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c-sections are no joke it's a very very major surgery on top of everything else that you're going through hormonal II and emotionally it's a lot to process and I as I said in my labor story video which I will link to it somewhere on the screen now and down in the description below I had an unexpected c-section so I really did not prepare I didn't prepare mentally I didn't prepare with products so I really did not know what to do when it came to recovery which is why I wanted to make this video and share it with you guys I have to preface with all this believe it or not you guys you may not know this but I am NOT a doctor nor have I ever played one on TV nor will I probably ever play one on TV because the words they use in the dialogue or super-big and I feel like I always totally missions anywho I am just telling you what my recommendations are based on my personal experience here are some of my tips for how best to recover number one is rest as much and whenever you can I know that's a big ask for a brand new mom but it's important to take advantage of any spare moments that you have to recover as you know if any injury sleep is so important for your recovery so again I know it's hard to come by in those first few months but rest however often you can I would also really recommend that you stay away from doing any and all physical activity except for walking walking is so important I remember right after my surgery once I could actually get up out of bed and walk again my nurses kept stressing how important it was for me to move around so just taking walks around my recovery room taking walks around the hospital hallways and once I got home starting in and around the house and then moving to actually doing little walks outside the day that this video is gonna be going live is actually marking my 6 weeks since my surgery and I think the six week mark is when they normally say you can start easing back into exercise but I did a 1-hour walk about a week ago and my entire body was so sore for a couple of days afterwards so I'm definitely going to be easing back into exercise very very very slowly so injury or illness or anything like that it's always really important to eat right and stay hydrated so I feel like that should go without saying as far as products are concerned that helped me with my recovery that I definitely want to recommend to you guys I just kind of collected things from around my house that I've been using and relying on super heavily so hopefully this helps you because these were all recommendations from my friend Monica from googoo guru and Angela lanter who had a c-section herself McKenley and was so amazing with me when it came to recovery she was actually one of the first people I texted in the hospital Angela and Monica were amazing and helping me figure out what products would help me with my c-section recovery one of the things that Monica actually bought me as a gift which is very very sweet are these underwear they're really high-waisted SuperDuper high waisted and they're quite stretchy but they're a thicker material so it just helps you feel like everything is being held in place and on the inside what I want to show you is there's this little patch right where your c-section scar will be so it just protects your scar your incision while you're recovering but helps hold all of your tummy intact because I found the weirdest thing about recovery was I really felt like my organs were just kind of like juggling around in there I know they weren't but it definitely felt odd I slept on my back for weeks because sleeping on my side just made me feel like things were kind of out of place and it was just a very uncomfortable feeling more than painful so I definitely would recommend grabbing a pair of these guys and of course what would postpartum recovery be without some super sexy mesh underwear these are the underwear that they give you at the hospital and Angela actually let me know that you can order them online yourself on Amazon so I sucked off I stocked up on these because I found that the waistband of most of my underwear that I had at home actually hit right where my scar and incision was and that was really uncomfortable and painful so the mesh underwear I wore for weeks on end because it was just the most comfy thing to have here are a great pair of leggings from Belly Bandit they're called the mother your compression leggings these are probably good for anybody postpartum but again just to help with that feeling of your organs being displaced and just feeling kind of funny and wobbly inside these compression leggings give you the feeling that everything is being held in place and it's probably also gonna help with our lovely little postpartum pooch that we all have and they're just cute plain black leggings so I would definitely recommend grabbing a pair of these from Belly Bandit these are super important and definitely specific to c-section mamas this is from new gel plus they are silicone gel sheeting for scar management basically it just helps with the scar diminishing the scar over time you can wear this every day and just clean it with the cleanser that you can buy as well from the same brand I've been wearing those pretty regularly not that anybody could ever even see the scar the placement was perfect it was a super clean look and I know that over time it will diminish naturally anyway but to help with the healing process new gel does those patches and then it also it does the silicone gel for scars this is just an appointment that you put on to help diminish the appearance of the scar over time if that's something that you even care about to be honest I haven't used too many of those products the scar again is so not visible in anything that I would ever be wearing and it's also something I'm really proud of so you know I don't even kind of wearing your scarf with pride but if you want to diminish the appearance of it those are definitely gonna be helpful tools for you here is another skin and scar balm for c-section scars and stretch marks this is from earth mama I've actually used their nipple butter I believe it's called and that's been great for breastfeeding but this is for your skin and your scar so stretch marks or c-section scars this is really great for and then lastly I want to talk about this guy which is from benefit they sent me a few different sizes so you can start with a larger size and kind of work your way down as your your pregnancy weight starts to fall off of you but it says on the box used for recovering and treatment of natural birth c-section with healed incision and a diastasis recti effect II I don't even know how to pronounce that but basically what that is is when your abs separate which can happen in pregnancy and during c-sections so this has made me feel again just like everything is being really held into place it also is just nice to wear it and feel comfortable in your everyday clothing it helps kind of like keep everything in and and tucked away where it should be and just helps with the recovery process I absolutely love these guys this was another recommendation from Angela Lanter thanks Angela and it's definitely a great recommendation so I appreciated that the most important thing I think like I said in my labor and delivery story if you had a c-section and you weren't intending on having a c-section it's important to kind of recover your mind as well you know not all births go the way we planned them in fact I feel like from the response I got on my labor and delivery story most women's births don't go the way that they plan them and that's okay but it does take time to process not having a birth go the way you wanted it to so be easy on yourself be gentle on your body be gentle on your mind those first few weeks especially of being a new mom again I'm at week six so I certainly don't have it figured out yet but I can honestly say I feel like me and Bowie and Josh are definitely turning a corner and those first few weeks are so trying and so difficult mentally and when you are in physical pain it makes it that much harder to you know process the major learning curve that is in front of you at the moment so be gentle on herself be kind and I hope that you have an amazing support system around you like I did if you are a fellow c-section mama kudos to you we're super strong powerhouses as women and I hope you are feeling that more than ever on your postpartum journey I will see you guys in the next video

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  1. This video is amazing! You said everything that I am feeling.
    I had an emergency section aswell very traumatizing currently on day 10 of recovery. This video is very reasuring!


  3. I love that you jumped right into the video. There wasn’t a 5 minute intro like so many other people. ❤️

  4. Thank you for sharing your stories with us. They are Very Informative. Congratulations on your new baby girl. Really happy for you. 💕🇨🇦💕

  5. I’ve had four c-sections and only one of them happened scheduled. Thanks for making a video like this! ❤️😘

  6. My 28 yr old daughter is called Shanae very similar….
    Good vlog and congratulations on your new baby 💜💜💜💜

  7. My first c-section was not planned either and I agree the walking helps so very much as scary as that may sound since just sitting up and getting out of bed can be rather difficult and painful however once you start walking around it gets easier and easier and makes so much difference in recovery. I'm so happy for you being a mom is one of my greatest joys and even though I have 4 children it went by so fast with all of them my youngest is 1 yr old and I don't know where the time went. Suck in every second that you can it's such a special time. Once again congratulations my first was a girl also then boy, then girl and boy again such a fantastic time in life. Wishing you all the best on this new amazing journey xoxo

  8. I think these were great tips I had 4 c-sections and the belly bands made all the difference in the world. Congratulations

  9. how fast can you start walking after a surgery? I'm not pregnant or anything but I'll be having a gallbladder surgery soon and I'm worried about the recovery process.

  10. Did anyone else end up with a numbness just above the incision I’m 6 months pp via emergency c-section and I’m still numb I wonder if it will ever go back to normal

  11. Can you let us know what you actually ended up using from your hospital bag and what you didn’t? I just think it would be helpful for someone like me who always overpacks for everything lol

  12. The most painful part for me was where they put the clamps to hold open my gut to get baby out… I was way tender on my left side of my incision There are some ways to get out of bed that won't make you cringe In pain 🤪

  13. I had a c section with my daughter.. and yes there not fun!!! couldn’t do much had to move slow be carful so I wouldn’t tare nothing. It was the worse!!

  14. I had a vaginal birth on 9/20, but I also felt like my organs were jiggling around afterwards. When I slept on my side, it felt like my organs would slump over to the side lol. I think it was a result of my abs weakening or separating during pregnancy!

  15. I just had my 3rd c section and everything you said is completely accurate 👍🏻 such good advice mama! ❤️

  16. I wasn't ready or even prepared to go into preterm labor at 19 weeks and lost my daughter at 20 weeks. My labor was good. Delivery went great but its took me three hours after I had my daughter to have the placenta

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