My Cryptic Pregnancy Story (Extended Gestation)

hi guys it's diana i'm here to tell you a little bit more about my cryptic pregnancy journey i need to go back a few years though first i actually have four kids already and they're all teenagers ages 14 to 18 with my third pregnancy i was actually starting to have some hormonal imbalance i guess I missed my period and I was like huh I think I might be pregnant so I did a home pregnancy test and it came back with a very faint positive but it was positive so I went into the doctor's office had them do a blood test it came back negative I thought well maybe it's just a little bit early it's not quite showing up yet so I waited a week did another home pregnancy test it came back with a faint positive I went back to the doctor's office had another blood test and it was negative so I did this every week for a month I would go into the doctor's office blood test was negative home test was faint positive still hadn't gotten my period and I knew I was pregnant but the doctors were saying that I wasn't because my blood test was negative finally when I missed my second period I went in and got my blood test and it came back positive and then the doctor said you're pregnant and I was like I know I told you I was pregnant and of course they did my due date based off of my last period which had been two months before so even though my pregnancy didn't show up via the blood test for two months I was in fact pregnant and my the rest of my pregnancy went on to be completely normal she was born right when she was supposed to be she was seven and a half pounds I think she was probably like three days early she was a good size and she was right where she was supposed to be well fast forward not very long and I was actually on the pill and I started feeling kind of pregnant and then I missed my period and I took a pregnancy test and it was positive so I went into the doctor's office got a test and it it was positive which was great so I scheduled my first ultrasound I went in at eight weeks and had an ultrasound and I heard the baby's heartbeat and everything looked good and I went home and later that afternoon I started bleeding and I freaked out I called the doctor's office I was like I'm bleeding I'm scared they say go ahead and come in and we'll check your hormone levels and see what's going on so they did another blood test no mind you I had just had one done earlier that same day before my ultrasound so I went in and they tested and my hormone levels my HCG had gone down so the doctor said your hormone levels are dropping you're having a miscarriage and I asked him is there any way that I'm not having a miscarriage could it be something else that's happening where I'm still gonna you know stay pregnant and he said no when your hormone levels are dropping like that that means you're having a miscarriage so I was sent home and I was devastated the next day I went to my ladies Bible study and I asked them for prayer and they laid hands on me and they prayed for me and I actually felt God speaking to my heart and he said she's going to be fine ELISA is going to be fine and I knew that she was gonna be fine because God had said that she was gonna be fine and I knew that she was a girl and she had a name and I was only eight weeks I didn't get the gender from the ultrasound well because the doctor had said that I was gonna have a miscarriage and then I had something different coming from God it made matter that I didn't go back to the doctor I had been a Christian for a long time but it was kind of a stretch for me to take the Word of God over what the doctors were saying and in order to make that easier for myself in order to make it less confusing for myself I just stayed away I stayed home I didn't go back in until probably the beginning of my third trimester when I started having some pretty strong contractions and I was a little worried about going into preterm labor but otherwise I didn't go in and I kept telling everybody that the baby was gonna be a girl and they're like oh you can't possibly know that I'm like no you don't understand God told me this is a girl and you know sure enough a few months later out popped my little girl and she's 14 now clearly didn't have a miscarriage fast forward hmm a few more years 2016 and I've got a 12 year old and all the way up to a 16 year old and I'm not planning to have any more kids in fact my husband had a vasectomy when I was pregnant with number four so I wasn't really thinking about it except in January I had a dream and it was one of those dreams that you know is God speaking I've only had a few of them but I knew that that's what this was and in my dream my best friend and I both had babies and she was overseas at the time and I messaged her and I said you need to be careful when you get home because I just had a God dream that you and I had babies and she was like haha that's hilarious because her husband had a vasectomy at the same time that mine did y'all the wind just blew my camera over it is not it is just not happening I'm actually gonna have to edit this video and I don't really know how so god help me and actually I should tell you that sometime shortly after my youngest was born I'm not sure exactly when but somewhere when she was around two or a little bit younger I was kind of I was praying I was in my car and I was kind of complaining because I wasn't I didn't want my husband to get to protect me I wasn't done having kids and I was getting to that point that I get to where I wanted to have another kid and I couldn't and so I was complaining about it to God and he spoke to me pretty clearly again like he did when he told me about Alyssa being okay and he told me that I was gonna have another daughter and I was like that's awesome and I actually was out running some errands and I picked up some little bits and I was like this is my leap of faith God said something to me and I believe it and this is a sign of my belief of course my husband had a vasectomy so I assumed that somewhere down the line we would wind up adopting but then I had that dream that I was having a baby and my best friend got pregnant and two months after she got pregnant I had my coffee in the morning and then I promptly went into the bathroom and threw up my morning coffee and I was like huh that's weird well it happened two or three days in a row and I was like huh maybe I'm pregnant now it was still a good week before my period was due I did take a pregnancy test it was negative I thought it was just too early to show up so I just waited a little bit longer throwing up everyday very tired stream ly nauseous all the time and actually um started leaking milk which has only ever happened to be in pregnancy and it did happen very early with my fourth daughter in fact with her before I missed a period the reason I knew to test is because I was leaking milk so once I started leaking milk I was like okay I'm pregnant and kept taking pregnancy tests they kept showing up negative went in to the doctor's office pregnancy test was negative so I waited thought maybe it'll be like you know my third kid when didn't show up for a month and then I started bleeding and it only lasted a couple of days it wasn't a full-blown period it was light bleeding but I I didn't know I hadn't gotten a pregnancy test I thought I must have had a miscarriage so I kind of tried to deal with that over the next few weeks and then I started getting sick again and I was like that's weird am i pregnant again like I know God's gonna give me a daughter he said that he would and based on this dream I think that I'm actually gonna give birth to her myself so what's going on you know maybe this is just him fulfilling his promise and I kept getting symptoms my milk was leaking again I was extremely sick took a pregnancy test it was negative and then a few days later I started bleeding again just for a couple days super light and watery not really a period but enough to make me worry maybe I had another miscarriage I don't know what's happening come April I'm sorry that was April come May the same thing happens again I get done bleeding I started having symptoms again and I'm like okay I'm getting pregnant when your husband's had a vasectomy it's kind of a miracle anyway but getting pregnant three months in a row like that's not really like I must have still been pregnant this whole time but I don't know what's going on and I kept getting negative pregnancy tests finally in June I got a faint positive I did not think that it was going to show up at the doctor's office because before when I had faint pregnancy tests when my third daughter or my third child it didn't show up at the doctor but I went in anyway had the blood test they said you're not pregnant by this point with the recurrent symptoms I knew I was pregnant but it wasn't showing up except that faint positive that I had at home so that I didn't know what to do I started doing a lot of research online trying to figure out what was going on or find anyone that was that had gone through a similar experience and that's when I found out about cryptic pregnancy and I read a story by a woman named neo who had had a cryptic pregnancy and her story just it just spoke to me it was so much what I had been going through what I had been thinking what my body had been doing and I knew that that's what it was and so I kept doing more research and I thought well you know I'm just gonna have to not have a doctor taking care of me I'll just go like I did with my fourth kid and just let God take care of me and you know just try and be healthy and I finally I wound up going in again because when I started feeling movement in July and I felt movement in my side and then the next day I felt it kind of in the middle of my stomach and I was like that's kind of weird like that's kind of high for this early in the pregnancy and I'm feeling in such different places and that kept happening like I kept feeling movement in two completely different spots at the same time and I was like I think there might be two babies and of course I had been hearing from a few people the whole time ever since I kind of said yeah I'm definitely pregnant I don't know exactly what's going on but I'm definitely pregnant people kept saying you're having twins like people were having dreams and like like prophetic dreams that I was having twins and I was just saying no that's God told me I was gonna have a daughter he didn't tell me anything about twins y'all are crazy and then I started feeling the movements and I was like maybe it is twins so in August I went back to my doctor and I was like listen I need an ultrasound I'm pregnant it feels like there might be two babies we need to see what's going on and my doctor was really good I told her about the hormone imbalance that I had with my previous two pregnancies and she was like okay well let's go ahead and get an ultrasound and see what's going on so I went in for the ultrasound and by then I would have been about five months pregnant and the tech couldn't find anything she did both kinds of ultrasound couldn't find any babies which was really difficult to hear and when I went back to my doctor to get the results she said I think that you probably had a miscarriage which I knew wasn't the case but it was very confusing to have the doctor saying we don't see any babies in there and me knowing that there has to be so after that I just really was focusing on God just praying and asking him what to do asking him what was going on and I felt like he was saying be bold you know what's happening but you need to speak out you need to say it and so I did and I told everybody I'm pregnant I'm having twins and I had a baby shower and we started getting stuff ready for them and December came my due date came and I was like well I I had a feeling they were gonna be late so it wasn't that big of a deal and then on Christmas day I started having labor pains and they were very regular and they were getting closer together and they were getting stronger and I was like yes this is it like it's amazing we're gonna have the babies on Christmas isn't that cool and then after about four hours of labor it just sputtered out my doctor had told me I have an OB that's been seeing me for my blood pressure because my blood pressure has been high and she had told me that I needed to wait until my water was broken before I went in because of the fact that I wasn't confirmed with my pregnancy that I needed to get to that point before I'd be able to go in and get help since my water didn't break I never went in yeah I just I didn't know what to do I didn't know what was going on and then I found a cryptic pregnancy group on Facebook and I learned so much more about what was going on with me and I learned that you know most women with this type of pregnancy don't give birth at 40 weeks some I know a few have given birth closer to a year which is what happened with my mom and my brother so they were 11 12 months but there are women in the group that have been pregnant for over four years and haven't given birth but some of them even have ultrasounds where you can see the baby but they're told that the fetus isn't viable so they still can't get the health care that they need and the baby just doesn't come out so that's where I'm at right now I've been pregnant for over two years and I feel movement every day I'm still leaking milk and I my doctors checked me for other things that can cause that she's checked my pituitary gland to make sure I don't have a tumor she's checked my other hormones and stuff to make sure everything is in balance but I'm still haven't given birth yet so I just hanging in here and sharing my story because surprising there's a lot of women out here that are having the same thing and they're just not being taken seriously and it's really hard to have doctor telling you you're not pregnant and know that you are and feel like everyone thinks you're crazy so I think it's just important for me to speak out and let other women know that they're not alone in this

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  1. I apologize for the terrible editing. I wasn’t able to do it on my computer, so this is what I ended up with. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Wow Dianna! That was powerful and so informational. I loved watching and hearing your story. Keep sharing!! Gods got you 💗

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