véra maybe we're going to be little I'm coming along oh fuck you man did you know you were supposed to pass them last let me carry you it's not that you asked him to carry my bag what do you want okay darling now you be good okay show mommy fat baby who loves you you know that Vera welcome you to school districts I'm sorry man and I don't miss anything katissa that is not a fit stuff all right now listen I do understand anything about Oh cause I breathe in Jesus name the moment you read it of course I will I mean what are friends for you but I hope my little friend let's go to the class we will show you I hope I forget you never going out the subsidy is usually confused on what why not what are friends for if I can help my friends a doobie we just came back narrator widgeon see yes I know I'm mrs. patches now don't you Mississippi just move you okay um what this aren't you something what is it I did see variance good today oh she's all right yes she's fine you didn't get to see her today because we didn't come out for breach we had to tear our glass okay I see can you prove enjoy and I'll be late all right nice double kids hello hello madam Oh Kate Kate I'm surprised at you not even a call from you not even a visit okay you've gotten yourself a new best daddy it's not possible yeah I replace the Buddha and you know it yeah coupled with my new promotion there's a working me today I walked into eight every single day yeah I know get the mochi do with stress are big so now you see you see you can't blame me don't mind me I was only joking I was missing you now I miss you I miss you too bye friend hey so what's Geist so when I was going to see um what's your Sunday like we can do Sunday feel free yes I'm gonna call you during the week so we can arrange it I can't with a big I'd only miss you I don't miss you okay darling regards to the family okay take care what change what love you great statically I know okay so what do you want go to Bergen tick what you need mom its thing yeah that's wrong you can have it I'm a mommy the one I know you like my head yeah the most beautiful my may be whole but to hear that for me thank you ever so I want you to be careful do you have money nice to make sure all right me ice cream you're coming back that's a good guesser I stopped by hey be good and please wear something wrong I don't want them see this way yes Oh movie dots are you coming yes I don't go inside yeah today sir thank you sir who's there coming hey here comes life guys hope on giving Howie sit down fine they walk home wait to before we start guess who acts after it's be Horace he's not your handsome brother Max or hmm I thought as much I know you guess right whenever I comes to me means God I think let's get started I don't want to cost my phone shot today because of a okey okey okey let me show you the clues are having mine better for you confused I don't know the clue that way I don't like this No I'm your stylist allow me to choose I don't want these know you have my own choice to make like it like this this one coming here he comes one of the ah good morning max whenever I do I think someone's attic door yeah fix it amigo gets itself okay hey my handsome brother I think you have to leave now so they can concentrate please just give whereas goodbye to do I like underwear I think so what does this yes okay to be perfect all right thanks all right let's try it on get dressed give me that one do I need to leave now we're gonna be doing I just it's pretty [Laughter] hello kids I'm coming in no no no no no I didn't of course I knew the surprise that would someone do that just hold on I'm coming I'll be with you soon hello mom me to wear we talked about all right mom how did you Scott Vera ioki I don't think so you have been accusing us of going to the restroom even when in class was going on and you come back to the class with a moody look and you expect me to believe you are fine you need to go see a doctor I also have seen my Paris right now this is happening to me let it not be what I'm thinking he's already won once unto I told oldest should I little baby holy why what's the program does dummy or pregnant I'm no show but my father reg Nancy or infection if my mom finds out I'm pregnant cue me cute just just calm down take a deep breath we're not show you the key now you need to stop great just take it easy what seems good tomorrow okay tell me angel cheerful this morning is everything okay and finally I did I do my co-founder Chris I didn't Nucky's well mostly I told you to bring my change so I want to – in money out – about that change he has to give it are you sure if I told what was it you're sure did you see everything I said yes yes what should I do Dwight I suspect I am pregnant will she understand when she killed me over such a flat I you're just cranky not to try fighting my whole bucket is a funny one see you can I have all you been discussed in gym I wanted Sin City here can't you just let me be why don't you stick away from my party Mac sauce together come on harder just I got the issue thank you doing rejecting me you of course you can handle it because she's not as evil as you are oh honey here doc so what do you want to do now that you've hit everything while I run a scan of course you go an officer who's great this on max or a nice child is like a little better me not my evil as you think I have all the explanations you eat now listen there are the magician you've not seen for a moat and sewage you are a monofin so much pregnant it's nothing relax it's nothing now listen to me after school I'm gonna get a pregnancy strip to confirm it to you guys and some peers to flush it out oh no safe is it it's very safe is just like we can press it or more for fever a muscle I believe when I pull you up from this shit you would choose to worry the big girls I'm not some mess okay thank you I'll go go what will it be for Maxwell right yes have you seen him anywhere hey let's go early is anything the matter not at all ah if it should be a home by now I guess just checking my home all right thing All Right see you later all right let's go Marco has gone home Absalon is childish Lavagirl come out we are gone enjoy yeah be careful of what you say and behave yourself in fact they are trying to help others give the writing SOTA whatever please you always talking man let's go for them I'm still praying okay please enjoy it so did you get it yes of course sure trust me let's see one now listen very carefully you have to take two of this tablet and in factory it's going to cause you to have cramps and bleed Havey okay it's that's what about to our hey it's painful so you have to be strong it's just like ministration the blood will flow for 4d and it's well so cause you to have some spots for few weeks but not to worry alright you'll be fine not to worry some something for a few days all you have to be able sanitary pad okay it's a kept track of bleeding alright don't worry is an easy task okay no mistakes alright it's going to work I assure you that trust me on this one I hope it's one for her like I said it's just like taking a process mo Fatima and we girls we are used to Blood Moon is so if nothing it's just really sharp pain okay it's nothing calm down verge or you're maybe not smart as I thought well anyone can go hot or cold warm anyone all right just make sure you upright like I said it right you'll be fine trust me thank you free thank you it's funny no justice evil king just do what like I said alright see you guys I just feel you're walking on me you me another one I understand how you feel somewhere subsidy right and you won't go to the gym so actually this thing you can do it I wish I could be there to help you out don't worry try me just take care of yourself I'm really very sorry for putting you through this before we're in this together it's no your fault take yourself good understand it why I just got in and who told me you've not had anything to eat since money is that right yes what yes yes get what you don't usually like biscuits why did something change no words I'd already type of you know I know is your spot you laptop right yeah don't worry I've got that phone what I want for you you'll get it on Monday money no gratitude sir that's better let's go de nice ready yeah Sara are you in there are you okay yes and I was actually submitted okay I was the reason my room you had to lock your door yes I was arranging my room I actually came to tell you I was going to the gym okay mom honey come here you've been acting very strangely lately damn that is beginning to bother me what is anything anything that you need you can tell me you can ask as long as I can afford it you would have it you know that don't you okay okay I you're sure yes I'm very sure it's razumihin I'm not scared of injections and you show you let's give it a go find them okay you know what I'll cancel the gym for today okay just in case you lose the laundry I'm fine yes I'm fine you know what's mum when I want you do for me Kosta Jean perfectly home back I want to eat you delicious meal today okay I'm not sure I get something to eat at least this morning right okay mom right maybe I should just hey Maxwell hide my face Charlie's doing what Sir Topham turn off or do I need glasses wait how was the flu it was heavy the first day okay it's pain three degrees and stop Billy it has pushed out you have a good body system you know you got a good ring Jimmy no mumuga pre-owned car girl you are no longer pregnant you're a free girl now thank you very much I didn't mean to walk this house you're always welcome that's why I have to wise up okay okay no no Jim are we gonna have to be like you thank you steady that's good let me tell you guys Ricky's over there [Applause] coming for me yeah oh I'm glad you like it I do like it I love you thank you for the love and caring sharing oh my angel you're all I have no if I don't take care of you who will all I ask is that you continue to be the good girl that you are hmm okay pull this okay I have something for you mmm beautiful I know all right he belongs to my mom she gave it to me when I was your age she told me just how much she loved me and now I do move on though they had one wanna take okay let me guess okay that's right hey honey Oh how was your day Oh Jamie senior what did you buy for me today maybe there's something I need to tell you I need you to promise me that you're going to do exactly as I say don't you meet up with just promise okay I promise I'm going on a small business calm down and this you haven't even said anything I'm going on a business trip it's just for a few days before you know it I'm back it's important you have to move in with your other family they're your friends but you like them a lot I drew bombs Oh mommy has to do business that's the only way you say you want to go for someone didn't you say so the money fellas they know I have to do business okay this is a first you gotta promise me that as long as you're there you're going to be a best behavior you need anything you hear me okay hey that's you you liked I'm gonna get the door okay I promise yes few days I'm evil I become that I hear my dear hello darling let me get her luggage what is this get your posture good afternoon darling how are you no idea fine you what's wrong with her what's it angel hmm I will be away for a few days you're going to be a good girl while I'm away and if you need anything do not hesitate to call me all right why are you doing this now I'm not going away forever better stop acting like a baby I'm going out to work hard make my money okay come on Takai inside to go inside : in the name is turmeric that are dugu's monster in action to you the serious mother his remark was also jokey in their manes water max will catch it for coming it's only when you yeah coming that's when you're supposed to call me you don't owe us budget to our room please loving girls comfortable shirt oh please very nice really a new shot mudflat uncle yeah good now ah we are coming to leave anyways I will join your your brother I wish I have one – sure hey walk up to Tokyo witness mr. le use only when it comes to food a do you see you force but not not enough of that and then how to kill yourselves in front of a pistol and a mom okay long yes mom thank you for I believe that she I love it some more what welcoming new Nike shoe shoe I'm serious I want to get home I don't like issue for what's nah-ah because of a big letters yah [Applause] hang on I'm going up I don't want to feel anything no when I get back in quickly to kill the house I think you way whoa you scared me saravana very mop you what have I do because it's akin to ours is not a good thing don't you love me anymore I still love you for mosquitos thing around you after will you cut those rings listen you don't have to be scared okay that was the first time and I a billion yeah what's if your monologue people finds out yeah yeah that's true you're right my mother's is just what I don't have and I don't disappoint my world oh yes yes I want to disappoint a media where I just remembered no oh that's of that novel you were reading in class yesterday where is it okay is it my bad she wanted yeah don't get it for me it's all place your mother where are you men straightened no one what is no you are staying and even on the bed geez oh my god busting in the bed lunch is waiting for you you go get out Oh [Applause] [Applause] Oh it's heavily bleeding and a shower starts moving are you the girl's mother I'm the mother's best friend what about our mother she traveled for a business trip her father she's a single mother the girl's condition is very critical she has lost a lot of blood and we need to transfuse immediately blood total please just do whatever you can to save her I'll be not only that how womb is badly affected I need a mother to come and sign some papers before I can carry on oh yes please tell her mother to come because she's the only one I can explain because of her condition you have to be strong tango the girl is – you're alive – what am I going to do no tell me what am I going to do how do I break this bad news – I'm over and you know who kept our only tried under my chair I wish I can just handle this okay situation I'll leave her out of it honestly it also good since she said she went for a business trip the doctor insists she wants to see her I understand I can't handle what I write is okay you know what you just trying to call her 2000 hobbies Oh I'll do that hello please I'm trying no no no it's audience you just have to keep it next available flight and come back home back home your daughter is in a critical condition and the doctor wants you to come know but present is highly needed what is happening oxygen Oh good day everyone I don't please do take cash we came in countless on behalf of the company don't you show this mother this is my 15th year in this profession I did detest myself no mistake these are the test results and a scam she tried to terminating the pregnancy which damaged how badly how was one led to the bleeding better cut it boys I suggest you investigate from my friends they might have their information just tell me the truth don't lie to me just tell me the truth I don't hide anything from me did did very have a boyfriend no she never had a boyfriend oh are you sure there had died from complications from an abortion obviously from a quack doctor well you are aware that she was pregnant abortion is not possible ma there and I were close she was more than a sister to me we lived together we shared secrets together Vera did have a boyfriend she would have told me so no she doesn't have a boyfriend I shouldn't just let this are you sure then tell us who do you know that it's a closed door that must have gotten her pregnant no more I don't know I don't understand any of this I don't understand I need to know everything yes yes I know that you're angry and I wish I could help to ease the way you feel I oh you said and you've lost you smile I know that you're aging but I hope you can find forgive me fuck you tell me things you continue to rest in the busy Grafton students is sad to announce the death of one of our students Vera Williams [Applause] okay so let's observe one minute silence on behalf of Vera Williams may her soul rest in peace but also know why she cry nor shall she be stuck my Gottschalk i variance if you like Oxbow pick up your phone now pick up hello matzah hello hello what so please it did you def arise date yes you are injured Ickworth I do know crying what's the matter I miss her too is there something else what is the problem to me I just found out visit a give me an abortion – I don't understand someone gave Vera the abortion pills that killed her who is this person it's in a senior student in you in your school do you know where she lives to cry a Mesa pain I know that you angry to ease the way you feel I know we are this main one on kids this is the body where a policeman for the state CID so it's the motto you know this not really shaggy I know why she's without yes good yonder is not for the death of Vera Williams and a little self on this moment the be used against you in the court of law you got pregnant for Maxwell and you couldn't even tell me let's even say that you were scared that I'll be mad at you but wouldn't it have been better that I'm mad at you then killing yourself and breaking my heart into pieces you know would have only been mad for a while and life would go on why did you even accept an abortion in the first place if I had aborted my pregnancy when I took him for you I wouldn't have brought you into this world you've shut up my world [Applause] Oh morning sister cute how are you this morning yeah on to this sister Kate the Lord has led me on the receipt with one word for you to stop crying you have cried in love stop blaming yourself for the death of your daughter if you see it on your earth are hopelessly among all men most miserable let's stop crying like those who doesn't have christ-like combin unbelievers dollars okay I understand what how it feels to lose your own nature but we should not cry like those who don't have Christ what it will do earth our hope is name we have known all men most miserable but I pray that the Lord will give you the fortitude to be this great loss to great fortitude let's you bring back my daughter so like me he should give me back my daughter the Lord sat down on his throne and take away my only child she was my world she was the only family that I have I believe howdy that's we've all had better story I have one advice for each and every one of you that singular act that leads to unwanted pregnancy you must avoid it you have no business getting pregnant at this age concentrate on your education build a future for yourselves you have your whole lives ahead of you someday you're going to finally get married settle down and enjoy sex for a very long time but for now stay away from Kate if you get pregnant god forbid your parents will feel humiliated it's embarrassing it's a shameful act but the truth is I'm sure they would rather have you alive than dead first you must abstain from sex and if you must do not have unprotected sex and peradventure you get pregnant do not ever think of abortion as an option did you hear what I said do not ever think of abortion as an option it is important that I adhere but these days you see because of the damage what not to say thank you to all of you for coming may we observe one minute silence for for the son of my beautiful daughter and for the souls of the departed please rise look [Laughter] [Applause] I know you said and you've lost you smile I know that you're aging but I can find forgiveness

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