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I have like negative five minutes to film this video So I’m gonna keep it as short and sweet is physically possible but I wanted to get it up because so many people have asked me to share my labor and delivery story my birth story and It was one of those things where I was like do we want to share it don’t I want to share it? It’s such a personal intimate experience obviously for me and my family So I want to be very respectful of you know my privacy the privacy of my baby girl my husband and everybody who’s involved on the day, but I do want to share it because Social media has finally taken on a new meaning for me. I kind of found it very Pointless and more negative and positive for a very very long time. But as I’ve kind of said on my Instagram account In stories often, you know, I’m so appreciative to all of you guys are my entire pregnancy journey For the support that you’ve shown me and the connection that I felt with other women via this platform has made such an impact on me on a much deeper level than I ever expected social media to Kind of take on so I am going to share it I’m not gonna get into the kind of nitty gritty details or anything like that but I do want to share a little bit about my experience because It was a crazy one, and it was also an insanely Positive one so to start out we decided to induce just a couple of days before the mark of The time the doctor would strongly advise that I induced. I always planned on being in hospital I have an amazing doctor who’s been my doctor actually for a decade so it was very cool to kind of go on this pregnancy and birth journey with her and my husband and her are like Best buds. So we we went into the hospital we Induced I was very ready to go. So I actually didn’t need much help. Anyway, I was contracting on my way to the hospital so timing worked out soon after inducing the contractions like Really ramped up quite quickly and at that point I has been contacted our doula I was like, hey, you need to get here now. Um, you know, things are starting to happen So our doula came for those of you who don’t know. What a doula is my doula informed me that apparently the word doula in I believe Greek means servant and it’s basically her whole purpose is to help serve the Parents throughout the birthing experience to make sure that our wishes are always met and she was really an advocate For us and what we wanted to happen as far as our birth plan was concerned She was an amazing support to us as far as you know, coping with the labor. I can’t stress enough How amazing this woman was? Um, her name is Tamika. She is phenomenal I’m gonna link to her Facebook page down below in the description box because she’s so funny She doesn’t even have like a proper website set up, but she is so amazing So if you’re in the Los Angeles area and in need of a doula Please please please contact me because she was a complete and total game changer for us apparently the doctor said the goal with Contractions is to kind of get them to be happening every two to three minutes because that means like your body is doing its thing Mine were coming on like every 20 to 30 seconds. So it was just kind of this Wave of constant contracting I was absolutely insane. I’m like when it started out I think my husband may have the photo if he does I’m gonna get him to give it to me so I could enter kinda Here, but basically when the contractions started I was like curling my hair It’s like I want to look cute for the pictures like I’m just gonna be here doing my hair because I can totally cope with this and then like I don’t know what happened But it completely 180 and it just got so insanely intense and my husband was so amazing he is just the best guy ever and the most supportive human being on the planet and he Along with my doula helped me cope through this insane rollercoaster of contractions different body movements different massage Techniques all sorts of things that they were doing to help me cope We also had essential oils going we had you know, fake obviously you can’t have real handle it in a hospital major safety hazard But we had like the little like flickering Battery operated candles, like set the relaxing vibe and again our doula was just so amazing. I labored in total for about 18 hours through the night and into the next day and I Got an epidural to those women out there who do it without the epidural? Whoa, you are beasts you are like next level superhumans and I I Applied. Yep, there’s no way that I could have done it without the epidural um that made everything just a much more enjoyable experience all around because I I mean I I couldn’t even breathe like my contractions were so constant I didn’t even have any recovery time in between so the epidural was a game-changer that allowed us to kind of like laugh our way through the rest of the labor experience and we got some Got some Z’s and my husband and I got a little nap time And again, my doula was just there like wide awake the entire time right by my side So anytime I kind of rolled over my eyes were open. She was giving me water She was so phenomenal and she was also photographing the whole time which was also like just extra bonus points For us because we have so many amazing memories from the day But then everything took a bit of a crazy turn it came in. They checked me To see how dilated I was and I think I had made it to about 5 centimeters then About half an hour later. I got checked again and they were like, oh you one more centimeter now You’re 6 centimeters. So in my head I was like Okay, go time is around the corner. Like I’m doing this this is happening I am gonna give birth to this little girl and I was really excited because again, I had such a positive experience thus far with the laboring, you know It was it was something that we were able to really enjoy I think I felt back to sleep and had a little bit more of a nap and a few hours later my doctor came back and she checked me again, and she told me that I had dilated any further at all and in fact, I was starting to swell really badly on the inside, so Things were likely not gonna progress. They were actually looking like they were starting to move backwards. I Wanted to hold out just a little bit longer to kind of see if anything changed And the swelling was not stopping so at that point My doctor advised us to you know, gear up for a c-section Baby was totally fine the entire time. She’s like, okay mom whatever like your swelling this is going on that’s going on She was cool as a cucumber in there, but it was strongly advised for you know my sake and her sake in the long term to just move forward with the c-section because Had we left anything longer More complications could have arisen kind of a bit of a freakout that’s a massive understatement I had a major freakout. I’ve never had Surgery apart from my wisdom teeth being removed. I’ve never broken a bone I’ve Gotten stitches like once in my life I’ve been fortunate to not have to have any surgery or anything dramatic happened like that as far as my health and safety is concerned So I really didn’t know what to expect those of you who don’t know. I’m sure everybody does know first c-section You’re wide awake. And you know, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen that movie with Came Kristensen granted He was supposed to be under he wasn’t but I was like, okay, I’m gonna be awake. I’m gonna be awake Hopefully not freaking out. They’re like, I’m well aware of what’s going on behind the curtain but I’m also terrified of surgery because it’s my gosh what if you can feel things like that would be Terrifying and awful obviously something out of like a horror movie So, you know, I’m sure that doesn’t happen very often but I was just starting to really kind of scare myself and I needed to just Purge that fear and purge the emotions and my Dula again was there by my side So amazing and comforting to me in that moment and of course my doctor who’s like become such a great friend of ours is Amazing and she at one point just like cleared everybody out of the room and just spoke to me one-on-one she’s so strong and she’s so I Don’t know Inspirational as a woman and I just trust her so much that she really gave me that kind of boost of strength and confidence that I needed to just Once I had let all of the tears all the ugly cry just like leave my body. I was like, okay, it’s go time Let’s do this everything to happen really fast from that moment The anesthesiologist did whatever he did and I got wheeled out and into the operating room Which you know, it’s such a vulnerable Feeling to to be on that table and everything and I remember once the the surgery started I was just like talking to my husband the whole time I was like, hey, he needs to keep making a direct eye contact with me. Okay, I’m really totally a.m I don’t feel anything, but I am aware that this is happening and that’s happening and for some reason like Vocalizing my fear and out. Like I was like, this is really freaky because I know that they’re doing this right now Just like narrating surgery But that maybe you feel better. I think my doctor was amazing. She’s like cracking jokes that totally eased our minds We had a playlist going Which was so funny, you know, my husband at one point was like isn’t this so us. Like we’re here. We’re having a baby we’re just listening to It’s like yeah, that is so us. I’ll never forget That sound of her little cry cuz obviously again the sheets up so it’s I imagine a little bit different and actually delivering vaginally because I Imagined in that case unless you’re close because you’re like pushing so hard you’d see the baby visually but I didn’t I heard her first before I saw her and I just remember hearing her cry and like I Again, I want to be so respectful to my family about how that this experience was but I just say without getting teary-eyed or too emotional and oversharing here like it was the most emotional experience of my life does not begin to explain it the Connection to my husband in that moment and just like whoa, I can’t even say it But that’s starting to get teary-eyed but I was like, I’m not gonna get emotional in this video. Um, yeah, so Crazy just hearing her cry for the first time. And the first thing I saw I was like, oh my god It’s the cutest cry. She’s got such a girly little crush. It’s so true like she just sounded so dainty and so petite and adorable and um Yeah, so she you know was delivered happy and healthy six pounds 12 ounces 20 and a half inches long. Um She’s a Libra baby. I I Okay, I’m gonna like go off on a tangent now and continue the real story But again, I don’t know if I’m gonna include this or not. I believe once they delivered her things started to get a little bit crazier than anyone anticipated and I actually started to hemorrhage I had a uterine artery tear and a right broad ligament rip my doctor tried to show me on like a diagram of a Woman’s insides like what exactly that meant. I started to lose a lot of blood my body was, you know reacting. Um, Negatively. I started to kind of go in and out of consciousness and my husband was just so amazing sitting there with the baby like right on my cheek and just talking to me and it’s so calmly so Josh just so funny and and like He lights up a room. So just like so charismatic and I would have never known that anything was actually wrong if you know I was feeling what I was feeling but the he was Acting and reacting to what I was saying was like I’m freaking out for no reason like you’re all good and I had no idea that I was actually in any sort of trouble at any point because he is just the best and so supportive and managed to say like Cool calm and collected the entire time. I would have been totally shitting myself and then he just kept it together for me and for us our doctors, you know were phenomenal they Got me all sewn shut And everything was good to go. I literally felt like the color come back to my face like I felt life come back into my body and I was suddenly Alert and aware again and felt actually totally fine. Like nothing had ever happened. It took us over to the recovery room I was able to you know, have some skin-on-skin time with my little one You know, it took took a couple days for us to process everything that had kind of gone on Took a couple days if not longer for me to process Not having my birth go the way that I wanted it to go. I know that that happens for a lot of women. Um It’s just not something you ever actually anticipate happening for you. I’d had such a flawless pregnancy, you know I of course natural pregnancy symptoms, but I never had any health issues the baby never had any health issues like so grateful, we’ve been so lucky and – you know, so I just kind of assumed that my labor and delivery would go the same way You know everything would go according to plan and it would all be good no issues um So I really wasn’t anticipating having to kind of change Everything that I had had ingrained in my head of how I wanted the day to go I can’t imagine that now any other way, you know and I’m so glad that I got to labor for those 18 hours and and got to Experience that I wouldn’t take that back for the world. I Enjoyed every minute of it. Even when I was like on all fours breathing through agony Traction after contraction. I loved it and I got to have a c-section experience too, which was you know, very cool and Different, you know interesting interesting to be a wake on the table while people are operating on you and you know, having a conversation and listening choices, so Yeah, I wouldn’t change any of it actually It just wasn’t what I had initially had in my head far as birth plans and all that good stuff Ladies like obviously have an idea of how you want it to go. But also just Let life happen, you know and let this new life come into the world and happen the way but that’s meant to happen I’m just so grateful for the the team of people that I had supporting me first and foremost, obviously my wonderful husband who is just amazing and What a trip, you know We got to share such an incredible unique experience with one another it does certainly bonded us Even more than we already or if that is even physically possible and to my amazing doula was right by my side the whole time Tomika you’re a rockstar. I Can’t imagine you know how Josh and ice experienced would have been without you and of course our amazing doctor Again, she was so phenomenal. She’s been so phenomenal throughout the entire journey I She is an absolute rockstar. I’m gonna link to her book geology below It’s a must read Ries weather’s been actually wrote the foreword cuz that’s how much of a rockstar my doctor is and to the amazing Team at st. John’s in Santa Monica all of you guys all of the nurses. Thank you so much. Yeah I’m so happy to have gotten to share this story with you guys I hope you enjoyed hearing it if you have any questions at all Or or want to share your birth stories your labor and liver stories. Please do in the comment section below I would love love love to hear all about your journeys after all That’s why I made this video in hopes of connecting with all of you beautiful people All right, guys, I’ll see you in the next one

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  1. I was induced as well. They broke my water and 4 hours later my daughter was born 🙂 my contractions were like yours; no break in between. It makes it difficult to cope with the pain.
    Congrats on your baby girl 🙂

  2. This makes me nervous reading everyone's experiences and hearing your story. I just found out that I am pregnant and I have no idea what to expect as this is my first pregnancy.

  3. Congratulations …….so happy for you!!!!Thanks for telling us as much as you could,your baby girl is gorgeous and healthy …. ..yay!!!So glad you're safe and well…..luv ya girl!!!

  4. Loved hearing your c-section story. I had a very similar birth, except during the c-section I could feel them cutting because the epidural wasn't properly done 🙁 I was put to sleep and met our son 2 hrs later. It also bothered me the way things had turned out. I used to get really emotional about it even a year later. But now, I've come to terms with it and look forward to a better experience round 2 😊Csection recovery was really not that bad for me, but would be interested in hearing your recovery story and what helped you during the 2 week recovery period.

  5. Congratulations!! My little girl is a little over 3 weeks old ❤️ my labor & delivery was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I was having contractions for about 20 hours and pushed for 3 hours. My contractions were also about 40 seconds apart so I was exhausted. I too had some complications, she had the cord wrapped around her neck at one point while I was pushing, my amazing doctor was able to get it from around her neck and I continued to push for about another hour. Once she finally came they immediately put her on my chest but she wasn’t crying. In fact she wasn’t doing much of anything, the nurses immediately took her from me and started patting her back. She was alive but I had been pushing for so long that she had so much fluid in her mouth she was unable to cry. They kept getting the fluid out and after about 3 minutes she finally let out a cry and they gave her back to me. I am 4’11 and she was 9lbs and 20inches. It’s no wonder I was pushing for so long! Oh and did I mention it was all unmedicated. No epidural, though I might reconsider if I decide to have a second child. Had to get stitches but other than that the recovery wasn’t so bad. All in all she is perfect and I’m so glad I had such a wonderful team and doctor ❤️

  6. Your birth story is literally the same as mine. Down to the uterine tear and our babies were even the same size. That’s insane!!! 😆

  7. Congratulations to you and Josh. Super happy for you guys and thank God everything was fine and hope you are feeling a lot better. I love you, got bit emotional hearing what you had to go through and so grateful for Josh and your whole team. You guys will be amazing parents.

  8. I had a similar experience with my daughter Ava, I labored a total of 30 hours and I think it was like 4 hours was active labor. My water broke and I had an epidural. Turned out my pelvis didn’t expand enough for her to fit through and she went into distress so I had to have an emergency cesarean, thankfully I did great on the table and didn’t have any other complications other then my hormones reacting to the spinal and I was shaking uncontrollably, I couldn’t even talk if I wanted too. But my daughter came into the world in May 3 days after her due date and she was happy healthy and absolutely perfect 🙂

  9. Thank you for sharing your experience. Same with me, so excited and expecting the natural birth because I never had a problem with my pregnancy or baby. I got induced and had the contractions going starting from 9 AM until 8 PM when all of the sudden the baby's heart beat went very low that they took me to the c section room without saying anything they were just running that I literally thought I would lose my baby💔 but thank God after they placed me on the table his heart beat came back normal then I had to have him with c section because I was having a difficulty dilating so for his safety it was necessary. It was a terrifying experience to me I cried like a crazy at that moment thinking that I was losing him but after all I'm very blessed that nothing bad happened and he was healthy and perfect ❤️ Sorry for any mistakes English is not my first language ☺️

  10. "I'm not going to get emotional in this video" meanwhile I'm crying over my cereal! Incredible story. I'm so happy for you and your family, Congratulations x

  11. Congratulations on your sweet girl 💕I just had a little girl back in May, she will be 6 months in 2 weeks! My advice to you is cherish every moment and every milestone cause it goes by so fast. I know the past 6 months have just flown by. 😩 Keep being awesome momma 💕🎀

  12. Wow! First of all, congratulations on your amazing, adorable little baby girl! 💜 And thank you so much for sharing all of this with us. You being so open and vulnerable means the world to me! Your hemmorage scare must have been so terrible and I am so glad that you got through it so well. You are incredible and so lucky to have such an amazing husband! Much love from Germany!

  13. I LOVE listening to/reading birth stories. Mine is long, so I’ll link my blog post. I am the same as you, I loved everything about the birth and I wish I could relive it. The most overwhelming and empowering moment of my life!! I was planning unmedicated until I got to 7CM and my squats were making the contractions worse lol. I’d do it all over again in a heart beat!

  14. Sounds so much like my birth with my first baby!! I went to 10cm in 1.5 hours but I had the same no break with contractions either. They put me on the monitors and said “oh… you’re right.. you don’t have a break!”. I pushed for 9 hours and we had to call it also because of swelling. My son was 100% fine through it all and was super happy but for 9 months I was so depressed and sad that I didn’t get my birth I wanted.

  15. Congratulations mama 🌞 so excited to follow your journey into motherhood. The way you talk about your husband is so beautiful, your baby girl is lucky to have you both!

  16. You are so strong! I almost had to get a c-section. They had to break my water because it wouldn't on it's own. And when your water breaks you only have a certain amount of time to have your baby. I was in labor for 27 hours. It started around 8 in the morning and didn't have my son until 11 the next morning. They broke my water in the evening that day. I was getting close to the point where I would need to get a c-section but thank god he decided to come! Other than that I had an easy and amazing experience. It truly was the best day of my life. No matter how your birth goes it always a blessing to come out healthy and your child be healthy. Your baby girl is so beautiful! She is very lucky to have you as a mommy!❤❤❤❤

  17. So glad you decided to share your birth story <3 I recently shared mine and it's kind of cathartic to talk it out. I also had to have a c-section and had never had any kind of surgery… the freak out is real!!!

  18. I was 22 when I gave birth to my munchkin. He just turned 2 on Friday! ☺️ even though I just recently subscribed, congratulations!! 🎊🎉 just remember you make your own rules as a mom

  19. That moment with your spouse is the best! I remember after I kept thinking I just want to keep having babies to keep having these moments with my husband lol

  20. Congrats on your beautiful little girl! I'm sorry to hear you had a bit of a scary birth! Mine did not go well at all. I had my little boy in August. I was induced also, and after 49 hours in, I had to have an emergency c section due to a prolapsed cord. I was 100% knocked out for my c section and my husband was not able to be in the or with me until after. I was so out of it after I woke up from the anesthesia I could barely hold my baby from being so tired. The very next day, not even a full 24 hours old,my baby was taken from me to another hospital because they thought he had a bowel obstruction. So there I was, just out of a major surgery and my baby was gone, and my husband went with him. It was incredibly rough. The hardest experience of my life….I think as women, we have that "ideal birth" in our minds. I know I did. I didn't get to hear that first cry, see the look on my husband's face, or get that initial time with my baby. But the most important thing is that you and baby are just fine and healthy. After 6 days in another hospital my baby boy came home to me. He is doing so well now! Good luck shenae, you're going to do great!

  21. Sounds so similar to our birth story! My pregnancy was great but the birth was crazy. Ended up having an emergency cesarean as well and lost a lot of blood. I had to stay in the hospital for 4 days! I actually didn't know that I was very close to death until recently and my son's birth was 2 years ago ! They didn't want to scare me, but I had a feeling since I had to stay for 4 days… Thanks for sharing your birth story! Oh and my son is a Libra too!

  22. I remember you from Degrassi years ago 😊 I’m due on Sunday and getting induced that night! I’m excited. Congrats to you babe ❤️

  23. I also had a hemorrhage during my birth but my doctor never told me why and just said they couldn't find anything wrong so I never really understood why. They couldn't get it under control & eventually they had to take me into the surgery room & put me to sleep to see what was wrong and still no answers. Needless to say it was traumatic and emotional but I didn't show I was freaking out in the inside.

  24. I had c section with my son because he as butt first. Its pretty scary. It's also kinda painful. Even thou your supposed to be numb. I have thought I might have not been numb enough thou because at first they had hard time getting me numb.

  25. When i had my son I was terrified of being induced. Like that was the worst thing to me. I just wanted to let my body do what it was gonna do and not be rushed. Thankfully my doctor let me go past my due date but i had to see him literally everyday for two weeks after i pasted it. I was 41 and 5 when i actually delivered. I went in for a stress test and they said my sons heart wasnt doing what it needed to do and that i might get induced that day and i was ready to panic but then the doctor came in and said nope your good go walk lol and so we left and went out of town and at 4:05pm i had my first real contraction. And i knew it was real cause it was so strong i couldnt use my leg and i was driving. Lol my hubby and i ended up at hobby lobby for 3 hours while we walked i huddled over the cart during the contractions. Lol then we went and ate cause that was the only thing i told my husband i wouldnt give on haha i was not about to check into the hospital empty. So we ate then my hubby had an mri to get done so i just walked and waited and they were 2 minutes apart at that point then we got home i ate a pot pie and took a bath and by then it was 10:30 and my hubby forced me to go in cause i couldnt talk through them anymore. I was so mad too cause i had been having false labor for like 2 months and so i was like if i go in and they send me home its gonna be your fault lol 😂 and so we went in they checked me and i was at a 5. I got Newbane in my IV to help me through the progressive stage but still felt every thing. I was basically snoring inbetween the contractions every 2 minutes then screaming during them . 😒 at one point i kicked everyone out of my room cause it was to much. There were 5 ppl in my room plus the nurses abd everyone was talking and being all crazy which it was exciting by i needed calm in that moment so i just said no more and they all went to the waiting room. They checked me again at 12 and i was at 9. They called the doctor and he walked in as i started pushing. But i was delivering naturally and my son was almost 9 pounds and he ended up getting stuck for almost 2 hours in the birth canal cause he was just so big i couldnt get him out. Finally i just gave up. My contractions went from 1 minute apart to 10 and they were getting worried cause my sons heart rate was going crazy. I told my husband im done i cant make it stop just begging someone to help me and he looked at me and said no you got this baby imagine going through all this just to give up now one more and hes out. Then i just stopped and prayed and just begged god to give me strenght to push his ass out and i felt this blanket of calm come over me and they said ok here we go and i grabbed my legs and held my breath and pushed with everything i had. And he finally was out. I had a first degree tear and a 5 point star stitch but i did it. 30 minutes after pushing him out i got up and peed cause i refused to pee in a bed pan haha

    My son was 8 pounds 13 ounces 20 inches.

    Congratulations on Your Baby Bowie. 🎀 You went through hell to give her life but you did it and came out of it a stronger person. I dont think i wouldve ever been able to go through something like that and laugh about it in the end nor even think of having another.. Your an amazing momma. All the best and bbrightest wishes for you and your little family. ❤👶👫

  26. I know its very private but I am so thankful to you for sharing your experience. I felt something was up and I watched your 'how I knew I was pregnant' video with your friend. Now I know I'm pregnant and watching your videos is really helpful and interesting! Thank you and congratulations!!!

  27. God I didn’t expect this video to make me so emotional, when you said you were near tears it nearly made me well up. I’m so sorry to hear about all the complications but so pleased that you survived it all! Congrats to your new family and wish you all the love and joy in the world! 💛

  28. Mine didn’t go as planned. I did get my membrane stripped, and that was going as planned. I lost my mucus plug and my water broke. Dilating was going super slow so I got induced. Still was having a hard time dilating. I gave in and got an epidural, which I hated and regret. We were switching positions and the doctor pulled my leg and my kneecap dislocated (this was the 6th time in total it’s done it) my husband put it back. But after that I was scared and I let it wear off. 25 hours later Amara was born. Not how I wanted it to go, I was dead set on a natural birth, I still am. Hopefully on the next one!

  29. Hi Shenae,
    Congratulations on your baby girl!!
    What a great story!
    I had a similar story with my first. I was 19, was induced, laboured for 13 hrs and then had a c-section!!
    I remember when i heard his little cry, took my breath away and i cried too. Cameron James was born June 2006 @ 11:01 pm. Weighing 8lbs 2oz and 21.5 inches long.
    It was amazing. So is he.
    I later went on to have two VBAC and two healthy daughters, no epidural either time! Lol
    Thanks for sharing your story ♡

  30. You are such an inspiration. I can't believe how well you dealt with everything and how easy you make it all look. I imagine it must have been really tough at some points but I'm always watching your videos just because I honestly feel you make it all better. So whenever I feel that I need a little boost of energy and confidence about my own pregnancy and giving birth (which is still 6 months away but really freaks me out since this is my first baby) I just like to hear you talk about how it is that you deal or dealt with the difficult parts and know that having a positive attitude and a proper support group is very important. SO THANK YOU for being there for a lot of us in this journey and helping us sail through it even though you have no idea really how much it is that you help. I would like to hear about the Csection, like how was recovery and all of that because I saw the pictures you posted on instagram and not in a million years would I have imagined that you had gone through surgery. Seriously you're a bad ass mom and you talk about your support group being rockstars but Bowie has a rockstar mom herself.

  31. Congrats on your baby girl! I ended up having an emergency c section due to preeclampsia and low blood platelets. I was also freaking out. I hope you're healing well!

  32. Congratulations! My doula was amazing! Had her for all 3 of my kids and I know my husband and I would not have been as calm without her.

  33. i had a csection aswell. my baby girl was breech so she was not in position for me to give birth. having the surgery is the most interesting experience. it is such a crazy feeling feeling them working on your but also not feeling anything. i could feel my body move side to side but couldn’t feel what they were actually doing. it doesn’t matter how your little one comes into the world just as long as there’re happy and healthy. so happy for y’all!!!

  34. My first pregnancy sucked throughout until I gave birth. Only took a little under 7 hours to get him out. 😂 my first girl I lost a crazy amount of blood (had to have a blood transfusion, I was losing so much blood I almost passed out) and was in labor for 3 days! I was so emotional. And she was a big girl.
    My last baby girl and smallest baby (she could fit into premie clothes 6lbs 7oz) I wanted to be induced at 37 weeks, I was waiting on a call to let me know if I could the day I asked, later that night at about 11, I was cleaning EVERYTHING. And I cut my finger. I was bleeding everywhere and the glass was dirty. So me and my boyfriend went to the hospital and it was just a scratch. Bled more because I was pregnant. I got my discharge papers and it said something about being induced at 5am that night? I had to call the doctors office and ask them about it. And said it was true. That they had a bed for me. I was so emotional. We were ready. Lol. 15 hours after them inducing me, 1 hours after my water breaks, she turns her body completely around. so I have to have my first csection after all those contractions and not being able to eat. I was beyond aggravated. turns out the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck. so the csection saved her life. and almost took it considering the nurses and doctors almost dropped her. I was so upset through it all because I was butt naked in front of two doctors, 5 nurses, and a male anesthesiologist plus my boyfriends mom. Then I couldn't hold her for another hour. Or eat for another two. It was all crazy. I'm glad I have three different stories and got to experience both csection and vaginal. doesnt change me or make me better or less strong then anyone else. I'm just happy I have my kids.

  35. Congrats on your new family!

    My birth story was pretty much the same, except I didn't get an epidural until about 2 hours before the C-section. I was also fully dilated and even pushed for about an hour before I was prepped for the C-section. Birth is such an experience.

  36. With my daughter i was able to get the epidural and with my son it happened so fast that i wasn’t able to, it is a complete game changer if you get it. I applaud the women who chose not to get one bc there’s no way i could do it again without.

  37. Your birth story sounds so similar to mine! I had my daughter 20 months ago and id planned on a natural delivery, again after a really easy pregnancy. I was induced and after 18 hours in labour it just wasnt progressing, my daughter was stuck and I wasnt doing very well. Id asked for the epidural but it didnt work for me and the pain relief I did have knocked me out. I was rushed for a C-Section, which was going well until I haemorrhaged badly, I lost a lot of blood and had an infection which left me and baby on antibiotics in hospital for a total of 9 days. It took me a long time to come to terms with my experience, that it didnt go to plan and to forgive myself for my baby being unwell too

  38. The first time you hold your baby is the most indescribable feeling! I was thankful to take after my mother and have a quick labour. I laboured for about 7 hours total. I was about 7cm dilated when I got to the hospital, no epidural (thank god for gas and air!!), and I was only in the hospital for 2 hours before my baby was in my arms. I'm so lucky I had such an easy (if it's ever easy!!), maybe straightforward is a better word, experience. I've been warned if I have any more babies to head to hospital with my first contraction because it's probably going to be an even quicker labour!

  39. I haven't gone through a pregnancy, labor & delivery yet, but I do hope that in the future when it does happen for me that it'll all be wonderful eye opening experiences that will teach me more about life, love, and everything else that can bring more joy to my heart, life, and soul. Thank you for sharing your pregnancy to labor & delivery experience. Know that it is appreciated. ~ Love, from a fan.

  40. I had a similar situation with the birth of my baby girl 2 weeks ago. I made it to 10cm then started to swell right when I was getting ready to push. She started going back up and her heart rate went up into the 220s and I spiked a fever. Went in for an emergency c-section. Turns out her umbilical cord was too short and she wouldn’t have been able to come out vaginally after all. It was scary but in the end, you do what is best for your baby and your body!!! It makes us no less mothers than someone who gave birth vaginally. ❤️

  41. I have two children and no epidurals but I did have gas and air and the pethidine injection which doesn’t take the pain away but makes you feel drunk. 😂 I don’t know how our ancestors coped without pain relief?

  42. Well I was 19, had hyperemisis (severe morning sickness from 4 weeks to 39) lost weight and couldn’t even have water. Was induced and had pitocin going for 4 days (constant contractions too) then was in “active labor” for 55 hours before they called a c section since I wasn’t dialating. Forced to get an epidural right before. I Wanted a natural birth but in the end it didn’t happen. Still always worth it.💙 congrats on your baby girl 💕

  43. Thanks for sharing! I wish my c section was more positive, but at the end of it I'm so grateful for my son. Thankfully, I was able to have a VBAC 2 months ago and it was such an amazing experience. It truly helped me with my birth trauma. I labored for 4 days total, and pushed for 20 minutes. Such a difference from my first birth experience. You're so right, I wouldn't trade the long labor for anything. is a great place for any mamas thinking about having one.

  44. Your birth story is super similar to mine which is crazy because everyone’s is so different. I went through 22 hours of labor and I stayed at a 6 for about 5 hours but every time they tried to give me pitocin my daughters heart rate would drop. Being a nurse I hit a point that my dr was there in the middle of the night so I volunteered for a c-section but all of my epidural was on my right side so I actually did feel my c-section only left side which was horrible. This baby I’m going straight to c-section in March to avoid the drama and I’m so excited!

  45. I literally never comment on these videos but your story is 100% what happened to me: down to the doula. It was scary AF. Good for you for being so positive about it.

  46. This is similar to my labor and delivery! I was in labor for 16hrs and got stuck at 5cm so ended up getting a C-Section, first surgery EVER. My water broke at 6:30 that morning, admitted into the hospital at 8am, by 9pm they ended up doing the C Section. I literally thought I was going to die in surgery HAHA! I was awake during also, couldn’t feel anything, my fiancé sat beside me and we talked, I also had the anesthesiologist play music for me😂 (my fiancé said it looked like the doctors were playing tug of war on my stomach) but now 11 months later, she’s my entire being 💕

  47. I also had a csection, my baby boy was 11lbs and 3oz.

    I was in labour for 37 hours without epidural, I ended up getting a UTI during labour, I had no choice to get a csection because risk of infection. I had to get the epidural before my csection and it failed so I went under anesthesia. By the time I went under, my baby wasn’t breathing when he was born, he swallowd his own poop!!!!😭 but everything went good❤️

  48. Thanks so much for sharing your amazing story! So happy you guys are all happy and healthy! Beautiful family! This is my story:
    2 weeks ago my baby girl was born 😍
    After getting contractions in early labour for a day on a Weds, I lost my ability to pee the next day and it caused me tremendous pain (WORSE THAN BIRTH I KID YOU NOT) My home birth plan went out the window and I went to the hospital to get a catheter to drain 1.5L of urine from my bladder 😦 most likely causes: position of baby, things shifting affecting my nerves and ability to empty bladder, and taking gravol as I was told to so I could doze off during the early labour. I’ve never taken gravol in my life. One of the side affects is urine retention but my midwives and even the OB has never seen this happen to a pregnant woman before. Yay me!🤷🏻‍♀️
    Thankfully, the pain stopped and I was able to sleep. On Fri morning my midwife broke my water. My baby was posterior (her back was facing my back) which would cause back labour pains, it would’ve sucked! So I got in all fours and did some cat/cow movements to try to turn her. Then I felt the need to push. They were going to give me oxytocin because I was at 3cm forever (Thank u urine retention) but more contractions started coming. I went from 3cm to 6 to 10 in under an hour. I was NOT moving from my all-fours position 🙅🏻‍♀️ In about 40 minutes, @harleysam18 entered the world! 🙌🏻
    Even though I couldn’t birth at home, I was so happy to experience the new Alongside Midwife Unit at MSH. It was super hard but I took zero drugs and was able to feel every single moment of my baby girl’s birth. I felt mentally alert, body aware, and in charge of how this was going to go. BREATHING/RELAXING IS SO KEY. Grateful to my hubby @joerehab and my amazing midwife team @dm_midwives for their support. My recovery has been great so far.

  49. I'm just now finding your channel and I remember you from degrassi. Thank you for sharing your birth story. I had to have an emergency c section with my daughter because her heartrate was dropping and I was only at 2 cm. She cried the whole time until she saw me for the first time and that was when they put her on my chest. Kudos to those that give birth naturally but a c section is also crazy rough! Congratulations on your baby girl! It goes by fast mine is now 16 months and it's hard to believe.

  50. I always wanted to become a mother. Many told me that I
    wouldn’t be able to carry a baby successfully and that I would be high risk.
    After losing our first pregnancy, I really believed I would never fulfill the
    one and only real dream I’ve ever had….To become a mother. Jeremy and I
    actively decided to try. I downloaded all the hormone, pregnancy tracking apps
    I could find. I read all the stories on best ways to conceive a baby.

    After a failed pregnancy at the beginning of our relationship
    I was hesitant to try again. It was an ectopic pregnancy implanted in my right
    tube. We tried the shot first to end the pregnancy, but it didn’t work. Come 14
    weeks my tube ruptured, causing slow internal bleeding which caused me to be
    rushed to the hospital for immediate removal of the ectopic pregnancy.
    Then it happened when we least expected it. We drove from
    Florida where we lived to Indiana in December to visit family for the Holidays.
    It was on this trip that we conceived our little Angel Baby.

    Pregnancy was just as they predicted. It was complicated and
    hard. I was monitored closely and given a due date of September 20, 2015. I
    counted down every day! During month 7 I was gaining too fast and measuring
    huge. They told me to watch what I eat and that they wanted to monitor me a
    little closer. I felt huge! Towards the last trimester I could barely move.
    Could barely get around the house let alone leave the house in the hot summer
    months of South Florida. I had immense swelling and water retention.
    On my due date, no movement. The following week I had a
    series of stress tests to monitor our little girl. I stayed at 2cm dilated for
    a week. If she was to be anything like her Daddy, she was going to do this all
    on her own time schedule. That she did.

    5 days after my due date, September 25th. Jeremy
    and I went to eat at Qdoba (I haven’t been to eat there since). We went back to
    the house, I showered and laid down. Our Doberman Keno came over on the bed,
    started whining and laid his head on my belly. All I felt was a little bit of
    pressure, but his whine made me nervous. Dogs sense things that sometimes we
    don’t recognize, even when its our own body telling us something. So, I told
    Jeremy we should probably go to the hospital.
    The admittance part of the hospital was the worst memory I
    have. I went to the OB-ER at Sarasota Memorial Hospital and it was like ‘I am
    Legend’ in there. I was the ONLY patient. But, for some reason they kept
    telling me I wasn’t in labor. I wasn’t contracting “as per the norm”. Let me
    say this, I didn’t have normal contractions that start and stop and give you a
    breather in between. It was one constant contraction with immense pressure.
    They kept me in the waiting room for a full hour before finally, Jeremy started
    getting really upset and said something. They treated me like I was being
    dramatic or an inconvenience because they were all eating supper.

    They take me back to a room. Meanwhile, I am puking all that
    Qdoba up all over their bathroom floor, I warned them I couldn’t make it to the
    toilet, they brushed me off. I remember the nurse saying, “you aren’t in labor
    and we will probably send you home but let me put you on the monitor anyway”. I
    was furious. If I wasn’t in labor, then something was wrong. I know my body and
    I’ve had many surgeries. Something wasn’t right. She comes back 20 minutes
    later (after Jeremy, who is extremely worried, goes and yells at them to please
    come monitor me and do their jobs) and says, “oh my gosh, you’ve dilated to 6
    cm really quickly, we are going to get you up into L&D!!”
    Flash forward to the labor room. They want to slow my
    contractions because my water didn’t break. And they want me to rotate and flip
    my body from side to back to side every 30 min. She wasn’t moving down yet and
    fully effaced. I opt for the epidural because again, I know my body, I have an
    extremely and abnormally high pain tolerance so that I was afraid I would just
    take the pain but it would harm me or the baby. I didn’t want that to happen,
    so hook me up to the pain meds.

    After a few hours, no movement. Jeremy asks if he has time
    to go let the dogs out and to get an espresso! By now, my mom has arrived from
    Port Charlotte and is ready to take pictures. Jeremy leaves, gets his espresso
    and makes it back within minutes of them saying “she is coming now, get ready”.
    I pushed one time and they told me to stop. I couldn’t feel anything, that self-administered
    epidural had me completely numb. She literally flew out of me, sack still
    intact. Thank god I opted for the epidural because the doctor said that would
    have been an extremely hard and painful delivery. Not to mention that 19
    stitches I received after due to the tear. All in all, I pushed for less than 2
    There she was! Adalyn Grace. Born, healthy and
    beautiful. It was such an amazing experience. Jeremy looked so scared but once
    she started crying, he was wrapped around her little finger!
    Three days in they discovered an infection on her umbilical
    cord. We were discharged, but she was not. They took her to NICU for 7 days
    where I stayed with her for most of that time. That was an extremely helpless
    and hard situation to see my little girl in. There was nothing I could do. I
    wanted to take her home and get our lives started. Luckily, the medicine healed
    her and she was ready to go on that 7th day. She is and always will be my one and only. My body isn’t built
    for it and I don’t think I could have those fears again. I got my beautiful
    girl and she is all we ever dreamed of.

  51. Here is my birth story! I also had a postpartum hemorrhage. I lost so much blood in looked like a murder scene in my birthing center room. Luckily they got me to a hospital and me and baby were just fine but I know how scary that can be.

  52. 😭😭♥️♥️♥️♥️
    Thank you for sharing our experience. You inspired me and made me feel optimistic 🌹🌹

  53. I had my first boy at 19 best thing that ever happened to me. My labor with him started on the 22nd i was 4cm dialated but my water had not broken yet so they sent me home little did i know he was not ready to make his entrance yet. On the 23rd i had a doctors appointment nothing had changes at that point later that night my contactions were 2 minutes apart for 5hrs so we went in and nothing had really changed except i was 5 cm dialated so they sent me home. Around 6pm on the 24 my contractions were 4 minutes apart so i walked 10 miles to see if anything would change little did i know i was still 6cm dialated my water broke 3 blocks from the hospital. We finished walking to the hospital after my doctor asked me what i did all day i told her she laughed at me for walking 10 miles. Around 2 am nothing had changed so they asked me if i wanted the epidural i got that at 230 am and my oldest was born at 304am i was pissed i did not get to use it. My second kid i was admitted to labor and delivery for 17th weeks to 27 weeks i had a bad blood infection from our blood cells attacking each other 2 diffrent rh factors mine was positive and his was negative. Had to have several blood transfusions.the rest of my pregnancy went good after that. I labor i actually went to the doctor for my 41 week appointment and i was already 9 cm dialated i did not feel a single contraction. They sent mw across the street to labor and delivery they broke my water at 415pm at 10 cm dialated the worst part about that was they had to shove him back up to break my water. He was born at 430pm on my moms birthday. My last baby i was induced never doing that again thats for sure. I went to the hospital at 8 am they started potocin at 11 am went till around 8 am the next morning. In between there they blew 6 vaines in both hands they ended up putting in my wrist which hurt like a b***h and burned bad. Around 7pm they kicked the potocin up higher which made everything hurt even more around 2am my water broke all on its own and all the pain got horrible i was throwing up sweating my temp was spiking couldnt keep anything down. On top of all that his heart rate was lowing everytime i had a contaction around 5 am i made the decision to get my epidural. They came in around 6 am to do it at that point i had a around the clock supervisor at all times. Around 8 am they checked me i was 8 cm dialated and still feeling like crap around 9 30 am they checked me again i was ready to push at 9 52 am my last baby was born hes gonna be 1 in a few days. Out of all my birth experiences i would rather have no epidural that have one.

  54. Hi Shenae. Thank you so much for sharing your birth story. I can relate. Like you, I had an unplanned csection birth with my first child. Like you, the csection resulted from an early induction and cascade of interventions including pitocin and epidural. In my case, I fully dilated but I became too swollen to successfully push my baby out; he started moving backwards (I could have pursued further but I gave up after my dr used a scare tactic on me). I disliked my birth, even more in hindsight. I am glad you had a supportive doctor, doula, and husband that you felt comfortable with and trusting of. That can make a huge difference in how you reflect later on the experience.

    I want to pass along encouragement to you that the next birth might be easier. I want you to know that although you did not dilate fully with this labor experience, that will not necessarily happen with the next one. After my bad csection experience, I did a lot of research on VBACs and successfully pursued natural births with my next 2 children. The Bradley Method birth classes helped a lot. I was induced again with my 2nd but it went much better than the 1st induction because they used much lower pitocin dosage, which helped me a lot with getting through labor without an epidural. With my 3rd, I avoided induction altogether by walking a lot, drinking simple home remedies lol, and patiently holding out until 41+ weeks. After hearing your story, I think perhaps there's a great chance you'd be successful with a VBAC if you can find ways to avoid induction or epidural. I want you and others to know that 1 csection doesn't have to mean all must be csections. Take it from me 🙂 But either way, regardless of birth method, all babies are precious blessings, so congrats to you and Bowie! 🙂 Enjoy her while she's still little.

  55. I had a emergency c section and my doctors were arguing and cussing over some video games according what my fiance said…I just couldn't stay awake through most of the c section cause they had me almost under.

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