My Delivery Story: Plus Size, Emergency Induction, Preeclampsia

hey guys welcome back to my channel so it's been um like three weeks since I filmed an actual like sit down video so I thought that would go ahead and do one now and do my delivery story so unfortunately it was a little bit of a hectic situation so I didn't have a whole lot of time to like take notes or anything so I'm kind of just gonna go off of memory I guess so if I sound like I am not really sure it's because it was a two day long process and there was a lot going on and towards the end a lot kind of happened so if you guys have not watched any of my vlogs you would not know that I ended up being emergency induced or I ended up having to go into the hospital fright the Friday before st. Patrick's Day which was I don't even know the date so bad I think it was anyways the Friday before st. Patrick's Day I ended up having to go into the hospital I had gone to a doctor's appointment and before that I told you guys that I had my blood drawn after doing another 24 hour protein test and it came back positive for preeclampsia so they decided not to let me go any further along anti pregnancy and just automatically induced me so I didn't get the option it wasn't a choice anything like that I went to the doctor and they gave me I ended up being back in the hospital that same Friday within three hours of him telling me we have to monitor you so I ended up going on to hospital bed rest basically for that weekend my induction process started on Sunday so I was in the hospital for a full 48 hours before my induction process actually started during that time my mom actually flew in a Sunday morning which was great because I don't know what I would have done if my mom was not there I probably would have like lost my cool so my mom flew in and she was there during the beginning of my doctoral process so that was really good that I had her support there anyways so when I was in door space didn't start me on a pitocin drip um quite yet they ended up putting I don't know exactly what it's called but it's a device that has two balloons attached to it it kind of looks like a really long tampon wounds on it and what it was is expanded the balloons are filled with water and it expanded to open my cervix so I because I was not dilate at all she was just like I would barely call you one centimeter so I wasn't dilated at all and the balloon thing hurt like a bitch it was the most painful thing up until that point I had ever experienced in my life um it was uncomfortable I cried and cried and cried and the worst part was them actually physically putting in once I got in there I was just really discomfort it wasn't as painful but when they first put it in oh my god it was really really painful um I only had that in for about an hour before it actually fell out on its own which means that I had dilated to 3 or 4 centimeters by that time so I think it was like three and a half and it fell out when I went to the bathroom which was great because it wasn't that long to be in pain um that that was the night of Sunday so Sunday night was when that happened they ended up starting me on a pitocin drip I think within three hours of the balloon thing falling out and um the pitocin drip did not like it's usually supposed to like kick-start everything and like really you know get things started and it did not do that for me between Sunday and Monday um evening or Monday afternoon I had only dilated 2 centimeters so it was pretty bad um you know it usually pitocin like kicks and it makes everything go super super fast and in an almost 24-hour period I had only dilated two centimeters but I was still having contractions of more progressively labor labor if that makes any sense so I was having contractions of a progressing labor but I wasn't progressing um so I was so scared during this whole process that I was going to have to have a c-section I was terrified um because I had talked about it with you guys before I just did not want to have to have one I was traveling I was traveling across country and just would not have been an ideal situation um so Monday night I was hysterically crying I ended up getting an epidural Monday afternoon around noon or 1:00 I just couldn't take the pain I did not want to be a champ and stick it out I knew that my induction period was going to be very very long by that time I was actually on the pitocin drip for eight hours eight nine hours of having contractions and I just didn't want to do it anymore um that's offensive to some people I apologize but for me it just wasn't worth it to be in pain I would have rather I wanted to have a happy delivery so my epidural took 45 minutes of them sticking me over and over in my back because they just couldn't find the correct spot and the epidural itself ended up being kind of botched which I kind of contribute to being overweight that they had a hard time getting in the place where it needed to go um so I ended up having like one complete side of my body was numb like I could not feel a thing and the other side of the bot my body I could still move my legs I can still put weight on my legs which is not supposed to happen you're not supposed to be able to put weight on your um legs so it was I was feeling all the contractions pretty much of one side of my body and not feeling anything in the other so it was still painful um then on that night I fell asleep after just having a horrendous pain you guys it was awful awful awful pain and I kept like hitting the epidural button like oh my god like I can't take this which again was contributed to the fact that my epidural did not numb me all over the lower half of my body I was numb on the left side and was not numb on my right side so I was stealing everything as if I was having a natural labor so it was not definitely not an ideal situation to say the least um because I didn't want to experience the pain that was the whole point of me getting an epidural I was not one of those people that's like oh go natural or anything like that like no um so then I took a nap I'm in there taking a nap I was so tired I had been up pretty much since Friday night I can't sleep in hospital so I had pretty much been up since Friday night and I was so exhausted that I ended up passing out and when I woke up I woke up my mom apparently woke up before me to six or seven of the nurses ob/gyn staff rushing into my room and all I remember waking up to was them putting an oxygen mask on my face and I immediately just started having a damn panic attack like I just started freaking out because no one told me what was going on and I was screaming or I felt like I was screaming they obviously didn't hear me of what's going on why is this on my face what's wrong and they were just saying like the baby is in distress the baby's in distress so that was it like 8 o'clock then they ended they ended up looking at my dilation and I had dilated from I believe at that point I was 5 centimeters all the way up to 9 so within a 45-minute period I had dilated 4 centimeters just because I fell asleep which makes sense because you dilate when you're relaxed that's why they tell you you know breathe breathe through your contractions because you need to relax so just by me falling asleep I had dilated 4 centimeters and 45 minutes or it could have been less I think I was like 3045 minutes um so they put an oxygen mask on my face because now I know what the reason was was because the baby was not getting enough oxygen he his heart rate there monitoring his heart he was doing perfectly fine and all of a sudden it just dropped down significantly so they had to put me on oxygen in order to get oxygen to the baby so after they did that that was Weymouth they agreed to let me start pushing even though it was not a 10 centimeter so I believe that was it like 9 o'clock that night um so I started pushing everything was going great as far as labor goes I guess it was again horribly painful um they did not boost my epidural or anything they just let me go because I had dilated so quickly I was progressing at that point so fast they up my pitocin drip just to kind of get the baby out because the baby was obviously in distress he was not doing well at that point and they just needed everything to be done and over with so literally within 30 minutes of them coming and putting the oxygen mask on my face the doctor was in there they had everything set up for delivery I was freaking out because up until this point you guys you have to know everything was going so slow it took me you know over a day it's just dial 8 3 centimeters so everything was going so unbelievably slow I just had not anticipated going into labor that quickly I thought that I would have time to you know get it through my head that I was going through labor um so after that after he came in was when he told me to start pushing so I had no idea what to do because I had not taken any of my birth class is there anything like that so I had no idea what to do and he was kind of talking me through it and thank God the nurses we're kind of talking me through it because I had no idea what I was doing um and I think I was pushing for maybe two and a half hour two hours hour and a half something like that I don't really know um and again everything up until that point was going so slow they ended up having to go on oxygen one more time because Logan's heartbeat dropped way down again and I was told afterwards at the nurse had actually gone and looked into getting a vacuum to get him out because he was not coming quickly enough and they didn't of course want anything to happen and then um pretty much after with like to push two of my last pushes he um after he like they saw his head I pushed one more time and he just like flew out he just came flying out I don't know if it was my mind telling me like okay you need to get this baby out now or else they're gonna have to come in suction how do you or what but he flew out and the doctor was like say look he telling me like stop stop stop stop because he just flew out and he had to like physically catch the baby um so that was a little bit funny I guess a little bit of comic relief of the whole situation and after that he they did have to UM put him like under like underneath the warmers and stuff like that he because when he was born he was not breathing because they didn't have time to like suction his nose and his mouth and everything because he just flew out so that was a little bit scary and pretty much after that everything went fine with him he was totally good me on the other hand I was again just having like being very very panicky it just happened I felt like it happened very very quickly but it was actually probably like a five hour time period I just felt like it was going really really fast but the good thing is is that my botched epidural uh I ended up being able to take a shower thirty minutes after I gave birth after he stitched me up I pretty much told them and get me out of this bed I mean to take a shower and the reason is is because I had been pretty much in that bed for four days not being able to really move because I was being monitored and then I did when I did end up get getting to move it was not for long periods of time because I was being monitored so that kind of sucked um but I just knew that I wanted to get out of bed take a shower and then of course I took like all of my pictures and everything like that but I just felt like I needed to get like the dirt off he's not made any sense but yeah that is my delivery story I really hope you guys enjoy this video I'm so sorry that it took a little bit longer I wanted to film it actually I kind of wanted to film it in the hospital what everything was still ripe in my mind but did not get a chance to you so anyways thank you for watching this video and I will see you guys

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  1. Hi. Going through your second video. Very informational and love your insights. How did you find a plus size friendly OB-GYN? Thanks. I'm scared to just pick a regular OB-GYN.

  2. Hi everyone!
    I'm obese, and pregnant. I'm planning on giving birth at a birth center with midwives. I just went to a nutrition class at the birth center. I learned that the main reason for pre-eclampsia is low protein intake! That's it! The nutritionist recommended 75-150g of protein per day to avoid preeclampsia!

  3. I did my first one all contractions did that too,They kept progressing but I wasn't dilating very fast at all. They checked me once and told me "oh its gonna be a couple hours" 15 minutes later I was fully dilated and pushing, lol. They had told me that it doesn't happen that way unless your induced so they were not prepared. Scared the nurse so bad because she almost had to catch and not the doctor! My sister had an induction that ended in a c-section, I know the process can be miserable! They were inducing her for close to a week and were trying to tell her not to eat during that time because she might throw up if she went into labor. Glad yours ended well!

  4. Did they tell you the epidural wasn't working right because of your weight? I had two of them with my daughters and they worked out good and I'm plus size. They never told me it might not work because of my weight. Hope this 3rd baby works out the same.

  5. I feel your pain..brings back memories lol My birth process was over a 5 day period, craziness so glad to hear you and baby are ok!!!!

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