My Delivery Story: Emergency C-Section / 2 Months Postpartum Update. #TheRealEmYoung

[Applause] what's up y'all it's emerald and I am back with another video today's video we're gonna just do a little update where I've been what I've been doing let's get right into it so the last video that I made I was 36 weeks pregnant with my son and honestly a lot of things were going on not going on for me but like just preparing myself to be a parent and like what I'm gonna do like oh just I don't know hmm sorry not even like what I'm gonna do but like preparing myself mentally like any moment I could have a baby all that so I don't know for me let's just talk with my birth the birthing of my son I gave birth at 39 weeks I don't know it was like 39 weeks he was 39 weeks and st. was born on April 11th 2019 which is this year and I had a hard labor I had an emergency c-section because when I was first admitted into the hospital when I first went I had been having like on and off like contractions from Sunday and then I finally went to the emergency room on Tuesday because they had gotten like closer together they were more painful and I felt like this would be the appropriate time to go like to not just go waste my time just go you know you know your body you if you are going through this situation you will know when you feel like you should go to the hospital when you should let them know whatever whatever so yeah I got to the hospital and then I got there about 2:00 a.m. which was like Wednesday morning so Tuesday night into Wednesday morning I went to the hospital they admitted me and they said that everything was okay and the acceleration of my son's heartbeat should be 15 but it was 10 so they said oh we might give you a c-section and you know you'll be on your way my new c-section is a very very very very serious abdominal surgery so I was in labor for 36 hours starting from that Wednesday morning at 2:00 a.m. so I was admitted into the hospital then I was moved to a different room and they came up with a game plan that they're going to induce me and they gave there was they they were going to give me medication that softened my cervix because when I went to the hospital I was only dilated 1 centimeter and like you know you got to dilate six seven eight nine whatever I don't even know how many send the immediate you suppose we didn't dilated but you're supposed to be dilated way more than one centimeter for them to admit you into the hospital okay so I was only gonna living one centimeter and the contractions were so bad like when I tell you they were so bad they were so bad anyway so yeah hey guys this emeralds and I'm back with another video today's video is going to be like a little bit of everything my birthing story and where I am today okay so the last thing I made I was 36 weeks pregnant with my son and I was very nervous very curious as to who he would be how he would act how he would look and I made it all the way to 39 weeks Saint was born on April 11 2009 teen he's an Aries but yes so I let's just jump right into the birthing story I was admitted into the hospital on Wednesday morning around 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. I had been having contractions from Sunday but they were very very light and spread apart they weren't like consistent and as painful as they were on Tuesday night leading into Wednesday morning so fast-forward Wednesday morning I can't take it anymore and I'm like baby let's go to the hospital you know I don't know what's gonna happen never had a baby before so we got to the hospital and they had us waiting in the waiting room for about 30 minutes because I don't know they asked me many questions that are and then we finally got into the room where the doctor seen on the nurses seen us they asked me like what's my symptom to the DA what's going on so I told them that I obviously I'm in labor I feel like and I'm having contractions and stuff like that so when I checked I was only one centimeter dilated usually when they admit you you know you're a couple centimeters and that means you're closer to giving birth so they checked me out and they saw that everything was fine and then they said that my son's acceleration of his heartbeat I'm not too sure of exactly what it is but those are the words they told me the acceleration of his heartbeat is that a tenant supposed to be a 15 so they said because of this they want to induce the labor right so mind you I'm only one centimeter dilated like I'm nowhere near to pushing my water didn't break and nothing so yes so after that they came up with the game plan because they don't really want to give you a c-section when you're so young I am 20 years old and yeah so didn't want to give me a c-section a c-section is a major abdominal surgery like you're cutting through all your layers of your skin and then to cut through the uterus to get the bit like that's a lie that's painful anyways so yes so I come with a game plan that they're going to give me medic they came up with a game plan that they're going to give me medication to soften my cervix and then to help me to dilate faster and to make the contraction some more and then help me be mace basically going to labor quicker that didn't work what end up happening is the baby's heartbeat the same thing the acceleration wasn't there it was at 10m should've been at 15 they moved me into a different room and they're still sticking with the game plan they're checking on me they're checking on me nothing's happening they gave me the medication my cervix isn't really softening I am NOT dilating like I think I dilated like maybe one centimeter more two centimeters but I didn't really do anything because I wasn't dilating and let me take i dial up the two centimeters but my cervix wasn't opening my water did not break nothing so yeah so after that they decided that they're gonna bring me downstairs into the room where I'm supposed to give birth because I have a natural delivery vaginal all of that good stuff like I just want to let y'all know women are strong okay women are so strong to give birth to even have a contraction I don't think I'm having no more kids out there to do this I'm being so honest with you because that is painful so yes so we're in the room they gave me I'm there for a little while and then at like 5:00 a.m. so sorry this is Thursday now oh ho ho ho I mean let me reiterate everything so when I got admitted and they put me in this the first room that was all of Wednesday and then I was there I was mind you I've been in labor first I was in labor for 36 hours so that all happened Wednesday now this is like 3:00 a.m. on Thursday morning so this was the first complete day in the hospital Wednesday morning to Thursday morning now Thursday morning at 5:00 a.m. they decided that they were gonna give me the epidural I had been moved from like two o'clock a oh my god hold on hold on bring his back from the back so at 2:00 a.m. they moved me from that room which is the first room that I shared with someone else to the room I was supposed to deliver right so from 2:00 a.m. all the way to like 5:00 I was having these crazy contractions like my best friend and my fiance were in the room with me and my god every freaking eight minutes I was having a strong as contraction and my best friend Taylor she's like a rider that because that girl was running to get me um like you know they like in the hospital like they have like the heating pads yeah so she was running to give me that every five minutes and even though she was sleeping I was sleeping she would wake up if I like you know our screams I said something so after that at 5:00 a.m. they realized that you know it's time to give me my effort though the game is epidural and they couldn't find the heartbeat after they gave me the epidural I had two strong contractions back-to-back and I didn't feel anything cuz when you have an epidural your body is just numb it numbs your whole body it's injected into your spine a lower part of your spine and touch that yes so once they inject that into my spine I had two strong contractions and then you know they have you on a monitor you're hooked up when you're in the hospital and they are outside they can see all the levels and everything that's going on with you so they have a monitor on the on your stomach which is like two straps and it's like two of like the like the leads they put on your chest when you're getting I forget when they're doing an EKG so yes so I keep forgetting where I'm at anyways so when I am having the contractions they can't find baby's heartbeat so they're panicking panicking like oh my god we should've did the season they didn't say to me but I know they were thinking like we should he did the c-section when we said we were gonna do the c-section when I was first admitted because the acceleration of his heartbeat and I guess the contractions were so strong the baby couldn't recover from it so mind you I'm still he's healing my stomach I go to sleep and you were checking me back and forth I feel much better so from 5:00 a.m. I just went back to sleep I don't think anything of it they didn't think anything of it they just kept monitoring me this down a third and then even bursting like I'm it was ten o'clock I remember saying I'm gonna get it back twelve o'clock I'm gonna do my makeup when I go into labor i'ma look man cute like nobody's gonna tell me nothing but God said hold on let me Humble you so at 12 o'clock I remember my mom was there she had came from from our house and they were flipping me not fellating we're trying to wake me up because they couldn't find the baby's heartbeat and my mom was a nurse previously so she knew what was going on and she was trying to help them and they trusted her so they were telling her unplug her epidural or whatever whatever it was so they're trying to flip me they ended up what is it called when you my water thing right so they end up breaking my water bag and they end up breaking my water sorry and there were a panic because like they can't find the baby's heartbeat so if they came from the heartbeat they could be dead inside of me that could not only cause harm to the baby comes home to me and it toxins toxins can fill up my whole body and we both could die so at this point at this very point they didn't tell me what was going on but my mom knew what was going on and they were just trying to keep me calm and I just started crying and I'm like what did I do to deserve this I'm not even what I deserve this what the what did I do to cause this like what did i do I was just sleeping I'm sorry and they're like no no no relax relax relax it's okay we're just gonna take you into the operating room now they're there trying to get me as fast as I can into the operating but I'm just gonna check you out in the operating room everything's okay they're gonna bring you back they were just telling me that so we ended up getting they ended up taking me into the operating room and then before I knew it they were they were giving me an emergency c-section because they couldn't find the baby's heartbeat and it was nine minutes and they couldn't find the heartbeat and that's crazy like I think it's such a strong little boy yes so after they're saying oh we're just gonna check whatever the dog were taking into the operating room I was crying I was so emotional cuz I'm just like wow like what what did I do like how I never heard of any of this before like my mom was praying and they were praying for me and I went into the operating room and I you know I'm numb so they put more medication in my epidural and I really didn't feel anything like they shackle you backwards so you're laying that like you know you just know I'm very religious but I'm just saying oh Jesus was on the cross and his hands were straight out and his head was back like laying down that's how he have you on the bed I'm sorry to make that comparison but that's that's how it was saw me breathe breathe breathe just breathe just breathe and they began to cut me open and no one was in the room my mom had left because not she had left but she was outside everything happened so quickly everybody was trying to you know figure out what's going on so she ran up and she asked them because she was a nurse they had at the point where she was coming in and they already had cut me open and I just remember like being so lightheaded a feeling so out of my body like I was dying like I don't know like it's just it was such a surreal situation I don't know I commend any woman that has to go through anything like that because it's so scary and at a split drop of a second you could be gone you do everything you can to protect your child and it's just so crazy like it's really really really just so crazy how things can go when you give birth and so back to the story so ask there you know during the c-section they pull the baby out and I'll he started crying I'm just like thank you God thank you God that he's okay like I didn't want to see him or anything because I was just so much stuff I just like thank you God all I said is just please just make sure he's crying and he was and his dad was so scared and shaking and so upset because he were young parents and we're young we don't know about this stuff and you know things like this are just crazy to anybody so I my c-section was an emergency c-section so I was in there longer than a regular c-section so I think I went to st. was born at 12:28 so I probably went in there at 12:15 st. was born at 12:28 and I came out of the operating room about like 138 140 so they sewed me up and for a while it took me a long time to recover like when you're in the recovery section like I was shaking and trembling my teeth were chattering back and forth and my head was killing me like I couldn't feel my feet and that's a part of it when you have the epidural you don't feel your feet but in order to go to your room after you've had your child and you're out of recovery you have to be able to feel your feet you have to be able to walk and stuff like that so this is where it gets tricky when you have a c-section when you the first day you don't feel it you don't feel the pain you don't know how painful it is until it hits you the next day because the first day when I first had my son I wanted to do everything I was up I was cleaning up the room Oh doing this I was with that and everybody was like sit down sit down sit down because you don't know how crazy it is and let me tell you that pain kicked my ass the next day like the recovery time they say for you to heal is six weeks but for the first two weeks you cannot drive you can only pick up your child's weight like you can't do anything I say don't do any housework don't do anything strenuous and that's what I did I'm just so thankful that I had people around me who kept me in prayer who uplifted me and who helped me while I was recovering and stuff like that and honestly it was really one of the craziest experiences that I've ever had in my entire life like that was just so humbling and I would do it all over again just to have my son he's my greatest blessing so now my son is two months he he was born six pounds seven ounces and now he is 13 pounds he's a big boy I thank God for him every single day and he's like the best thing that has ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever happened to me and he's so beautiful I'm gonna let you guys meet him at the end of the video but let's talk about where I am now so I am two months postpartum and I was 225 pounds when I gained what I gave birth or when I had my c-section and that's it was that's the biggest I've ever been of course and I was right it's very depressing for me it was very depressing for me at that time like I felt so like ugly and you know they say like wouldn't pregnant like you feel the most beautiful and I didn't and I felt so ugly and so shitty my feet were so swollen everything was swollen my nose my arms my legs my feet my toes on top of my like you know the part on top of your feet my ankles everywhere I was swollen and I was just like over it but I knew that I had a beautiful blessing coming so that was fine now two months postpartum I'm 190 pounds and 194 pounds and it's red it's very hard I'm not even gonna lie like it's very hard being super big not too big but being the biggest you've ever been and it's hard to lose the weight you know I was very depressed about my weight about how I looked and you know not being able to do anything and just lose away quickly because as you have a baby it is hard to lose the weight that's one yeah they say breastfeeding helps I breastfed for the first month and it was just hard to keep breastfeeding I wasn't producing a lot of milk and it's hard to breastfeed especially if your child is a latch if your child isn't latch meaning if your child doesn't want to suck the breath directly from the breast you have to pump and instinct was like nasus I want to I wanted them in my mouth no you can pop from the bottle you can pump and give it to me in the bottle and that's honestly hard when you have a screaming child and you don't want to hear them cry and you want to you know feed them on time and make sure everything is okay and I'm a new mom this is all new to me and yeah so the reason that I didn't post or I didn't really follow my pregnancy with YouTube and stuff like that because I was very insecure and I still I'm insecure by my weight and you know just you see girls give birth and they snap back quickly and that's just not the case for me and I'm working towards you know like a goal and trying to lose weight and do what I need to do for me but like God if it's hard it's really really really like pregnancy and postpartum and after you have your baby that is real like when I tell you it's real it's real like I'm bad there's no way to put it and I've never been like this before I just I'm pissed but I know everything happens for a reason and I just had a beautiful bundle of joy and I'm okay with that and I know that I'm gonna keep working towards I've been working out I've been to an intimate intermediate fasting so I don't eat from like 11 to 7 or 12 to 8 and I've been trying to do me like today I just started juicing so I'm just gonna keep doing what I need to do for myself and you know we'll see what this takes us I am definitely gonna start filming more and I'm gonna really really really really try to be consistent you know I really want to do this but like it's so hard to do something you put yourself out there when you're insecure about how you look and how I look is literally what you guys are watching you know what I mean but I know there's other people like me that are going through the same situation and if I could you know give advice or learn from other people by watching videos or reading your comments or different things like that I would definitely definitely definitely love to do it like honestly I you know I'm here I'm your girl I'm your sis and I just want to come here and just let you guys know what's been going on with me what I've been up to and for the moment you guys have been waiting for you guys can meet my son so this is my son baby he's two months old and he's literally like a little bottle a little butterball like that so my family calls him I love him so much looking new baby he's a baby he's sleeping right now but he needs to get up cuz it's like seven o'clock in the night and hope on people up with him all night like the good thing about the stage that he's in right now is he does sleep through the night all you have to do is feed him yeah all you have to do is just feed him even if he's sleeping and yeah I love being a mom it's like the best thing ever and it gives me purpose and he's just the best thing that has ever happened to me and I'm going to make sure that I work hard to provide for my son and to love my fiance and just take care of us and love my family and you know just be the best that I can be towards them you know having a child makes you look at things very differently it makes you realize things that you didn't realize before it shows you and mold you into being a different person like the things that were once important to you are not important anymore my first priority is my baby my fries my first priority is always st. how can it benefit st. what can I do to make sure st. is good always period I by Shep a saint and I'm brushing myself and that's okay cuz guess what it's my son and he look good I look good to read and I want him to be smart and to be happy and to experience all the things that I didn't get to experience you know as a mother you're supposed to want your kids to do better than you did you know and I know that I'm a new mommy I like probably like shut the what you know but I'm just saying how I feel but thank you guys for watching this is sane and hopefully I can make a video when he's awake yeah I love you guys and I hope you guys forgive me and just know this is one of many videos coming your way bye guys

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