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  1. I had no ideah c section shaming existed oh well I’m happy to deliver my baby no matter what way💓💓 May 2019 ignore the haters

  2. I want to say hello from Belgium. You're going good. I'm 37 weeks pregnant now, my 3rd baby and scheduled to have c section in 10 days. My first son was born in Washington State, premature (29 weeks) due to preeclampsia I had, I could relate the feeling of messed up because of the morphine too, I wished I could spend time with my baby but I had blurred vision and terribly dizzy. It was embarrassing when nurse had to change my pad. my second son also was born only less than a year later, also by c section and now I plan to have c section again bcz preeclampsia risk might happen according to some doctors.
    I got questions why I dont give birth vaginally, and trying to explain it to people who don't understand is annoying. It's my body, it's my decision. And I have good bonds with my kids.

  3. I didn't know it was morphine in there…I only had one arm strapped down on the board…the arm that had IV in so that they could administer medicine..I knew the anesthesiologist and I told him I was so nervous he put something in my IV and I went out…felt like the lights went out for a moment and then baby crying..my 10lbs 5 oz baby boy💙

  4. I had two C-Sections and anyone who wants to be an armchair MD or Should I say Psychologists has no clue what they are talking about because you love your baby no matter what because it's instinctively in you to love your baby C-section or vaginal birth…it doesn't matter..❤️

  5. I felt the same way about visitors I wanted my parents and I told my husband it was ok if his mom came but other people I didnt want them to see me so drugged up

  6. I had 3 vaginal my last csection and for this baby im also going to have a csection. Having had both i can say its much much harder with a csection, At least for me it was. My son and i have an amazing bond! Makes no difference. Birth is birth ❤

  7. I’m opting for a c section because that’s what I feel is best for me and I’ve heard nothing but WHYYY why would you do that they are so horrible you won’t recover forever blah blah blah…it’s my body my baby and my choice Jesus lol I’m glad to hear you say that

  8. Yes girl, with my first baby it felt like people were there 24/7 & I never even got to hold my baby. Now i’m pregnant with my 2nd child & i’m thinking about telling people no visitors until the 2nd or 3rd day, I just want to enjoy my little family

  9. I've got 4 boys. 3 were natural births & my 4th was a planned c-section because he was breech. I bonded more with him than my other babies so that's a load of shit & for those that think it's the easy way out give your head a wobble its major fucking surgery & get what it hurts 100 times worse than a natural birth! 💜

  10. I am shocked by the way you were treated. They should not have given you morphine as that effects the baby. In the UK where I am, if you were so panicky that you could not cope with being awake. They would have just given you a general anesthetic, not drugged you up like that. And they don't strap your arms down either not in the UK. They just lay you out but no part of your body is strapped down. As that would be restraint which is against the law here in England and is absolutely not done here. And many mothers here hold their baby's in the OR while they are being stitched as long as the baby and mom are okay. So it's very different here to what it is in the USA where the doctors and nurses don't see to be very human.

  11. ur choice of delivery is totally urs and no one has a right to judge u. i am in the same dilemma with my mother in law.. i just chose to ignore her stupidity. i respect u for being strong and even more for being a mother.

  12. when I was in recovery I was yelling at the nurses that I wanted to see my daughter, lol they told me I was too messed up, which I was. 😂 but I got to go to my room within an hour and do skin to skin and breastfeed. I feel the same about visitors, they can be inconsiderate at times but it's understandable. Lol

  13. dont understand why people give negative storys u had it its over done try to share the OK parts for woman who still have to go though this, cause at the end everyones experience is different. thanks for sharing your story i have mine c section next week.

  14. Congratulations on your baby girl! 🙂 So exciting! Loved hearing your story. And who cares about how she got here? The most important thing is that everything went well and you're all okay! Both me and my littlebrother were born by C sections and we are SUPERclose to my mum and family, so I don't believe at all in what people are saying about that and I don't believe it makes any difference <3

  15. Thank you for this!!! I am 11 weeks pregnant and I am higher risk due to hypothyroidism. This makes me feel a lot calmer about the possibility of having a c-section. Don't let anyone get you down about having a c-section!!!

  16. I feel u, I had a vaginal an C section, an my youngest was c section I had him at 27 weeks an me an him are closer then ever, it's amazing, congratulations new mama❤❤❤❤

  17. with each of my children I stayed a month with them. just to give support, and allow recovery time for my daughter and personal time for my daughter and son -OK n-law to bond with there baby.

    This is a way that dinner, dishes, the house work and laundry are kept up. while new mom and dad just can bond.

    Remember emotions are normal after giving birth. I had two single births and the triplets. It takes a village in many countries to raise a child.

    Enjoy every sleepless moment, in a blink of an eye they will be leaving for college.

    A big virtual hug to you, dad and baby.

  18. Before I watched this video I had no idea C section was that hard, I know someone very close to me who is a nurse and had it twice and seemed like a very simple thing.

  19. Congratulations, you just saved yourself possible urinary problems in future, or other complications. I recommend C section on anyone. There are scientific explanations for it, one of those is that today women vaginal canal to birth children is not as large as it used to. C section is safer to the mother and to the child.

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