My Body Isn't Cooperating For IVF (2 Weeks Late…)

she heard here as she went back all right let's go anyone squat okay doing the squat I love what you have her like that in the tower cuz she looks like a little baby again just like that did you have a good time hey the water pipe oh really good though cause it's like 1992 re it's ten o'clock and it's already 92 degrees out here guys we go home and get a nap it's gonna be perfect timing so we decided that lunch we haven't gone out and how long how long do they specifically have a head suit I'm I'm dying to have it I've literally been craving it for so long but you guys know sue she's not like the most budget-friendly thing but today we are exploring on ourselves because it's for Emma it's for Emma no should I get her a chicken or something but you got this tonight Emma you got it for lunch what are we eating we got shrimp you've had chicken tofu [Applause] I'm gonna just get that next time going crazy and she just ate her bottle are you stupid eaters how was it she enjoyed it a lot if you missed the vlog the other day I think was before he went to a summer camp Justin tried to get a smog check and it failed so we went to the mechanic this morning got the part replaced and now hopefully that means that he'll pass it so me and Emma are actually gonna go home from lunch and Justin's gonna go to the mechanic there no you picture the car already he's gonna go to the small equation and see see if it's good to go now I didn't know that a lot of you guys don't have smog checks in other states Justin's all know how to tell me that what I was so confused when people didn't know what a song check was it's like a fuel emmissions right like basically that's what it is it's only in California I guess but some people were saying they have them in other states they're just called something else but I literally had no idea that that was a California thing like I've just grown up doing it so I assumed it was a country wide before you register your car you have to sometimes get a small check it's not every year I think it's maybe every other year possibly but no idea so I learn something new see you later alligator will try to get get out of this heat yeah like a million degrees here too I ordered a new Mike fluff today in the mail so hopefully that will help the audio sound better let's let's see I'm gonna go home switch it out and see how it sounds hopefully this sounds a little better with our new favorite game ever oh oh the drool is real she heard hear as she went back I'm gonna get like super sentimental for a moment but it makes me so happy the relationship that Justin and Emma have with each other because I didn't have that growing up looking dad and no I'm not like teary eyed because it's just so sweet like I'm so glad that she has him as like her goofy her goofy fun daddy she likes to play games there's like nothing there's nothing better than that I also wanted to give you guys an update I don't think I've mentioned that yet so I called my clinic because you guys know I'm on cycle day like 42 at this point like super late and I know that they can check to see if you've ovulated and all that stuff so I called the clinic and I let them know like you still haven't gotten my cycle we wanted to skip this started before Emma's birthday came and not do it like on her birthday or like on that weekend because it's gonna be crazy so I gave him a call I told her and so she's having me come in in two days to do it's called it a check menses I'm assuming it's just an ultrasound where they're gonna see if I have populated see if there's anything that they can maybe do two like induce my body to ovulate I'm not really sure this hasn't been like an issue in the past with IVF like we've never had any issues like this come up my body has just stopped reacting and you guys gave me a lot of advice saying is probably just the stretch my trap that stress my body was going through it more than even the medication and the surgeries but that totally makes sense because I was in so much whole like stress during the kidney stones and everything they're still playing so I'm gonna go in on Friday I think it's Friday to do that and then I actually have another appointment like literally immediately after exhausting 9:00 with the realtor so we found a house that we really like Oh can't wait to see that I don't have any open houses currently so we probably have schedulers shall we so I told a realtor that we wanted to see it so we're gonna meet with him on Friday I don't know for seeing the house on Friday but we told him we want to see it because it's it's it would be really awesome for our family but I want to give you guys a little update on that because know nothing has changed and my body is just I think it's just a lotta sorts from the surgeries the medications the allergic reactions like seriously July and June were like a rough couple of months for my body like physically it was a lot slop on you isn't she today is also my mama's birthday so you guys should leave a comment down below telling my mom happy birthday I don't know if there's like birthday emojis but it's her birthday so I'm gonna hang out with her tonight Justin was gonna come but he said he's feeling tired so it's gonna be me and my mom or me and my mom and Emma I'm not really sure I'm gonna give her a call and see what we can do because she's moving like in what is it like ten days I don't talk about it it's coming up so soon so I wanted to spend some time with her but I know she also wants to spend time okay spend some time with Emma because she's gonna be away and she's coming back in town for her first birthday but I know it's gonna be hard for her to leave her – so she might want to spend some extra time with her but if you go he's walking but she's trying to like run here and then when she runs she does not keep her balance well so it's terrifying but yeah they have her tonight and just have some mommy daughter maybe granddaughter time and just bond because we're gonna miss her so much okay open it welcome to your life of you're never gonna get to open another present good they're gone open it open open heavy 32 amazing grandma she just wants the fish oh good lying just want the paper hey just sort of like sewing good let's go see the dining oh yes yes don't worry I won't get you anything we're just gonna frozen yogurt for dinner he wants us to get him a sweet treat if we get something for you and I to share when you get home twelve o'clock you just kidding I'll do it bye how does it feel to be turning 26 2008 32 there is the youngest I will know if you were turning 26 you'd have had me when you're two so I guess that doesn't work well 30 has it 32 32 well Rachelle is still out with her mom I guess they're having a good time for you Vaughn's birthday which is good but I'm getting exhausted Emma had a kind of a hard night at ago shoes were for a little bit off her teeth are hurting tonight or something she might just be teething but I had to go rock her for a little bit and just kind of hope her feel a little bit better so I'm just really tired I'm gonna go get some sleep cuz I'm not sure what time they're gonna be home but I just wanted to say thank you guys for watching thank you guys so much for your support and we'll talk to you guys later right

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  1. Happy Birthday, Rachelle’s mom, and Emma’s grandma. I know you are going to miss them so much, and Rachelle is going to miss you too. I’ll miss you too. Pray you have a blessed day. πŸ₯³πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

  2. Oklahoma ended their inspections of vehicles back in 1999. We don’t have to do any of that anymore. Tags and insurance is all we have to keep up with.

  3. I know you guys are wanting to get preggers soon. Maybe take a break for a few months. Let your body get back to normal. Maybe God has different plans right now for you guys. Maybe his plans are a new home first? Imagine being preggers and trying to move. That could be to stressful. Just know that Gods time isnt always the time we want.

  4. Hello Rachelle
    Wishing your Mum a very Happy Birthday,
    Hope she had an awesome day to remember, I'm sure she did.
    Wishing herself & Hubby all the very best in their New Home, may God bless them with good health, plenty of fun and laughter on their new adventure.
    Wishing you all the very best, big hugs for Emma, she's such a sweetheart bless her.
    Tracey from England x🌺x

  5. Happy birthday to your mom i did not have my dad in my life he died when i was 5 months old. I hope you find the house of your dream

  6. Be super careful lifting her by the arms! Thats the easiest way to give them nurse maids elbow!!! Basically a dislocation of the elbow….

  7. I had to short sale my house and it was the most stressful thing I’ve gone through. I didn’t have my period that month.

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