1. We weren't offered the pill it was go the hospital check in and then I had to wait for my wife to have the procedure done.Not much was explained either before or after the D & c was finished. My wife walked out of the operating room into an area where I was waiting. All in all it was a horrible experience

  2. I once had diabetes which made me confused and I didn’t know what to do until someone introduced me to Mrs Maria she’s and herbalist I messaged her on [email protected] and now am free from diabetes she gave me a medicine that made it disappear am so happy … all thanks to [email protected]

  3. I just had a miscarriage last Monday I chose to do the pills but I believe it didn’t work I actually had to do the pills twice already praying for you

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience I have never had a miscarriage but my heart breaks for everyone that does ❤️

  5. I just had a D&C on Monday. Unfortunately I also had one in 2016. In 2016, physically I felt ok after. This time was another story. From my googling I guess it was the anesthesia and the breathing tube. Every muscle in my body hurt. Literally. And then my throat felt like strep throat. I could not even open my mouth because my jaw hurt so bad. It was awful through yesterday. Today I feel much better. Although my throat still hurts pretty bad. I am also bleeding more this time around. More like a full on period. Last time was just light spotting. This time was so different, and I was not expecting to feel that bad physically. I should have been about 9.5 weeks but baby's heart stopped around 6w4d or so. Literally we saw a heartbeat at 6w4d of 129, then 4 days later, no heartbeat and measuring the same size. So devastating, but we are going to try again when we get the ok.

  6. My D&C was December 11th and I had to do the surgery because I was pregnant with twins who were 8w5d so my uterus was huge and it grew even bigger right before the surgery because my body still was fighting for the little beans. Because I was pregnant with twins, my recovery was really pretty painful and I was prescribed ibuprofen and a stronger medication as well. I bled the first week like normal and then it suddenly stopped but every time I would do something strenuous, like when I tried to go back to work January 6th after Christmas break, uterine contractions and bleeding would start again. I was really frustrated with the pain aspect of it because it was worse at night and my boyfriend couldn’t sleep because I’d be in pain. My first cycle started at the end of January and the number of days is close to what it was before but this last cycle I spotted before and after my period so I’m guessing my body has finally let go of the remaining scar tissue and that kind of stuff. Our timelines are so close together and I’m praying for both of us ❤️

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