My Emergency C-Section Story || What I wish I knew before having an emergency C-Section

almost my son's birthday so I thought that in honor of his birthday I would do a video explaining his birth for his birth story and also make it into a c-section story what I wish I knew before I had a c-section and I will also try to include some pictures of him from when he was a little guy obviously I don't have many videos of him I never videoed any of the birth because I have rigids if you don't know each of them was a c-section each of them was a different types of c-section so I will talk about his c-section today which is my emergency c-section but I have also had a planning session that went according to plan and I had also a my third child I have a what's called narcotics free c-section that was a failed c-section so I will talk about each of those and the birth stories but today is my son he is almost 7 years old his name is Landon very much he is the very first kiddo who made me a mom so I can use my learning child my trial-and-error child is what I call him and I will just I have some note so if I'm looking down that's what I'm looking at but I will just go into his birth story and just kind of there are some things on there that I wish I knew before having a c-section because I obviously did not plan to have a c-section I took Lamaze I planned on having just the regular birth I listened to everything notes and did everything the diverse plan and just thought I'd go into labor and have this baby normally and even in the Lamaze part of the class where we learned about c-sections I honestly remember not even paying attention that closely because I thought that's not gonna happen to me and it did so anyways he is my first c-section he is my emergency c-section and let's see here the reason that I had an emergency c-section is everything was completely normal and had normal pregnancy until about 36 weeks I had my checkup by 36 weeks and had mentioned to my doctor that I was having some upper back pain like right in between the shoulder blades here in the back and just some discomfort and since my blood pressure was fine and I was I wasn't violated at all there was really no reason to be concerned at that point he said it was probably just from the extra weight that I was carrying in the front from being pregnant and my body never been pregnant before obviously there was going to be some discomfort and at that point there was I wasn't sleeping very well and I was huge and starting to just get really uncomfortable so I went I left that appointment all I hear a kid coming in who elevate their desk and just kind of that's just the norm the pain in my back started getting really really uncomfortable during that week and by the end of that week I attacked my couple of women in my family who have had children and they really shouldn't be having pain in your upper back it would be in your lower back if you were starting to go into labor so I don't know what that could be you're probably just uncomfortable from being pregnant and so that was kind of just what I took from all the women in my family the doctors that I had seen just my body is just changing and I'm just mean it's just really uncomfortable for me so that weekend I had got it had got really really incredibly uncomfortable and I woke up I can't remember it was I think it was like Saturday night or Sunday night and I had one contraction so I woke my husband up because he works on call and I told him that he needed to do call in call off for work because I had a contraction and I started a bath so kind of went back to my Lamaze training my love Lamaze class training and started a bath and we started going over what we would need do you if I were to go into labor I got out of the bath and set and a chair because I couldn't lay down because of the pain in my back and I thought you know I'm just going to give it some time I'm gonna wait until reasonable hour because it was like the middle of the night and then I'm going to call the physician oncology so it was the weekend and see if they want me to come in so I waited a few hours I fell asleep in the chair and when I woke up and I was in excruciating pain in my upper back so I called was still like middle of the night I called and they said since I was as far along as I was to go ahead and go to the labor deck and just kind of get checked out so I went in the emergency room and my mom worked in the emergency room so she just went up with me and my husband and to get checked out and I had a resident physician check me which you don't know that is the hospital that I worked at I worked for I went to deliver that was a teaching hospital so they have resident position so we get the doctors that are fresh out of medical school and they are doing their residency program and they have so many weeks on each specialty so this lady doctor was on OB so she drew my blood and she checked me which was painful I don't know she probably wasn't going into OB or maybe she was that she gave terrible checks to see if your life dilating so that was painful it was an experience and then um she kind of hooked me up to the monitors and my husband stepped out for a cup of coffee then my mom came in and kind of checked me and she came back in just to see how I was doing and my mom had asked her you know what the lab show and are we having a baby today and all she said was I'm gonna wait until the doctor gets here the doctor on call and so I knew something was wrong at that point I didn't know what it was I thought you know your brain goes right away – something is wrong with my child the baby and it was it was a mess my mom went and got my husband right away because I started you know deteriorating quickly I was I was just a mess psychologically emotionally I thought something was wrong with the child the doctor on call came in and she has plenty of years of experience and she said no there's really not anything wrong with the baby but you have help syndrome and help syndrome it's the acronym H e ll P and I will try to remember to throw something in there about what it is but basically what it is it's severe preeclampsia so at that point the severe back pain that I was having was my organs Wow like the liver I don't want to liver the kidneys we're shutting down or both I don't remember but I was in pretty bad condition right at that point and I didn't really know it because I having a pretty normal visit at 36 weeks and you know by that week I had deteriorated so quickly and I was I was not doing very good so she said we're gonna end you see right now so they came in and they did the ultrasound to see if maybe was head down and he wasn't and so that's why I had an emergency c-section at that point she said we're going to take you in for a c-section we're going to do this quickly we want to get baby out looks the only way to get you better and baby hasn't turned so we need to do an emergency c-section and everything is going to happen pretty quick you're going to have baby in about 30 minutes so my husband got bound up really quickly it was both of our first child so we are just for mass both of us you know he's a mess MMS we're nervous scared I'm never you know I've never had a baby or a c-section or a regular birth before so it was just it was a lot to take in at one time they put him in a in the waiting area and then they got me back there and they started prepping me for the c-section which I was terrified to do I was honestly terrified of the spinal injection and I was terrified of of having the catheter and put in you know I asked several times are you gonna make sure that I am in you know I had the anesthesia that I there's my daughter in the background that I can't feel the catheter and they were like we will make sure and then I think you gonna make sure that you're not gonna cut me before I'm there like we've done these you know we do tons of c-sections a day you know we know what's going on we know that you're scared forgiven just fine don't worry about stuff you don't to worry about so I had the spinal which you know that's the spinal is final well I actually added that in my things that I wish I knew which I would get to but hadn't spinal they brought my husband in and they started you know poking my feet and seeing it what I could feel like and Phil and once I was obviously completely numb from about breasts laying down they started the c-section and they went it went really fast it went really quick they got baby out and he started crying and maybe it was fine and then I went to a recovery room and that's why that's really the last thing I remember clearly if I went to the recovery room they handed me the baby I was going to try to impress to eat him and as soon as I got him I just remember thinking I'm gonna be sick so I handed my husband the baby and said I have to throw up I'm gonna be sick and then I was just I was sick and then I was just in and out of consciousness for the next like two days so I was at really high risk for seizures because of my help syndrome and I was at really high risk for yeah this stroke and being sick and I was really really sick so baby couldn't be in the room with me and my husband could be in the room with me but my own the lights have to be off my bed was wrapped for seizure protocol seizure protocol and everyone that I couldn't have any visitors that they came in they can only stay for a few seconds and everyone had to be very quiet because they didn't want anything to trigger a seizure and they wanted my blood pressure to come down and and all that because it was really high from the help syndrome so that made bonding with maybe pretty much impossible that'd be my first baby you know and the past that I have you know I didn't bond you know my husband I feel like he bonded with our baby pretty much as soon as I can and I was pregnant but I had a leap procedure when I was a teenager and I was told after that procedure that I most likely wouldn't be able to be pregnant and have a baby to carry a baby to term and there's my other child of the background sorry about that it's supposed to be trying to nap and he is pickin his bed so um where was I you know just the bonding didn't happen for me because I kind of felt like I never wanted to get my hopes up this is I found out I was pregnant I was ecstatic that we were pregnant but I never wanted to get my hopes up because I was so afraid that I wasn't going to be able to carry my baby to term that I never took the time to bond with him it was just like what comes next you know how do I keep this baby growing and keep this baby you know in the womb as long as I possibly can and so you know everything kind of scared me and everything I had that but I was never going to carry him to parent so I never took the time to bond and so not having that time afterwards after having him being able to hold him for hours didn't help the didn't help at all and so the one thing that I didn't want to add in this video though for my son whenever he does watch this which they don't want you to do but someday when he sees this birth story is I wanted to tell him the very first time that I did bond with him and I felt like a mom and then I I I had that that finding that that feeling of being a mom was like the third night like my third night they were just bringing him in to breastfeed every couple hours and then taking him back to the nursery and they brought him in and he wouldn't feed at all he wouldn't latch or anything and so they took him right away like they had before when he wasn't feeding I didn't latch and she he threw up and they started suctioning and they had him like you know they hold the babies like this they had like this never just suction in him and he was screaming his little lungs off and I've got with it was like it just clicked at that moment I I felt like I needed him like the nurse give him back to me I need him now as she was like no honey he needs to go to the nursery you know you need your rest and I just started bawling like I just felt like if I don't hold him now like I have to hold him now get him to me and I and she bought it she took him back to the nursery and I was dressed I was a mess it was middle than I and my husband was like do you want me to go get him and I was like yes please and I was I was just beside myself crying I couldn't stop like I couldn't I couldn't even hardly talk through the tears like I just felt like I need that baby now that baby is my baby I need him now he's crying for me and give him to me and so he did he walked him to the nursery and said I'm sorry but she won't calm down and I mean she needs to hold the baby and so they did they brought him back in and he fed which was amazing and I got to hold him and that's really like the first time that I started feeling better and I started I want him going from that time on like I just didn't let him leave my room you know I wasn't having this beautiful moment and here my kids are I was in the hospital for a few days I don't know when you have a c-section you're obviously in the hospital longer than you would be had a normal birth so I had him I will insert some pictures of him as a baby and he was adorable I'm biased mother I guess but he has cute little button nose and his features he had tons and tons of dark black hair which is kind of strange because my next child was bald the girl – bald and my third child was kind of a mix between the do so but I will enter pictures of him now I remember as never seen and just kind of wanted to give him a little picture the video from birth until now and I just want him to know how precious and special he is he is to me he was really i call him my starter child or my glorying pal but he really has taught me so much but most of all has taught me how to be how to love someone unconditionally and have to be truly just fully in love with somebody so there's that there's his birth story things that I wish that I knew before I have an emergency c-section one was to pay attention in Lamaze class that you're taking Lamaze class do what it's like to have a c-section from start to finish so my birth plan went out the window I didn't really pay any attention to it and so I wish that I kind of would have created a birth plan of what that would have looked like just so I had better prepared myself another thing that I wish that I knew is that c-section harm painful and I don't want to scare anybody but I didn't anticipate how painful they would meet I do terrible with pain medications so you know it is that my being got under control the very first time I kind of told them I didn't want the narcotic medication and just kind of give me the talent on and strength motrin impossible and they they warned me he said he's at home with her pain and chronic medication makes me sick and I really would rather not have it and I don't have to have it and so I didn't take it and I got behind them I mean and I was it was miserable the pain went was just completely miserable you can build everything every tiny little movement is painful and so I had to work putting my whole day I'm doing back on top of my pain and that I mean it was it was the worst time when I had visitors my husband and his family were they were joking and so I was laughing made it painful my son went in for his circumcision that same day so I wouldn't mess about math and it just it was horrible I was nauseous I was in so much pain and I just wanted everyone to leave and just to be sleeping and just be comfortable again so stay on top of your pain for sure take them as prescribed until you really don't need them not to be afraid not to be afraid of this final or the catheter things that you don't need to be afraid I'm what they told me don't worry about things to worry about this final I was definitely terrified for and my husband wasn't even in Oregon and then operating room and so I had a nurse she was wonderful stranger she just held me she was like oh honey I know but it's not that scary cycnus I like ponds I put my head in and just cried I was so afraid of spinal and honestly honestly getting I mean you met her worse than this final they were really good when I mean obviously the radiologist or the anesthesiologist and who is going to do your spinal they do a bazillion of those a day and they are really good at what they do so I you know I've had three of them it's never in the most fun part the process but it's never the worst so I just wish that I would have known not to be so freeing the final catheter catheters another thing they usually usually and if they don't I can a little I would certainly ask for them to put it in as soon as they have you know which i think is pretty much the norm now which should be the norm anyways but you know then putting the catheter in and then taking it out it's really not as bad as you think it's gonna be and then finally what I wish I had a c-section was that I wish that I would have prepared myself for the recovery so we lived on the third floor condo at the time and I couldn't go back home there I went to a relative's house who didn't have that many stairs and also I couldn't do the stairs with the baby and baby carrier that wasn't and that was strange to me for a while I couldn't even hardly carry my baby because of the weight restriction that they put you on from having the c-section and this is the recovery process itself you know trying to learn how to be a new mom trying to learn how to breastfeed and that's painful and you're you know you're just a Clemente so much and just on top of all that trying to recover from the c-section process you definitely need a team around you which my team was my husband and his family my family you know it was your first baby with it's always going to be yes because you can devote all of yourself to that child and to their needs obviously having sections 2 & 3 proved to have their own types of difficulties that I never saw coming but for the first one you know just know what that recovery was going to look like how long it was going to be which was you know you're like feel comfortable enough to like beginning in and out of the house and clothing and all of that I just wish that I knew beforehand would have been beneficial knowledge would have been beneficial for me to live before having the c-section so I think that's everything that I want to touch on I appreciate you for watching this video and I hope that you will share your birth stories down below I am a mom has never got to to experience a normal like regular vaginal birth I do enjoy watching those birth videos the first vlogs and birth stories and the whole process and I do I just it's a beautiful thing it really is a beautiful thing but um you know I just I hope that this video will be one educational and beneficial for you if you are having a c-section especially if you find yourself in a situation having a c-section like I did but I hope that it's just you know beautiful awesome that I can look back on and let my son come look back on when he's older and my husband and brother kids and see what it was like for me then when I had my very first little guy so I appreciate you from watching and I will see you in the next one bye you you stole my hub but you see that you do

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