My emergency c section experience

so I don't really know how to start this story I've noticed that I haven't really shared this story with you guys and for those who are not aware my first birth was a c-section and and those are the c-sections are something that not many speak about or they might think is like wrong and things but everyone has their own story and reasoning for doing a c-section if they chose to do that route on key birth or if they had no choice in my case it was an emergency c-section which is usually more commonly known so with my first birth I did experience mood swings just like any pregnancy or almost any pregnancy I did experience cravings and moodiness and all the joy that comes with the pregnancy however my nutrition was not on point at that time it was actually really really bad although I thought I was making good choices Wiley's before I was pregnant I wasn't and one of those things was drinking constantly iced coffee and I like I'm telling you guys I was like obsessed with caramel iced coffee at the time I know that people say oh this is caffeine but I wasn't even it wasn't even because of the caffeine it was because the amount of sugar that I had so I feel like that could have been one of the reasons that I Mesa screwed up for my pregnancy or Lester double-a was like I kind of went towards the unhealthy side of this when I went to my last checkup before I gave birth or some time before that I was diagnosed with I was Dinah's with gestational diabetes I can never pronounce that correctly which is diabetes when you're pregnant and it was like all I had to do is really just check my blood every time every day like constantly make sure that my sugar levels were correct that they were not too high or too low so that was just like one of the things that I was like oh man I really messed up like it's really my fault they had told me that I had to come back the next day that was going into labor and I didn't understand at the time because I'm like well how can you tell I'm going to labor tomorrow and then basically you were explaining that it was they're gonna endorse my labor because the baby was a little big to big first time I had still two weeks before my actual due dates so when they told me this I was like fused and I was concerned I would I just didn't know what to do so I had to go to the hospital the next day and the labor process began they had to break my water it was just a very horrible experience for me so to get into detail I was in the labor room more than maybe thirty hours because at the time I was being so stubborn I was well not only me but my baby was being very stubborn he didn't want to come down cuz do you know the women are supposed to dilate a certain size before giving birth and I wanted to do it all natural I don't know what I was thinking there in that time but hey those moms that do everything natural I'd give them to that like I could Oh sue you guys like seriously that is not an easy thing so I was always like hearing from one side and another sound like oh don't get the epidural and then some yes get the epidural and then somebody were like no don't go for the c-section and it'll be like go for the natural birth or go for the c-section listening to all that made me very frustrated and also very nervous when I was trying to give birth that was just part of the battle and another thing is the actual waiting part and you know waiting for me to dilate was horrifying because not once during my pregnancy I have I felt any type of contraction or even pain I think the only time that I actually felt pain was not even due to the birth I think it was just my stress during us I had like a chest pain but this was like months before I gave birth and when I finally was in the hospital when I was in the hospital I felt contraction for the first time because it was kind of like basically forcing me and when I mean by forcing I like they were making contractions happened so the baby could start coming down so my son was like being stubborn he was just stuck up there he didn't want to come down so we waited hours and hours and hours and nothing was happening and I was getting nervous because I'm like oh my gosh I'm gonna end up having a c-section something I didn't really want at the time and I I was basically listening I was giving him two negative thoughts about the c-section because a lot of people see it as you know bad as oh you're taking the easy way out which is not the easy way out I can vouch for that it was just a lot going on so in there was a lot of hours a lot of waiting and then at the end to make short the long story short if you guys want to know more more details on my c-section I can make this into a few part series so I can really get into more into depth what really happened and how the surgery happen and how everything went so let me know down in the comments if you're interested in that I can definitely make up to another video on that like giving you guys more details until the process and everything that we did remember the doctors coming in and now always trying to ask me like you know if I'm okay then some of the doctors are like oh no we might have to do an emergency room I had to do it in c-section and I was like no I don't want to do that I really just want to give birth like naturally or vaginal and it was just like an off-and-on thing between me and the doctors and the nurses some one nurse was like get the epidural trust me you're gonna knock you gonna feel anything and then there was another nurse like they were all tryna I feel like they're whoa I know they were trying to come for me but I felt like everyone was right brainwash me in the same time so I was like Athena I was like nobody uh don't tell me anything I don't want to hear you guys I will make my own decisions so I think at that point I was really really really like really moody I don't want to say the word that I want to say take him to a point that it was actually an emergency c-section dish was hours and hours later maybe like a day later or like a day and a half later and the doctor was like listen and it was no the almost in the middle of the night well not the minute it was like maybe 12 or wine am and the doctor is telling me listen there is no choice at this point your baby will suffer if you do not get a c-section because his head is actually positioned in the wrong way even though he's correctly down his head is in position in the wrong way that's one secondly he is very heavy for you to push out and another thing is that his heart rate is going down and I didn't realize that that that was going on this whole time and I feel horrible I felt like wow I'm failing as a mom like already haven't even given birth so my mom you know kind of helped me out clear ahead and she's like listen no matter what you choose um even if you do a c-section at the end just do it you know you're gonna pull through doesn't matter what kind of pain you go through you're strong and my husband was also there for me so I'm very grateful to them like every time I think about that I come into tears because it's it was just a very scary experience for me and very traumatic I don't talk about that a lot with my friends over my family but it was very traumatic and very scary because it was such a first experience for me for like so at the end we ended up doing the c-section because you know emergency reasons and because the old thing I remember is night not feeling a thing after getting the epidural and but the epidural it was quite little people for me because I'm scared I think my body was so tense you want to know more on that I mean no also after that was done when I was actually in the c-section room I remember telling the doctor hey I actually can feel them like cutting me and things like I can feel it and I was like could you add a little bit more abidor it's my body and he's like oh ok I thought you didn't I was like I know I guess I changed my mind I don't know it was just like it was just it was very strange but once it was dying I remember was seeing my son for like a like a second and then next you know they're like trying they're already patched me up and everything and they're like can you try to move and like they're like cuz I'm a heavyset girl and I understand that but there's like five or six different doctors and you're gonna tell me that you couldn't help you couldn't lift me up not lift me up but I kind of transfer me to the other pit know they were telling me you have to try to move I'm like I can literally not move anything how can you expect me to move like literally I can't so I tried but I couldn't so it took a little while for them to transfer me to the other bed I guess it was just kind of funny and weirdly stupid to me but whatever and after that however mom was seeing this bundle of joy he was everything when I saw him he was his red cheeks and he was a little wrapped up and it was it was quite an experience all I think I remembered really is feeling really hot because in the room that they put me in the recovery room did they put me it was like extremely hot there's like no insulation going on there I was dying a thirst and like what is up with this nurse she's not even helping me I'm like nurse can I get some water she's like oh yeah I'm gonna do it right now she number does day I'm like seriously lady I need some water I'm gonna die here and of course my mom was worried about my son because she's like why is he so red and I didn't put two and two together at that time cuz I'm like I don't know maybe he just came out like that hope he'll be fine but I just really like I realized it uh maybe a week ago or two ago and I was telling my mom and I was like you know it just makes sense of why the baby was so hot so red that day was because while he was really hot under all those covers that he had if I was dying if he imagined him that poor thing so it made sense now so that was just interesting when it came to breastfeeding that's another story that I will talk on leader that cuz of the c-section apparently they had fed my child they got to him before I got the nurse to him so it was very hard for him to latch for a long long time and it was very difficult for me but that's the story that I'm gonna share with you guys later on so the reason why I'm actually sharing you guys my story now is because this channel is not just focused on my own weight loss or finished journeys is really I wanna focus on really helping other women or the other moms actually going that going through the same thing as me on their fitness journey or on their mom journey or any type of journey that they may have similar as mine I'm gonna help them out I want to show them they're not alone and that whatever they're going through we can all go through it together it's like seriously we can how community and build something so I just want to share my side of the story I'm not saying I'm a nutritionist or anything like that or even a doctor but I want to not only help mamas with fitness journey but I want to help them mostly somehow and I connect with them just I feel like knowing other moms and other women that go through the same thing with as me makes me feel connected more like that if you guys want to know more detail much more details of certain things that happen in the event let me know down in the comments like this video so I would know that you actually liked it and I would definitely just let me know exactly what you want to know or if you have questions related to c-section or birth or even fitness journeys like what you went through or what you're going through let me know down in the comments I would love to connect with you guys watch my other videos I don't know if it's in this hair and this eye but watch mine mom my latest videos I have a video up on food sensitivity that is gonna that's gonna help me a lot once I give birth I'll go check out that video it's very helpful and I feel like it's really worth the money look at my son it's in my size I do look he's like don't you embarrass me mommy embarrassing me

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