while I was like leaking and so funny now but I'm really gross but we were just kind of chilling and then the Midwife called cuz we would you to have a midwife come round that day I think and we told her oh my water Flint this morning and she was like I what did the hospital say and we were like oh we haven't been in yet we're just I was think I was waiting for contractions or something to start and she said oh no you need to go and get checked like go in so we did and they basically just like looked at pads that I've had in and said like oh yeah is your water's which I kind of presumed it was and they just sent us home said like give it till tonight like see if anything happens contraction wise and if not they booked me in that night for induction so we came home and I have things eat and I tried to sleep but I was just too like what is happening and then we went in that night I was induced at 10 o'clock that night with a micro pessary induction so that kind of kick-started and contractions through the night I think they're quite irregular through that night just in the ward I don't really remember it now but I don't think they were like that painful I think I was kind of sleeping on and off through them and Martin could stay with me and they checked me in the morning and I was three centimeters dilated and they wanted to it to be moving along faster than that so I went to a delivery suite and they put the induction drip in so that like really kicked off stronger contractions it was a lot more intense and a lot more painful yeah so I was just trying to cope with the pain I tried the birthing board I tried like kneeling up on the bed like with my arms like resting on the top of the bed Martin was rubbing my back a lot but it was was really painful I was like struggling and then I just have a really clear vision of my friend Becky walking in who's a midwife and we'd arranged for it before that I wanted her to deliver her a syringe from my best friend so I think like that was amazing her to be able to do that but yeah I just remember her walking in and just bursting into tears to her I was just like I can't do this it's too much Becky help me she was probably like well but yes and just carried on I think I was on the ball quite a lot bouncing but then it just got all of it too much I think about four o'clock ish in the afternoon I decided to have an epidural they got the doctors to come do it they had a is there any is it enemy pathologist and he sittest he does they were jurors I'm not sure but they had one of them come down and try and put it in in me but he really struggled to get it in the right place it has to be like in between your two of your vertebrae I think and you have to sit really still and kind of like hunched over so he could like space out your spine so he can like get it in the right place and he just really struggled he tried three or four times to get it in and it was really painful and he just couldn't do it I think I was in too much of a state that I couldn't sit there like in that position in so much pain it's my stomach but yeah it just wasn't working and I think bless him he was like really disappointed and he came for me after the birth and was like I'm really sorry that hasn't happened before I've never been able to not like get it in so yeah they have to get like the senior doctor whoever it is to come and do it and therefore something came with her and I remember him holding my hand I had to like his hand and Becky found and I was just so being really were just like keeping me still in the right position anyway they got that in eventually and I forgot to say when I was before I had that I was having guessing err my labor was progressing quite slowly still so they upped the hormone drip a couple of times and then I think I upped the epidural to match that because it even press a button and they're like gives you a boost of the epidural so like the pain relief so remember like doing that you can do it every half hour I think as soon as I could do what I was like pressing it to up this and pain relief and it did help I remember just kind of dozing in and out like when I'd had that for a bit I was trying to get some rest they were telling me like breast while this is just progressing and Martin tried to get some rest too I just remember them like trying to get Martin to eat something because he wouldn't leave you in case anything happens but I remember him like secretly munching on harrybo in the corner and I hate you like sitting there eating harrybo while I'm in this pain I think I had like gone mobile epidural so I could walk but my legs were so heavy I remember my legs like kept slipping off the bed and I have to keep asking Martin so I put my legs back on the bed because I could have picked it up so it just felt like it weighed a ton and yes I think I tried going for toilet a couple times but then I couldn't anymore so they like tried to get me to go on a bedpan and I remember Martin and Becky like picking me up off the bed so they could get the bedpan in under and then when they like shifted me up to get out again every time they did that it made me be sick I think like the motion is like going up and down I've been shifted around as soon as I did away I'd throw up it was not glamorous having a kid is it I was examined again I think it was about six or seven in the evening and I was six centimetres dilated by this time so it was happening just quite slowly and they said that my cervix was it was like dilating a bit unevenly I think so they put the hormone drip up again and and I think I like was put in the epidural up again I could feel the contractions but they weren't anywhere near as painful so that epidural definitely helped a lot yeah the rest of the night was a bit of a blur I don't remember how much I remember people coming in a lot to check on me check on the baby his heart rate was like dipping a bit here and there but they said it was normal for contractions and if he was like in a sleep phase and things like that I had a catheter put in at some point through the night to stop me having to go for a week and and then it was about five or six in the morning when I was fully dilated so I start to push in I don't remember how long I was pushing for but they were worrying a bit about his heart rate I think I think it was dropping with every contraction I was having but more than it should be and so they were trying to monitor it I remember they took like blood samples off his head so when he was like still in me but they like scraped his head to get like a little bit of blood I think chicken oxygen and then I think they had like a monitor stuck on his head like while he was doing me as well like trying to get his heart rate and they weren't happy like it was dropping more than it should be so I think it was about half 7:00 when they decided like we need to get him out quicker but this isn't working the pushing isn't working so they took me to see it out I don't remember getting there at all and like they took me in it was really quick and they tried getting him out with forceps and I don't really remember this at all I think I was kind of panicking and being rushed into theater and it was just all a big blur there was lots of people but I remember her doing the full set and like leaning back on the bed like I swear she had like a foot up on the bed and was like pulling that hard with these forceps so they tried to pull him out with forceps twice something like through two contractions but yeah he wasn't coming out so they said she needs to share it and like we need to get this baby out so yeah they started doing the cesarean cut me open and his head got stuck when they were trying to get it out I don't know if it was where they've been trying to tug him down with the forceps and then they needed him back up so they would push in trying to push his head like back up so they could get him out and I would just remember freaking out I think I had a little panic attack but because he got stuck and they pressed the emergency Bell thing in the room so lots more doctors ran in and I just felt like there was so many people around me and I felt like they were all just in me pushing in me it was just so much pressure and I just it was so much and I couldn't explain it then and I'm just remember saying like I can't breathe I can't breathe and you need to disk I was saying like are you in pain can you feel it like I think ID like the pain relief had worn off or wasn't working and I don't think it was that but I think it was just you have never had anyone digging around in me before so it was just too much I think like when the bell went off and I couldn't breathe I just it sounds too like really dramatic and stupid but I just thought I wasn't going to get out there I fought like my body can't take this like all these people are here this is going wrong my body can't cope with this they can't get him out I can't breathe this isn't like this is just just terrifying and I remember Martin like got over my shoulder save it's okay you know you're going to be okay they're getting to now is fine but I remember looking up at him and he was just crying and he doesn't cry so I remember see him that I'm like oh my god this is serious like he's freaking out and the nuisance told me that there's a few members in there when he fought like I'm going to be going home alone right they're not going to make it which is like terrifying but um yeah five minutes past day they got her tongue out and he was delivered and they rushed him straight to the little recess cart thing because they needed help breathing obviously I think he was just in shock from what he'd just been through and and so he took like what felt like a long time but it was probably only a few seconds like to make any noise or to breathe so we were both like oh my god is he okay and then we heard him crying just like the horse the most amazing thing to hear and yes so he was okay it was fine and they called Martin over I think to see him and to cut the cord which she'd wanted to do and then they wrapped him up and gave him to Martin and Martin like put him next to me and I was just stroking his head and just staring his little face his little squished up frowny face what was just amazing yeah we had a little moment all together and Becky took some photos on my phone like of that moment which was really special and she was actually the Midwife who and like handed him to Martin for the first time and she was there the whole time with me breast I probably terrified her but yes she had to consume Artin and I love that she like one of our best friends was the one who like made us a family so I love that then they took enough to be weighed and they were stitching me up and I think I was in pain at this time so I think I had gotten air again and but yeah that was it if he was fine and I was fine and it was just a bit dramatic fact all worth it 100% he was nine timeline when he was born so he was a big baby I don't know if that's why he got the bit stuck or remember that something that he was arm was in a position at some point which was making it difficult and but yes he was talking didn't want to come out he was too cozy and there we stayed in hospital for I think it was five days after he was born because he was on a course of antibiotics because and he'd been in there but without the fluids around him for about 48 hours so the risk for infection is really high so he had antibiotics just to make sure he was all clear and so I recovered from the worst of the c-section in the hospital which was probably good for me because I couldn't really go out and about or do too much I was just in that little room even though we just wanted to get home and I was lucky that Martin could stay with me the whole time and which he did because it would be really hard especially that the first night when you can't really like bend down or anything to pick up the baby so yeah that is my bad story and a bit of natural labour epidural forceps survarium just a nice range there sorry I've ruffled on a bit but I really want to remember as many details as I can of it I love hearing birth stories so please comment and tell me yours if you had anything similar and also if you had a cesarean did you have variants afterwards or did you go for a VBAC because that is something that is in my mind a lot I'm constantly trying to figure out which would be better for me what to go for if we're lucky enough to have another one thank you so much for watching and I'll see you again soon I

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  1. Love a birth story. You had a rough time of it! Four of my closest friends all had successful vbacs, but I think you have to do what feels right for you! Xx

  2. I had an induction with my son Hunter and it ended in an emergency c section after a long labor. His heart kept dipping every time the doctor tried to manually move him. He was stuck on my right side.

  3. Very similar to me Joanne. Quinns heart rate would shoot through the roof everytime the drip and apidural got topped up. We also had the scratch test and monitor on her head. My epidural failed though so I could still feel pain as they were about to cut me open so knocked me out with a GA. I really struggled emotionally afterwards too.

  4. Your story is quite a bit like mine, its so traumatic isn't it. I didn't have forceps just induction and emergency section. I have had another little boy now since and chose an elective section, 100% the best idea ever. It was so calm and peaceful, I took my iPod to theatre with my music on, we were all laughing and joking about and it was just the best experience ever.

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