My Elderly Mom Wants Me To Stay With Her Forever

Hi, guys! I’m Penny. I’m 23 now and I already have my own family,
but this story that I want to share with you happened a while ago. Or, rather, it has been happening during my
whole life. I gave up many of my dreams because of one
person, and when I decided to change the situation, something tragically irreversible happened. I was born when my mom was 46 years old. It took her a very long time to get pregnant,
and she experienced a few miscarriages and so on, so yes, when I was born it was almost
a pure miracle for her and she surrounded me with as much of a mother’s love as she
could. Of course, I don’t remember all the details
myself, but what I do remember is, for example, when I would sometimes open my eyes in the
middle of the night, I’d see my mom sitting on my bed and looking at me. She always said that it was her favorite thing
to do – to guard my sweet dreams. I guess her overwhelming love for me eventually
ruined her relationship with my dad. She was too busy with me and never let him
help her because she was afraid that he might do something wrong. She, sort of, excluded him from our family
and that’s probably why, when I was 8, he left us. A few months later both my mom and I found
out that he moved in with another woman, who was much younger than my mom. Of course, for mom, it was very devastating
and depressing, and she just kept saying that I was the only thing that kept her afloat. Now you understand what a heavy load was laid
on my shoulders back then, don’t you? I decided that our family had broken up because
of me and I just didn’t have the right to upset my mom. However, she always tried to be supportive
when I had romantic relationships. And the very first one of them happened when
I was 16. His name was Ben and he was my classmate. We hung out at my home almost every day, and
mom was so happy when he praised the meals she cooked or when he would say that he loved
my mom almost as much as he loved his own mom. But then she changed her attitude toward Ben
as soon as she found out about his plans for college. You see, it turned out that Ben had a dream
of studying filmmaking in New York, which was apparently far away from the town we lived
in. And he sounded so convincing and inspiring
whenever he was telling me about it, so I also, sort of, began to want to go there too
with him. And one day, when he was showing me some brochures
and info on the internet about that school, my mom came in my room. She was wondering whether we were hungry,
but as soon as she saw that we were surfing the website of the school in NY, she changed
her face. Later that day mom also decided to talk to
me about college, but she was lobbying for the one that was, like, a 30-minute-drive
from our house. And as soon as I started talking about New
York, my mom clutched her heart. She was like, “Are you insane? I am 64 already! Who knows what could happen to me while I’m
all alone here and you will be far away,” and stuff like that. I tried to convince her, at first, saying
that nothing bad could happen to her, but when she rushed to the bathroom and started
looking for some pills, that made me feel a tinge of guilt inside again. Gosh, I began feeling like I was betraying
her for even thinking about leaving her here alone! I had nothing else to do but to promise her
I’d stay and to hope that Ben might understand. Well, what can I say? Despite our almost two years together in a
relationship, Ben appeared to not be willing to drop his dream of going to New York City
in order to stay with me. You can be sure that long-distance finally
screwed our relationship up, and even before the fall semester began, we ended it over
a telephone call. Of course, it was hard for me and I developed
a kind of depression because of it, but my mom was nearby, and she tried to support me
and even bought me a new car to cheer me up. But the most important thing was that I didn’t
offend her, right? Anyway, I began studying at a local school,
became acquainted with a few new friends, and continued living with my mom. The life there at the university was awesome! Especially with all those sororities, and
parties and stuff. But, of course, I was aware of these things
only because of my friends stories. I just hated it, literally about halfway through
a party, I’d get a text from my mom saying that she was worried about me and had to take
her anxiety meds and then I’d have to go back home. There were plenty of times when I tried to
convince my mom that it would be better for me to live on campus in the dorm, but she
didn’t want to listen to me and always found different excuses for me to stay with her. One of her favorites was that she had bought
me a new car and wanted me to actually drive it, and if I lived and studied in the same
place, why would I need it at all. I always had to agree with my mom and had
even almost gotten used to her way of life, when I met Gus. I was in my last year of university when he
arrived from a small European country under a special student exchange program to get
his Ph.D. degree. He also worked as a teaching assistant with
one of my professors, and one day he asked me out and we began dating, and after two
weeks of being in a relationship, we began discussing our future together. Everything seemed to be clear and perfect,
except one very important thing – my mom. As soon as she found out that when Gus gets
his diploma, he was obligated to go back home to work there, she once again began saying
to me that he seemed to be a nice, but not-for-me guy and stuff. But, you know, my relationship was already
a grown-up relationship and we were definitely serious, and I was also a grown-up, so that
time I fought for my own happiness. I got so tired of my mom’s constant whining
and assumptions that something could happen to her while I’d be gone. And also, I couldn’t get rid of the feeling
that while I was babysitting my mom, so to speak, my own life was passing somewhere nearby
practically without my involvement. So, I don’t know where my inside guilt went,
but it was probably that I was strongly inspired and encouraged by my love for Gus, I just
bought a ticket to Gus’s hometown and pinned mom down to the fact that no matter what she
said, I’d be gone. Was she in shock? Oh, no. She was hysterical! Frankly speaking, it was the first time in
my life that I saw my mom in such a bad mood. She was crying and yelling at me, that I was
absolutely ungrateful for all the things she had done for me and all the sacrifices she
had made, and that I didn’t care about the health of my own mother and many other insulting
things. Her tipping point was that I turned out to
be such a horrible daughter, that I was ready to exchange my only mother for another man
in my life. I tried to defend myself and at least try
to explain everything to her, but she didn’t say a word. So I just left the house, leaving my car keys
on the kitchen table. That was the night before my departure, which
turned out to be my last night in my hometown and almost the first night outside the house
that I spent with Gus. The city where Gus lived was amazing, and
I immediately felt that I had always belonged there. And the small apartment that we were renting
was very cozy and comfy. Even though I knew that this time I had probably
hurt my mom badly and that perhaps my relationship with her was ruined, I called her right when
we arrived so that, you know, it would make her at least slightly less worried about me. After that she started calling and texting
me every day, saying that I would soon regret my decision and that I had finally broken
her heart so much that her pills wouldn’t fix it and other stuff like that. And I was rude with her, you know, because
I just couldn’t stomach hearing her usual “what-if-something-happens-to-her” thing. And sometimes I didn’t even pick up my phone,
because I didn’t want to hear all that stuff all over again. Who knew that I was going to regret this very
soon. It happened during the fifth week after I
left my mom. Gus had found an amazing job, which was so
great that we could even start thinking about buying our own house and finally getting married. I was really happy that everything had turned
out so great, and I don’t know why, but I really wanted to share this success story
with my mom. I think I was hoping that she would finally
be happy for me, you know, in that way that moms are usually happy for their daughters
when their lives turn out to be spectacular. But my mom started her usual critiquing thing… I remember that the last thing she told me
before I hung up the phone was that I would finally regret what I had done, but that it’d
be too late. And I also remember that I told Gus back then
that I had a feeling that my mom had a rare talent for ruining my happiness whenever it
wasn’t connected to her. Anyway, Gus and I decided to go celebrate
our greatest news ever at a restaurant. When we got back home we decided that the
next day we’d catch up on sleep and turned our mobile phones off so that nobody could
disturb us. And the next day we went for a walk and continued
dreaming of our new and prosperous life. We were so wrapped up in this that I completely
forgot about my cell phone until dinner. And only then, when I switched it on, did
I find a dozen missed calls and the scariest voice mail ever. A doctor from the hospital in my hometown
said that my mom had a blood clot and that she was having an emergency surgery. She died even before my plane landed. It’s been a while since this happened, but
I still can’t get rid of that feeling of guilt. I am not sorry that I followed my love and
left my mom alone, and I’m not even that sorry that I had talked to her in a rude way lately
or didn’t want to talk to her at all. But I am sorry that I wasn’t there when
she died, and that I couldn’t hold her hand and say that despite her overwhelming love
for me, she was a great mom. Life is sometimes pretty harsh and unfair
to us, don’t you think? Leave your comments below this video so that
I can read them, and don’t forget to click the subscribe button.

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  1. Life is sometimes pretty harsh and unfair to us, don’t you think? Leave your comments below this video so that we can read them, and don’t forget to click the subscribe button.

  2. Listen to me, your mom’s death was not your fault it was her own fault. She kept stressing herself out trying to make you stay with her.

  3. Miss penny it was your own choice to leave your mother because she was trying to force you to do what she wants the best for her I know she wants you to to look after her because she's elderly but it's your own life you want to live for but you can't blame yourself for leaving her and arguing with her she is your mother I hope this comment I leave to you miss penny is i hope you and Gus live a better life and don't make the same regret your mother told you about I know she was trying to to let you stay with her because your dad left her this is my comment to you miss penny I hope you enjoy it

  4. There’s a song call “My life” by Billy Joel. The chorus says “I don’t care what you say anymore, this is my life, go ahead with your own life, leave me alone.” Think about that

  5. Your mum’s been through a lot. Having all those Miss carriages must’ve been hard on her so she still didn’t give up. She doesn’t want to lose you

  6. my mom gave birth to me when she was 45 and now i am 14 and she is now 59 years old i always thought i was the only one wit an old mom but now i know there are people like me and yeah forgot to tell you my dad is also old he's 63 years old

  7. hey guys i am asking you politely to stop hating on the mom that much like the women is dead and she maybe really didn't want to be alone don't blame her and also what if that girl was actually reading the comments I don't think she would like to see people hating on her dead mother like it's her mother after all . Thank you 👼😇💖

  8. yeah these are toxic obsessive relationships

    usually with parents from some form of trauma they become more controlling and obsessive of their kid.

    my mom makes me call her every 2 hours

  9. That’s called gaslighting my girl and the feeling of sadness means you felt in the trap

    And the other reason to be sad is that daughter-mom relationship, that’s normal

    I wish you wisdom young girl

  10. She is not against your love she is against when u leave her … She had so much possesiveness even she didnt let ur father to touch u .if take ur mother with u to the new city or promise her u will take her back after marriage she would have been happy for some time … But thats okay dont confuse urself for what u have done …if she is alive she will always love u as she used to be and sweety its okay she is alive now as memory and praise u from heaven ….. Mom is the best …. She ll love u its not ur fault …. Its okay move on … Have a happy life with ur new love

  11. I guess u never understand u mom i know for us young people its not ok but she just want to be with u because she was very very alone from inside and hopeless😶there always some worries only the person who have them can understand

  12. It sounds like your mother was just afraid to be alone she didn't want to be alone yes she went overboard by far she went overboard you did everything right and no situation sometimes you cannot do anyting it sucks it's miserable it's downright intolerable sometimes but that's life and everyone life is 20% Joy 20% stressful 20% tolerable 20% suffocating and 20% all of the above

  13. You should of listened to your mom cuz your mom probably knew she was sick and that's why she kept warning and begging you to stay….but sorry for your loss

  14. For some reason i feel bad for her mom. She was afraid to loose her because she was her miracle child. I have seen many people trying to have baby and when they do after years of trying they feel something different than what other normal moms feel. The daughter never once said that her mom can be with her wherever she goes.
    My dad left my mom too and i know how lonely and weak she is. So i take her wherever i go, to make her know she is not alone. And i am blessed to have such a husband who cares for us too.
    You at least could have proposed your mom to move with you guys to Europe, she would have been happy. Even if it took time for you to settle at least you could have let her know, she would have understood how much you love her, think about her and want her to be close to you.

  15. I am a proponent for respecting your parents and your elders. However, there comes a time when they need to understand that you have a life.

  16. Bro My mom is LITERALLY 67 while im LITERALLY 9. By the time my 12 year old bro gets a romantic relationship (16) My mom be 71

  17. your mom is controlling you life and that’s going to get worse in the long run . she may love you but she needs to let you be your own person . about the part where anything could happen to your mom while you’re gone , anything could happen to ANYONE and she’s making you feel guilty so you would stay with her

  18. Have you ever done something you regret later in life? Does it haunt you every single time you remember it? Hey guys. My name is Rishi, and I've done something I will never forget for the rest of my life. But first, I have to give you a little background information. When I was in 4th grade, I was in love with a girl at my school named Sophia. She was in my Taekwon-Do classes too, so I used to see her a lot. She was so beautiful and strong. I loved her smile, the way she laughed, and her voice. In other words, she was out of my league. I tried to be funny, and crack jokes a lot. I used to sing songs to her. She loved that. A year later, I still kept trying to impress her. Finally, in the sixth grade, a kid in her class asked me if I was Rishi. I said I was. Then he said Sophia likes you and left. Looking back, I feel like I should have talked to her and asked. I didn't do that. Instead, I put a note in her backpack saying "Do you like me?." I quickly slipped the note in her jacket pocket and left. I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from doing this. The next day, I got called down at school and got a hassling from both the Assistant principal and the principal herself. After school, even my taekwondo teacher had a talk about the issue in front of my parents. The worst part was that my parents didn't know that I got in trouble at school. After that, I wrote an apology E-mail to her. I never talked to her again. Maybe if I could have taken a hint, I would have prevented this. Thanks for listening to my story 😊.

  19. You are the west daughter I have seen I hated your video am joking you now what you are the best story teller in the world

  20. Yeah, you are not the Lone Ranger, I stay with my mom too!My sister has a car accident in 2014 ,Christmas time !Thank God she's still alive but handicapped!!! ❤❤❤

  21. I know the feeling
    im feeling like in prison
    sometimes i want to kill myself. so I guess im 19 but will need to stay with my old dad until he dies ….by bye my life *Rip me*

  22. TWO WEEKS and they're discussing their future?!
    I've got friends who have been dating their GF/BF for three YEARS and they're still in no rush to get married (even though they know that that's who they're going to end up with. They're just in no hurry).

  23. I wouldn't dare break her heart like u did .. u killed her out of depression .. u were the only thing she ever had .. u are so cold hearted! She was a control freak but she died sad not happy ..
    That hurts

  24. Wow! This is probably the first story on this channel where somebody described their apartment as being "small and cozy" instead of "tiny" (which obviously carries a negative connotation).

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